Review for TO MCR


(#) xxMCRMYxx 2009-06-29

Since kindergarden I've been victimised for being different. The definition of different was listening to Avril Lavigne instead of Hillary Duff and loving Simple Plan instead of The Backstrret Boys. I was manipulated to do things for people on the understanding that they would at least treat me like i was human. They never did. Lat year was the first year I started to make real friends, but even then I was still getting hurt and being forced to change so i could be like them. One day I was at the bus stop and there was a boy listening to 'Teenagers' I liked it and nodded along to the beat. I bought The Black Parade from iTunes that night, then I found myself purchasing Revenge, Bullets, The Black Parade Is dead, LOTMS all the EPs and videos
My Chemical Romance didn't save me. They fucking made me.