Review for Caught Up In This Web

Caught Up In This Web

(#) IeroMyHeroMCR 2009-07-09

Ammmmmy oh my goshness you gave me the best idea for a new story... well you didn't know that but what you said gave me a good idea. Ok so i was reading your reply on ... Teenagers from Mars sorry had to think there for a minute but what you said about the incest thing well i'm gonna do what you said in a story make a step brother and step sister fall in love oh my goshness now i can't wait to get started woo!!!! You'll probably be in it and you should check your email!!! Luff you!!!!

Author's response

Yay! I helped another soul! ^^ Today is like the best day everrrr! Oh I have freakin' SPONGEBOB singing that stupd song in my freaking head..ARRGGHH!!!!


Luff you too!