Review for To The King Of Pop.

To The King Of Pop.

(#) KrissElECTRiKK 2009-06-29

@sarahhh - I totally agree with you. Even up to last year, people I know basically slagged him off and make nasty comments about the trial, but on the news of his death, they all acted like his number one fan. Don't get me wrong... I'm not saying they're not allowed to greive his death, or be shocked and upset, but it really does get annoying when the haters claim they loved him. I'm not what youd'e call a true fan, and I'll end up drifting back off to the land of MCR and TH, and I'm just being honest, even though I was obsessed with MJ 'till I was about twelve, then my interests branched off. I loved him during the trial, and even though I was ten, I understood it all and supported Michael. And now, I don't even have MJ on my iPod. So sarahhh, you honestly do have a point.
Kriss x