Review for To The King Of Pop.

To The King Of Pop.

(#) sarahhh 2009-06-28

You know what?

All of the sudden people are Micheal Jackson's number one fans... you know what I say to them; fuck you.

When he spent his last years inside his home because of those people who said what he was accused of doing. He didn't show his face in public once due to papparazi's and people who judged him that are ALL OF THE SUDDEN his biggest fan.

I'm not saying that you're not a true fan, but most of the people who are saying that they are his true fans all of the sudden, I mean what the fuck.

After a week you people will go back to your My Chemical Romance sell outs and nothing would have changed.

Author's response

I agree, I see that alot and it's sad. All these people claim to be his fans, when they stopped listening to him because of the trial he had been through. But to CLARIFY, I am a true fan of him. I listened to him even while he was accused because I believed he was not guilty. I've always been a fan and will forever be one. But nonetheless I agree with you.

Well thanks for reviewing.