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Friendship? At last? Rated for language ^^

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I'm thinking of dedicating this chapter to my dad, simply because he bugged the crap outta me the entire time I was writing. Thanks Dad ^^ Anyhoo, I just thought I'd mention that due to the fact that this is pure fiction(except of course the band thing) I'm making Gerard just a tad bit taller. Instead of his 5'8" or whatever he's about 5'11". ^_^

My vision is fuzzy when I wake up. I squeeze my eyes shut, rub them a little bit, and stand up. Holy shit, I think as I find myself falling back down onto my bed, a vision of black dots clouding my eyes. I close my eyes again, waiting for it to pass. When it's gone I stand up slowly, and make my way to the bathroom. I do my business, clean up a bit, and when I look in the mirror and see my puffy eyes staring back at me, I scream. I don't care who hears, so long as I get it out of my system.

"Mother fucking bags! Fuck fuck fuck fuck! Oh, why the hell did I cry myself to sleep? Why couldn't I-"

"Are you okay?"

I scream and spin around, seeing Gerard leaning against my bathroom door frame. I swallow and try to breathe.

"H-how long have you been there?"

"Oh, not long. I was actually cooking, before I heard you scream. Jesus, girl, I thought you were being murdered!" He chuckles then, as if he made a joke. I don't find anything funny. Not. At. All.

"Yeah well, obviously I'm fine." I sigh. "What were you cooking?"

"Oh uh, just some waffles. Made some juice. Everyone else went out for breakfast." I nod, understanding what could only have been Taylor's inability to cook real food that lead to the eating out. I rub my eyes again, and when I look up Gerard is still standing there, staring at me.

"What?" I ask, checking myself in the mirror. "I know, I know. I look like utter crapouye in the morning."

"No, it's not that. I just.."


"Never mind. I better get back to my waffles." He walks away and I frown. Hm.. Maybe I'm not the only one who likes to keep my feelings to myself? I look at myself in the mirror again and groan. Ugh, holy fuck-a-doodles, where is that stupid freaking Bag Balm?

- - - - - - - - - - - -

After I'm all clean (showered, shaved, dry and dressed) I head out to the living room and find Gerard sitting on the couch, feet up on my semi-brand-new coffee table, eating waffles drenched in maple syrup and watching the Discovery Channel. I snort my laughter, earning a short glance from him, and make my way into the kitchen.

"Uh, if you're hungry there's a couple waffles in the uh.. um.. the thingy," Gerard calls. I laugh quietly and open the oven door. There, to my surprise, were two of the most delicious-looking waffles I have ever seen in my life. My stomach gurgles its agreement. I smile and grab the plate, then cover them in butter and walk out to where Gerard is still seated on the couch; feet on my coffe table, plate on the floor, syrup on his plain white t-shirt. I shake my head and take a seat between the couch and the coffee table.

"You know, you can sit on the couch, Amy. I don't bite," Gerard jokes. I ignore him and take a bite of a waffle, and moan.

"Oh.. my.. God!" I take a slightly bigger bite and another moan escapes my lips. I don't realize how loud I was being until Gerard cracks up laughing, making my cheeks flush.

"Damn, you must really like those." I swallow before answering.

"Yes, I do. They're the best thing I've had since I discovered sushi at the grocery store," I say, and proceed to stuff my face full of the rest, not caring if I look like a pig. Hey, what can I say.. Blueberry waffles are my favorite!

After I finish I stand up, stretch, grab Gerard's dish, and walk into the kitchen. I spend about five minutes on each dish, including the various forks and spoons that are scattered on the counters. I grumble silently to myself as I pick up a bowl with moldy sushi. Freaking dammit, Taylor! You complain about not getting enough tuna from Jennifer, and then when I buy you sushi and porn you don't even eat all of it! Hmph.. I bet you didn't even watch the tape... Ugh! I get so into my thoughts that I don't hear Gerard when he comes up behind me, until he almost gives me another heart attack.

"I was gonna do the dishes, you know."

"Oh my jizz, Gerard. Could you at least bump into something so that I know you're there? Jesus!"

"'Oh my jizz'? That's something I've never heard before.. Never thought it'd be uttered from a lady's mouth." He chuckles and I smirk.

"I'm not a lady, Gerard."

"Oh really?"

"Really. I'm a hermaphrodite," I say as seriously as I can. I try to keep a straight face. His eyes go wide and his mouth opens and shuts, like he's trying to say something but doesn't know what.

"Are you fucking serious?" I nod. "That's.. That's weird."

"You wanna see?"

"I-uh-n.. no?"

"Is that a question?"

"Maybe? I dunno, it's not everyday a girl tells you she's got a dick, and then offers to show it to you," he says, running his hand through his hair. I bite my lip, still trying not to laugh. I fail miserably, and pretty soon I'm leaning on the counter trying not to collapse and roll around.

"Oh.. my.. jizz! I can see it now, haha. 'Gerard Way, famous frontman of New Jersey's My Chemical Romance, caught with innocent naked girl!'"

"Wait.. naked-you're fucken me, right?" I can't say anything, I'm too busy laughing. "You bitch!" he yells, and cracks up laughing. We laugh for quite a while. So long, in fact, that we don't even realize when the others walk in.

"Hey, you guys high or something?" Taylor calls from the bathroom. I gulp in air as Gerard struggles to stand up.

"No, we were just.. Never mind!"

"Okay, seriously you guys? Is it so hard to use the flippin' table I bought?" Maggie yells. I stifle another giggle and put the remaining dishes into the sink, dry my hands, and walk into the living room.

"Sorry, Maggs. I'll try to remember next time. But those waffles were so good I-"

"You made waffles?" Frank puts in, looking from me to Gerard, who had walked up behind me.

"No, I didn't. He-"

"You made her your famous blueberry waffles, and didn't save me any? Gerard, how could you!" Frank wails, pretending to cry. I roll my eyes and look at Taylor, who's holding a Jack-In-The-Box bag. I raise an eyebrow.

"Shut up, they're the only ones who serve breakfast all day long." She plops down on the couch and reaches into the bag, pulling out a breakfast burrito that's probably cold by now. "And besides, they're not as gross as McDonalds." I smirk and she takes a jumbo bite, spilling a bunch of eggs down her front. Everyone behind me tries not to laugh, but a few giggles escape Frank's mouth. Taylor shoots a glare his way and picks up the food, shoveling it into her mouth

"Jeez Taylor, Jennifer forget to feed you last night?" Connor jokes.

"Nah, but Jeremy forgot to give me my phone back."

"That's why I don't let anybody use my baby anymore," I say, grabbing Taylor's soft drink and chugging some of it. Yum, Mountain Dew. Mount an' Dew me. "Speaking of Jeremy, where is that guy?"

"I dunno. Last time I saw him he was..." Connor trails off. "Oh shit, we left him at Taco Bell!"

"Wait, you guys went to TB too? Jeez, why didn't anybody wake me up!" I groan. What I wouldn't give for a chalupa. Mhm, nothing like the taste of cat meat shipped in from who-knows-where to wake you up in the morning. At least, I've heard they use cat meat there. For all I know, it could be another racist joke against Mexicans and their cooking. Meh.

"Yeah, I mean if you guys took her with you, I could be having waffles right now!" Frank whined. Oh dear Lord, he's just like Jeremy!

"Right, whatever. So Jeremy was, I presume, flirting with a girl and didn't hear you when you said 'Jeremy, we're leaving!'?" I ask, plopping down next to Taylor. My plopping down causes her to spill more eggs on herself, and I can't help but to giggle. "Wow Taylor, you're so messy!" I joke, stealing some of her food. I throw it in her mouth and she pretends to chomp down on my fingers.

"Yeah yeah, I'm not the one with the hideous bags," she mumbles, just loud enough for me to hear. I frown and smack her arm.

"Dude that's so not funny!"

"I know, buddy. I'm sowwie!" she whisper-yells and then hugs me, little pieces of melted cheese and eggs smooshing up against my nice clean shirt. I groan and try to pry her off.

"Dude, I just washed this!" I whine in a little kid voice. She giggles and scoots back, then shoves the rest of the burrito in her mouth.

"Yum! Best fucking thing I've had since yesterday," she says, and rubs her belly. "Hey Amy...?"

"Yes, PaininmyassTaylor?"

"Scratch my tummy!"

I laugh and scratch her stomach, and we crack up in a fit of giggles. Everyone else (I'm sure) is looking at us funny, and Connor rolls his eyes. "I swear, I'm seriously not related to these people," Maggie says, taking a swig of her diet soda. I giggle and stand up, stretching. My knees pop and so do my elbows.

"You know you luff me!" I say smiling. "Ugh, dude, I feel like I'm gonna start bleeding at any second!"

"Ugh, you and me both, Amy," Taylor says, once more rubbing her belly. "Hm.. maybe if we stab each other in the vag-"


"-ina, we'll bleed?"

"Hm.. I dunno.. As much as I really wanna let you get me back for that hand thing, I don't wanna risk my baby-making ability." We share a sigh, and Mikey coughs politely. I smile. "Sorry about that, Mikes. You guys probably didn't need to hear that. Anyway-"

I'm interrupted by Jeremy as he opens and slams the door shut. "Dude, where the fuck were you guys? I had to fuckin' hitch-hike it home!" He stomps around for a little bit longer, grumbling about people staring at him funny and random girls giving him their numbers before he finally shuts up and sits down.

"You done now?" Bob asks, picking at his teeth with a tooth pick. "I don't care much for over-dramatic nit-wits." None of can tell if he's joking or not, but Maggie giggles once or twice, only stopping when Frank shoots her a warning glance. She blushes and walks down the hall into the bathroom.

"Yeah, I'm pretty much over it," he says, then pulls something out of his pocket. "Dude!" he yells. "I got a number! Oh my fucking God this is so amazing!"

"Dude, Jeremy, chillax, man! It's just a number, I get them all the time."

"Yeah right, Raymond. Don't you mean Gerard gets them all the time?" Mikey interjects, earning a light punch from Ray. "What? I was just being honest," he says as innocently as he can. We all chuckle. Except dear ol' Bobby,or course. Bob doesn't really join in on our laughter, if he can help it. He prefers to hit you. Or, to be more exact, he prefers to hit Frank.

"Anyway, the point is that the more famous you get, the more numbers women give you. And the more numbers women give you, the more famous you get. So it's a two-way street, you see. Of course in my case, its most likely my gigantic fro that gets all the attention from the ladies. They just can't resist me." He pops his imaginary collar for show, which makes Frank giggle. I glance at Maggie and notice her trying not to stare at him too much. This makes me smile.

"So uh, when exactly do we go on tour?" Maggie asks as she takes a seat at the dining room table. Frank hurries and sits next to her, whereas Gerard sits next to Taylor, Ray and Mikey sit at the table, I sit on the floor between the coffee table and the couch, and Bob remains standing. "I mean, we still need to go shopping."

"What's wrong with the nice stuff we bought yesterday?" Jeremy asks, and it doesn't surprise me one bit when I see that he's still wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Maggie looks at him like she wants to kill him (which I really don't blame her) and Connor rolls his eyes. "I'm serious, these pants could last me a life time!"

"Yeah, that's what you said last week when I bought you those socks. Do us all a favor and go shower, Jeremy." I shoot Maggie a grateful smirk and she smiles, then glares at Jeremy. "I mean it, Jeremy. Go, now." Jeremy groans, flips her off, and skips to the bathroom. A few seconds later we hear the shower running and Jeremy's croaking fills our ears, muffled slightly by the walls.

"Anyway, when are we touring?" I ask, biting my lip. "Contrary to Maggie's shopping problem, I need to know how many more showers I'm gonna be able to enjoy before I'm surrounded by half naked men and peeping Taylors in the bus."

"Oh uh.. We're pretty sure we'll be gone by the end of the week. Possibly by Monday." Gerard clears his throat before adding, "Count your showers carefully, Amy. They could be your last." I shudder in mock fear and smirk. He smirks back and Ray clears his throat.

"Yes Ray?"

"Oh, nothing. It's just that there's a giant spi-"

"OH MY GOD!" Frank shouts and bolts across the room, jumping onto Gerard's lap. "Get it away, get it away!"

"Yeesh Frank, chill out dude! I was just kidding."

Frank was quiet for a moment, then, "Ray you asshole! Come here, I'm gonna kill you!" Ray stands up right as Frank practically dives across the room, and they collide, sending them both rolling into my kitchen. The sound of banging and clanging and pots crashing against each other echos around us, and we hear a grunt, followed by Frank walking dizzily out of the kitchen, clutching his head. "Oh, fuck my nuts, my head hurts!" Ray comes out a minute later with a small cut on his forehead.

"Oh my goshness, what happened?" Maggie gasps. I giggle as the word escapes her mouth and she shoots me a nasty glare. I raise my hands in a surrendering motion and she turns away.

"Just a loud run-in with a sharp handled pan," Ray groans. Maggie walks into the kitchen, kicks a few pans around, and returns a few seconds later with an ice pack. She hands it to Ray and he smiles at her, then eases it against his forehead.

"Well, I think it's safe to say we're finished here. I don't know about you guys, but I need a nap." Taylor stands up, stretches, and forcefully pushes Gerard off the couch. He lands on his ass with a thud and groans. "Night ya'll. And shut up, I need sleep!"

"Fuck my ass, you could have warned me," Gerard mumbles, rubbing his butt as he makes his way over to the table. He sits next to Ray and rests his head on the wood. I stand up, hearing my body pop in all sorts of places, and walk outside. From inside I hear Mikey laugh at something that may have been said by Frank, and Bob yells for them to 'shut their pie-holes' while Ray shouts 'shut up, you bastard'. I giggle softly and ease my way up on the car, stretching out and staring up into the sky.

It was about six in the afternoon, and I had slept until almost three. How lovely. Good thing it gets dark around this time, otherwise I could very well be blind from the sun. I look up into the sky and study the few clouds that are up there floating, making out a pizza shape. I smile and watch it as it slowly makes its way toward the setting sun. I sigh and sit up, and for the third time today I almost scream at Gerard's sudden presence.

"What the fuck is your problem, Mr. Way?" I ask angrily, sitting up.

"Nothing, I was just wondering if.. well.."

"Spit it out already."

"Nothing." I raise a brow. "It's nothing. It's just.. Well after yesterday, and your freak out moment, I couldn't help but wonder if maybe we could be.. friends?" I snort and he frowns. "Come on, it's not like it's that hard."

"Gerard, I'm sure you're well aware of how much I really don't like you. Sure, you're a nice guy when you wanna be, but I just..." I stop when I see his face. Sad, yet neatly composed. Almost like he knew I didn't like him. Like he was prepared to be rejected. I see that face too often. Every single time I look into the fucking mirror. Shit, how can I possibly be angry at him when he looks like this?

"Amy? It's okay if you don't want to, I-"

"Shut up. Just.. just shut up." I look at him and see that face again, and I smile. "I suppose.. for now.. we could be friends. Just wipe that look off your face. It makes me think I just wiped out your soul." We share a laugh, and then I bring him in for a hug. It's a little awkward at first, but after a while we get used to it.

"Thanks, Amy. I just.. Well, it's been a while since I've met someone who acts like me."

"Whoa whoa whoa- I so don't act like you." He looks at me like I just said the most ridiculous thing on the planet, and I smirk. "Alright, so maybe just a little. Come on, I'm tired. Let's go inside."

And just like that, my friendship with Gerard starts. Oh boy, I am so gonna regret this later on.

What do you guys think? I personally like being mean to Gerard, but.. I dunno. I'm really not a very mean person.. FML haha
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