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Hey guys! Sorry it's been so long since I wrote last. I got into some trouble with my mom and thus the computer was taken away. Anyway, I worked like, 3 hours on this chapter, so I hope you really like it XD


I stood across from the man in black, shaking from head to toe. "What do you want from me?" I ask, backing up only to hit a stone wall. He steps forward, his teeth flashing white in the light from the street lamp.

"Your soul, Amy," his cold voice answers. He reaches out and grips my shoulders tight, pulling me to him. My hands fly up to prevent my face from being smothered by his chest. I push back and look up at him, seeing nothing but dark red pupils glowing.

"Who are you?" I cry out, struggling against his hold on me. He chuckles and lets me back up. I foolishly back myself up into a corner.
Great, now I'm fucked, I think to myself.

"You know who I am," he whispers, sending shivers down my spine. I swallow and try to find a way to escape. He chuckles darkly again, and corners me so that there's absolutely no escape.

"Why me?"

"Because you know what I am," he says, then pulls me to him again, this time grabbing hold of my hair with one hand and yanking my head back. The other hand reaches up and strokes my cheek softly, then rips my shirt open, exposing my pale throat. I gasp and whisper, "No.." and this time he flat out laughs.

"Oh ho! So you know what's coming, do you? Well, I won't waste your time... too much..."

Time slows down as he leans in for the kill. . .


"Oh my God what? What?" I ask, sitting up straight. I look around me and blurry images of my friends and bandmates are staring at me with amusement and worry on their faces.

"Are you OK? You were like, mumbling and moaning and talking and stuff," Taylor says, handing me a McDonald's cup full of water. I drink some and hand it back to her.

"I'm fine, I'm fine. It was just a weird dream."


Silence for ten minutes. Or at least it would have been, if Jeremy hadn't kept bothering me with questions.

"How much longer till we go to meet them?" Jeremy asks me again for what feels like the millionth time today. I sigh and Connor echos me. I shoot him a look.

"An hour," Maggie answers, taking a sip of her diet soda.

"Diet? Gross. Who drinks that nasty stuff anyway? All that fake sugar-"


"-whatever. All that fake shit in there just makes you sick," I point out. She shrugs it off, then smiles at me.

"So what," she says. "Like this body of mine could ever get fat." I glare at her. She knows perfectly well how hard I worked on my weight, and she always has to bring something up to try and make me jealous of her perfect, thin body. Psh, I'd like to mention her freaking calves. Ha! Yeah, I used to be the fat kid. The TALL fat kid, who was always awkward. I'm still really awkward(and shy!) just not as fat. Chubby, maybe, but so not fat. Freaking bitch!

"How long now?" Jeremy asks. I grit my teeth and sigh. Again.

"Jeremy, if you ask that one more time I swear I'm gonna make you buy new underwear," I threathen.

"But these are my lucky pair!" he squeals. Taylor snorts, trying not to laugh.

"I know. That's exactly why I'll do it, my dear Fiddle-Stix." He groans and Maggie giggles.

"Ugh! Why do we have to hang out in this stupid mall?" Taylor complains, sitting down and crossing her legs.

"Don't even start," Connor warns, taking a bite out of his giant pretzel. I lick my lips and yawn.

"Where did you guys get the food and drinks?"

"Oh, uh, while you were sleeping we all walked over to the food court. Jeremy ate your pizza, by the way. So we didn't forget about you," Maggie says while smiling. Yeesh, why is she so... UGH!

"What's your freaking prob-"

"Seriously, guys, shut up," Taylor says all seriously. I sigh and lean back against couch thing we're all sitting on, glaring at the floor.

Silence for ten minutes. Real silence. Then Maggie clears her throat and we all look at her.

"What? Can't a girl make a sound without having to say something?" We just blink and look away. She sighs and takes another sip of her poison.

"So I was thinking . . . maybe we should all go try on some clothes or something," I say, and when Taylor raises a brow I add, "because, you know, our clothes aren't exactly clean." Then we all look down to see stains of all sorts on our pants and shirts in various places.

"Yeah, Amy's got a point," Maggie says, standing up. "We're meeting a famous band, and we should at least look like we're actually serious about touring with them."

Taylor yawns, stands up, and stretches. Connor does the same.

"Well are you coming, Jeremy?" I ask, poking him.

"Uh yeah, I guess so," he says and then proceeds to stand up, stretch, and walk towards Hot Topic. I sigh and catch up to him.

"Remember guys, we don't wanna scare them," Maggie warns. Taylor snorts.

"Yeah right! Like we could actually scare those idiots. Nice one, Maggs!" and we all laugh. Except me of course. Okay, I only did for a little bit.

"No, she's right you guys. Dress to impress, not look like retarded freaks," I say, backing up my cousin. Sure we fight, but we love each other. She smiles and mouths 'thanks'. I wink.

"Ugh, you guys ruin everything!" Jeremy whines.

"Ahem, need I remind you about the underwear?" Jeremy shuts up and walks into the store. I roll my eyes and walk over to the skirts and pick out a couple skirts. The plaid ones. Everyone else walks over to the pants. I wait in line behind this short chick with a dyke-spike and when my turn comes, I'm pretty disappointed that the skirts are too small and show off too much ass. Damn. I go and grab the next size up and they're a perfect fit. But then the dilema: which one looks better? I go over to Taylor and ask.

"Hm.. Personally, I don't like how they look on you. But I'd say the purple looks the best, if you really want one. OK, which ones for me?"

"Definitely black and white."

Thirty minutes later, we walk out with brand new outfits. Jeremy's wearing green Tripp skinnies with a plain black wrist band and his old Drop Dead, Gorgeous shirt. Maggie sports her red jacket, plain white shirt, and faded blue skinny jeans. Connor's in a black hoodie, black shirt, no wrist bands, and baggy black Tripps. Taylor's wearing her old brown Panic! At The Disco shirt, brown wrist band on both arms, and a pair of black and white checkered Tripp skinnies. I decided not to go with the skirt (since Taylor knows me best) and am wearing black skinnies (the ones I walked in with), a plain black tank top (to show off my lovely arms), black wrist band on my right arm, and we're all wearing black and white, beat up converse. So, I guess we were 'stylish' but looked like major emos. Fun fun fun!

"Alright, how much time do we-"

Hold up, wait a minute, put a little love in it!

Jeremy frowns at being interrupted by my phone, but soon gets distracted by a girl that's looking his way. Typical boy.

"Hello?" I answer as we all make our way to the parking lot.

"Amy, hi! It's Brian. Just wondering if the guys were there yet, because they were lost earlier." I groan inwardly at his cheerful tone.

"Uh, I don't really know yet.. I had a bad case of the, uh, stomach cramps," I lie, hoping I didn't pause for too long. I quitely shut my door.

"Oh, I'm sorry. In the bathroom, then?" he jokes. Maggie starts the car up an I hope Brian doesn't hear it.

"Yeah, I've been in here for a while." I bite my lip and an image of him looking at the phone weird pops into my head. "Ugh, oh my God.." I moan, trying to make it more realistic. Maggie's making hand motions at me, mouthing the words 'hurry up!' so I moan again.

"Dear God, uh, it sounds.. bad?" I smile, and then groan again.

"God, yeah, it really hurts." Taylor snorts.

"Well I'll let you go now, so..?"

"I'll call you later, Brian. It that okay?" My phone beeps, and with a frown I realise that he hung up on me. Hopefully this doesn't affect how he looks at me.. what with the moaning and such..

"Man, you're such a liar!" Connor jokes when I put my phone away. I shoot him a smirk.

"What else was I supposed to do?" I ask, looking at Taylor, who's spacing off. Everyone but Taylor shakes their heads at me. Meanies. We drive a few blocks down the road and pull up next to a van that looks oddly familiar.

"Hey, doesn't that belong to them?" Taylor asks as we get out.

"Oh, great! I was just hoping they were still lost, too," I say sadly, stepping out of the car and adjusting my shirt and pants. I was already feeling self-conscience of how I looked, and I wasn't even really showing any skin.

"Amy, stop fiddling! You're as sexy as Jennifer was in that thong last night."

"Oh gee, thanks Taylor. That makes me feel so much better being compared to your girlfriend."

"Sorry. I was just-"

"I know. I was kidding," I sigh. "I'm just nervous."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Jeremy says as we all shut our doors and head into the Ramada Inn. "I can't believe I'm gonna met Bob Bryar!"

We all laugh and I look at Taylor. "So, you ready to meet Mikey? I mean, since you both play bass," I joke. She frowns.

"Are you kidding? Ray Toro is my sexy bitch, nikaa!"

"Uh, I'm looking for Amy, uh, Revenge?"

I almost froze. I'd know that voice anywhere. I put a smile on my face and turn to greet Gerard.

"Hi," I say, my voice shaking a little. "I'm Amy." We shake hands, and I can't help but notice how warm his feel, whereas mine are most likely freezing.

"Nice to meet you," he says, returning the smile. Then he turns his attention to the rest of the guys (and girls) and says, "The rest of us are over in the business room." We all nod and follow him as he turns and walks away. I turn to Taylor.

"You think he heard your Ray comment?" I joke, elbowing her.

"Psh, I'm sure everyone heard it," she says, biting her bottom lip.

"Are you nervous?"

"Nope! Although you should be."


"Because his ass is just begging for a-"

"Taylor, I swear to God. If you finish that sentence..." I trail off as we walk through a double doorway into one of the rooms where business meetins were usually held (as well as my brother's old karate class). I hear Maggie gasp quietly behind me, Jeremy almost squeals, Taylor quietly groans, and I'm pretty positive that Connor rolls his eyes. I, on the other hand, concentrate on breathing and not passing out.

"Hey, there you guys are! We thought you like, died or something," Frank, the shortest of the bunch, nearly shouts as he jumps up out of his chair and runs over to us. I back up a little and Maggie reaches out her hand.

"Pleasure to you meet you, Frank," she says, smiling. I almost groan. I knew she might like him! Why does everyone always fall for the midget?!

"Same here. So what happened to ya'll? We were all getting pretty worried."

"Yeah, Bob and Ray were forced to dance," Mikey jokes. I look over and see Ray frown. Bob blushes and clears his throat, then takes a big gulp of water. I bite my lip in order not to laugh.

"So uh, how was the drive here?" Jeremy asks conversationally. I roll my eyes.

"Like being cooked in a giant oven," Gerard mumbles. I smirk.

"It was a pretty fun drive," Frank says, shooting a glare at Gerard.

"Ha ha yeah, the oven thing.. Most people refer to Phoenix as a stove. Or something like that. It's really not so bad once you live here for a while," Maggie says, smiling at Frank.

"Speaking of ovens, do you guys have any more water?" I ask, looking around. Bob points to an ice chest and I smile my gratitude. I look at Taylor and she comes with me. We pass by Ray and she makes a slurping noise. Ray looks at us funny and I just giggle.

"What the hell, Taylor!" I whisper.

"What? I couldn't help it, he's just so.. so.. SEXY!" she yells. I push her and she falls down laughing. Then she pretends to have a seizure. By now I'm crying from laughing so hard.

"Pee.. pee!" I cry out, falling down on my knees and clutching my lower stomach. This makes us laugh harder, and when we're finally finished(like a while later) we notice that everyone's staring at us.

"Don't worry about them, they do that all the time," Connor says to them all.

"Yeah, like all the fucking time," I add, grabbing a bottled water. Taylor does the same and we walk back to the seats. I sit by the door and Taylor plops down beside Gerard.

"So you guys are uh.. in your teens?" Ray asks, scooting closer. Almost everyone else follows, and soon we have a giant circle.

"Well, most of us. Amy just turned twenty last month-"

"Happy birthday!" Frank interrupts. I smile.

"-and the rest of us are nineteen."

"Except Maggie," Jeremy points out. She shoots a sideways glare at him. Hm.. I guess she was trying to make Frank think she was older? Meh.

"Yeah, she's only seventeen," Connor jokes.

"Shut up, I am not!" Maggie shoots back. "I'll be nineteen in January."

"Ah, cool. Well then I guess you'll be the only one who doesn't drink with us," Mikey jokes.

"Ha, yeah."

"Aw, you guys bummed her out!" Frank says, then gets up and gives her a hug. "Don't worry, sweetheart, I'll stay with you when you're alone."

"Wow Frank, dirty much?" Gerard says unemotionally. I frown and look at Taylor. She shrugs.

"Speaking of dirty," Bob says, standing up. "I gotta go take the Browns to the Super Bowl." After he walks out of the room I giggle.

"Dude, that's so from an episode 'According To Jim'!" I exclaim, and we all hear Bob chuckle before a door shuts.

"Sorry about that. Bob's just.. awkward. Really awkward," Ray apologizes. I shrug.

"It's cool. You should hear Taylor talk."

"Uh no, you shouldn't," Maggie says quickly. "It's really nasty."

"Psh, not nastier than these two!" Mikey says, pointing to Gerard and Frank, who blushes. I have to admit, he's a cutie. But Gerard looked about ready to kill Mikey. It was kinda scary, but yet it wasn't.. Actually, it was almost- no. Ha, not finishing that one..

There was an awkwardish silence for a while. I had to break it, it was just too annoying.

"So uh, where are you guys staying?" I ask Ray.

"What? Oh uh, we were thinking about just staying here."

"Oh my God, no. This place is so expensive!"

"Well I hate to break it to you, but we can sorta afford it."

"That's not what she meant, right Amy? It's just really expensive and totally not worth it. You know, there's a motel across the street from where Amy lives," Maggie says, once again smiling at Frank. Ugh, so gross. And to think that they might like each other!

"Oh well uh, is it nice?" Mikey asks as Ray takes a drink of water.

"Yeah, for the most part," I say. "I've heard there are like, tons of murders every month, but the pool works and I'm sure it'll remind you guys of home. Right?"

Maggie glares at me and Gerard, surprisingly, laughs. "Sounds perfect. Just like ol' Jersey. Well I guess we can see if they've got any extra room. If they don't, well.. I'm sure we could dispose of a few people."

Everyone laughs but me. I just smile slightly and stare at him as his nose twitches and he stands up, walking out of the room. I contemplate getting up and following him.

You don't like him, Amy. Him or his stupid band. You're only doing this for the money and publicity. Get your head in the game!

I get up, walk out of the room, and find a deserted corner. I lean against the wall and slide down, and pretty soon I doze off.

I'm standing in front of the man in black again, but this time I don't say anything. Instead I run at him, and just as I thought he moves, giving me room to run past him out of the small alley. I dart across the street, and as I turn back it starts to rain, and he's nowhere to be seen. I swallow and turn around just as a pair of strong hands grab me. I try to scream out but a gag is placed in my mouth, and my hands securely held. I kick out desperately, trying to throw him off balance. I know it's him, the man in black, because I've been held by those arms before. Last time I was here . . .

"You can't escape me. . . " he whispers in my ear. I close my eyes as shivers run down my back once more. I swallow and allow him to turn me around so that I'm facing him. "You think you can, but you can't. No matter where you run, no matter how fast, no matter what you take so that you don't sleep, I'll always find you. You can't escape your fate. . ."

A sudden burst of energy escapes my body, and I lash out at him, catching him off guard. I feel more hands grab me out from the darkness, and I struggle more.

"Stop it! Get away! LET ME GO!" I scream.

"Amy wake up.." a voice calls out from far away. I fight even more and then take off running. Something trips me; I crawl.

"Somebody get help!" someone yells close by. I look around and see nobody.

Suddenly the earth starts to shake, and I try to stand and run, but I can't.

Wait a minute, I think. I'm the one shaking..

"Amy, wake up! Fuck. Mikey, go get help!"

My eyes shoot open and I find myself being held down by a man in black. I scream and kick, and feel my foot connect with something hard.


I hear someone hit the floor.

"Amy, calm down! It's OK, you were just dreaming!" Taylor screams. I stop and look around me, and then feel like hiding in an invisible corner. Everyone, from my band and Gerard's, are staring at me, and Ray is in the middle of dialing 911. Or so I assume.

"Oh.." I whisper. I still feel someone holding me, and when I realize it's just Gerard I feel even more shitty. He helps me up and I realize that in my attempt to escape Gerard, I'd kicked MIkey. Poor Mikey!

"Are you okay? Do you need help?" Gerard asks as I steady myself. I shake my head.

"No no, I'm fine. Honest," I say as Taylor eyes me. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. "Honestly, I'm fine. I just dozed off and had a bad dream. Ha, probably shouldn't have read Stephen King before bed last night, huh?" I joke. Nobody laughs. I sigh and roll my eyes. "Seriously, I'm fine. Read my lips; I'M FINE."

"Right. Well, we should probably be heading over to that motel," Bob says, helping Mikey up.

"Oh, fuck that hurt!"

I bite my lip. "Sorry Mikey. Really, I am."

"Hey, it's okay. I've kicked Gerard a thousand times. It's about time I got kicked back," he jokes. I attempt to smile, but all I manage is a weak smirk.

"Anyway, the hotel manager wants us out. Something about 'disrupting the guests' or some shit like that," Maggie says, shooting me a look.

"Whatever. Let's just blow this fucking place," I say angrily, trying to hide my tears.

"Nice job, jerk," Taylor whispers to Maggie, although it's loud enough for everyone to hear it. I grab my water bottle and head out to the car. I hear it unlock and climb in the passenger seat. Pretty soon we're all in and driving home.

"Just have the guys stay at my place or something. I'm sure there's enough room if Taylor and Maggie sleep on my floor and Jeremy and Connor sleep in the guest room," I say quietly to everyone. I could have whispered it and they would have heard me.

"Alright," Taylor says.

As soon as we pull up to my house, I jump out and walk inside. I go straight to my room, strip down to my bra and boxers, and climb in bed.

I cry myself to sleep as I hear everyone else out in the living room laughing and moving things around.

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