Review for Harry Potter and the fledgling phoenix

Harry Potter and the fledgling phoenix

(#) scruffy1 2009-06-26

I like your version of a few characters.

I always thought McGonagall was too meek when it came to how Harry was treated. She's a stern task master in class and I expected her to be the same out of it.

He sees Ron for what he is, that should change the Gryffindor three.

I like how Mrs. Longbottom is being portrayed not to mention the budding frendship with Neville.

There's not much I found fault with given you've done one re-write already.

Having said that WHERE's Hermione????



Author's response

McKitty is how i think she should have been, strong with a strict set of morals

There will be no Gryffindor 3

I like my Neville too

We will meet Hermione on the train

Thank you for taking the time to review i appreciate it