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Word of advice? Don't yell at women ^^

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I couldn't resist writing another chapter for you guys. This one is dedicated to everyone who's read this so far and liked it ^_^ Thankies you guys (girls). Sadly, there aren't any inside jokes in this one, McKracky, and no Mexican jokes. u_u. But whatever. Enjoy!


I've been having weird dreams lately, I write in my journal as the My Chem crew are setting up a few amps and Jeremy's helping Bob put the drum set together. I smile and go back to my writing. Not the kind you tell your mother, or your best friend, but the kind that usually gets you landed with a therapist. Lucky for me, my mother IS a therapist, so I'm covered for free. But how do you tell your mother that you've been dreaming about a vampire trying to kill you? I mean, I could tell her, and then pray that she wouldn't do her job correctly and refer me to a doctor, who would then prescribe stupid pills for me to take about twice a day for maybe a year. But would that do any good? Probably not. Or maybe she'd work off the clock and tell me how I've been watching too many horror movies, and that maybe I should stay away from the alcohol for a while? Eh, I could do without. What I really need is to get away from this stupid place. Pheonix fucken' Arizona. Well, gotta go to band practice. And if I'm lucky, My Chem will play for us. Although between you and me, we're sure to get a few people knocking on our doors tonight. Or maybe they'll all jump over my stone walls and form a mosh pit? Or a dancing pit? Or maybe they'll give us money? Eh.

"Hey Amy, buddy, you ready?" Connor calls while hooking up the amp to one of the many power cords I have in my yard. All courtesy to my little brother, the tech-ish one in the family.

"Yeah, just a sec while I warm up!" I answer, heading into the house to grab some water. I do a few vocal warm-ups that my old choir teacher had us do when I was a freshman in high school, and then start to head back out when I hear someone yelling. I tip-toe to the big window by the front door and look out. I see Gerard talking on his cell, pacing back and forth and making a fist with his unoccupied hand. At first I feel like my mother, always listening in on other people's conversations(especially mine) but then I get really curious. The front door is open so I quietly step out.

"-damn questions, and I'll ask then when I feel like it!" Gerard practically yells, and then kicks my trash can. I frown, but keep listening. "Yes, I know, hun, but I'm just.. I just miss you, is all." Oh boy. By the sound of his voice, I'd say he just got done fighting with his girlfriend and now he's trying to mend her hurt feelings. Or maybe he was yelling at a man? Hey, you never know with these musicians, I mean look at.. Well I can't really think of any other gay singers, besides, of course, Jeffree Star, but he doesn't really sing, now, does he? Nope!

"Look, LIzzy, I'll see you in Portland. What? I thought you said- Oh, well if it's that important, I guess-" He breaks off and I hear distant yelling from the phone. Jeez, that was definitely a woman. And boy did she have a voice. "No, I just meant if it's really important then of course I understand! Why do you always assume I think you're lying? No, I don't, and you very fucking well know it!" More yelling, from both of them. Well, mainly the girl, Lizzy, or whatever. After a couple more minutes I decide to show myself, figuratively speaking, of course.

"Uh, Gerard?" I say after clearing my throat. He looks over and puts up one finger. Alright, I can wait another second.. or minute.

"What? No, it's just my friend Amy. She-"

More yelling. I sigh and lean my head back, looking up into the mid-afternoon sky.

"You know what, if it's so damn hard to accept that I actually have other friends, then I guess you've got major issues. Yeah, I guess we are.. No, I didn't want this to happen. Yeah? Well fuck you too, bitch!" and he hangs up his phone rather brutally, and I almost expect the thing to break.

"Girlfriend?" I ask, as if I didn't already know.

He runs a hand through his hair and sighs. "Yeah. They're just never.. you know.. understanding when you're famous." I nod. "Sorry you had to hear that. She just- oh hold on," and he answers his phone. Huh, must've been on vibrate.

"What do you- aw, baby, don't cry. Sh, sh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be such an ass. Of course it isn't your fault!" I roll my eyes. "No no, I swear she's just a friend. I would never do that to you, Liz, you know that. I love you." I gag.

"Uh, Gerard? We gotta practice, like now," I say, motioning for him to hurry up his convo. He nods and holds up yet another finger. I shake my head and say, "No. Now." He nods and turns around.

"Baby, I gotta go practice. Yeah, I know. I'll miss you," he coo's, and I sigh loudly. He flashes me a grin before saying, "I love you too, babe. Mwa. Uh huh, bye." He hangs up. "Sorry 'bout that. You know how.. they get." He chuckles. I stare at him with a blank face.

"Yes, I do know how they get," I say coldly. "Now come on, we're running late," and I turn and march in through the house and out the back door.

"Dude, what's wrong?" he asks, jogging to keep up with me. I have a big backyard, hense the set up.

"Nothing, I'm just irritated. I'm always irritated."

"Uh huh. Sure you are." I smack his arm.

"Shut up. I'm not kidding, I have my moods. But they'll be gone in a little while, seeing as I can't sing when I'm like this. I would strain my voice." I smile at him, give him a hug, and leave him standing on the patio while I make my way over to my band. "Hey guys, you almost ready?"

"Uh, about that.." Maggie starts. I take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"What's the problem?"

"Well there isn't exactly a problem, it's just.. Well, Jeremy- all of us, really- are a little concerned about who might hear us playing. And I bet you just about everyone in this neighborhood knows My Chemical Romance when they hear it. We're just worried that people might come and try to rip us- or them- apart, or something like that," Connor says, and Maggie nods. Taylor smiles weakly and I sigh.

"Well I know that, but honestly we need to practice. I don't have a basement. I wish I did, I mean seriously that would be so much easier!" I kick a rock and it hits a piece of the stone wall that surrounds my yard. "I don't care, we're doing this. Are the guys aware of this?"

"Yeah, but they don't seem to care. They're pretty used to this, apparently," Maggie says and glances over at them. Frank smiles and waves. "I mean, everyone but Mikey is okay with it. He still get's kinda.. iffy.. around crowds. Unless of course he's on stage, but that's gonna be later. Hopefully." I nod.

"I'll just go make sure, eh?" I ask and I walk over to the group of men and tap Mikey on the shoulder. "Hey, are you guys totally sure with playing tonight? I mean you don't have to. It's just we hold band practice on Saturday nights. Mikey?"

"Y-yeah, that's cool. I mean, I just get nervous about getting attacked, ya know?" he says, rubbing the back of his neck. Funny, him and Gerard both do that. Interesting..

"I totally get you, dude. You don't have to play if you don't want to. I'm sure Taylor could take over, I mean she can play anything by you guys. But sh, don't tell her I told you that. She'd kill me," I warn jokingly, placing a finger to my lips. Mikey frowns, looks at Ray, and then turns to me.

"No, it's okay. I'll play." He smiles, and I return the favor.

"That's what I thought," I say, then I turn around and walk back to my group. "Alright, we're good to go."

"How did you get Mikey to give in?" Taylor asks. I smirk.

"I just mentioned that our sexy bassist knows how to play his stuff. Seemed to convince him." She frowns at me and Maggie giggles. I smile at her, pat her arm, and walk over to the microphone. "Is this thing on?" Nothing. I glance at Taylor and she plugs it in. "I said, is this thing on!"

Everyone flinches at my cry and Ray yells, "Yes it bloody well is!" I smile.

"Well then, let's get this thing started!" Taylor cheers, grabs her Fuck Mexico! bass, and runs over to her mic. Connor grabs his guitar and joins us. Maggie waltzes over to her keyboard, and Jeremy skips to the drums. "You guys ready back there?" I ask the My Chem guys. They all smile and give me a thumbs up. I smile. "Alright, how 'bout you guys, we ready?" Everyone behind me strikes a note except for Jeremy, who hits the kick-drum. I smile. "You guys really ready?"

"Fuck yes!"

"This is Darling.

Don't lie don't lie to me now!
Now I'm erasing you
Throwing those memories out!
Out to start something new
I'm throwing those memories!

Don't lie to me!
Don't lie to me!
Don't lie to me!

Darling! Dooon't

Breathe in slowly now
Darling don't lie to me
Breathe in slowly now
Darling don't lie to me
Inhale truth I plead
For your my only hope
Don't lie don't leave

Mind set on failure!
The road you chose!
Told me you loved me!
Told me nooo!

Take your time I'm only dying!
Patiently I kneel here dying!
Curse the blind you curse the bliiind!
Deep inside is where it lies!

Connor and Taylor played a kick-ass solo, and Maggie joined in on piano, though you could barely hear it. Then came time for me and Taylor to sing.

Don't mind me I'm only dying
Don't mind me I'm only dying
Don't mind me I'm only dying (What got me into this mess that devoured me)
Don't mind me I'm only dying (Lies and deceitful actions keep promising)
What got me into this mess that devoured me
Lies and deceitful actions keep promising
What got me into this mess that devoured me
Darling don't Lie
Lies and deceitful actions keep promising
Darling don't Lie
What got me into this mess that devoured me
Darling don't Lie
Lies and deceitful actions keep promising
Darling don't Liiiie!

I had been bent over while screaming because I couldn't otherwise, and when I stand up straight I find all of My Chem staring at me. Give it a couple, I think, and soon enough after a few seconds they applaude. I smile and turn around to look at the guys. They've all got smiles on their faces. Taylor flexes her fingers and makes a fist, and her fingers pop. Connor does the same and Jeremy scratches his crotch. I giggle, the sound echoing off the side of the house. "What did you guys think?" I ask, and they applaude more. I smile again and turn to the guys. "Alright, should we do Friend Requests?" They all nod. "Okay, this one's called Dressed For Friend Requests!"

See through the wreckage
Into the fire
Inside my heart

Bullet to the head
Soon you'll be sleeping
Pull this trigger to your antidote
Bullet to the head
Soon you'll be sleeping
Pull this trigger to your antidote

She's dressed to kill
I don't know what to wear
She's dressed to kill
She's dressed to kill

She had the eyes of an angel
With a heart like a traitor
And a gun with a trigger
In her hand pointed at her
We always knew you'd go up in flames
We always knew you'd go out with a bang

We're going nowhere fast
We're going nowhere fast
We're going nowhere fast
We're going nowhere fast
Yeah, (you're just jealous)
You're just jealous
(You're just jealous)
Yeah, (you're just jealous)


More clapping and a few "Fuck yeah!"'s from Frank. I smile and pop my knuckles. "Alright, here's our newest one. It's not as.. screamy.. as these last two, but it's pretty chill. Hit it!"

Connor starts by playing a few really high high notes in a haunting theme, and about a minute later Taylor joins in with some mildly deep bass, and then about thirty seconds after that everything clashes together in a big bang. Well, a not-so-big bang. Remember, not as up-beat as the last two.

Late at night
When the city is asleep, you cry
And late at night
When you're walking all alone, you cry

Oh why should I keep living?

You're scared and all alone
Or so you think but there's an angel by your side
Says "Don't be afraid, I'm always with you and I'll never ever leave"
My darling, I love you

I do!

Fast asleep
Even in your wildest dreams you can't imagine
What's in store
So don't you worry 'bout a thing I've got it all planned out

Don't stop dreaming



After a very fast breakdown, Maggie comes in with a soft, almost haunting sound. I harmonize a little and then Connor and Taylor finish. The guys cheer and when it's clear that we're done, they all come rushing over.

"Dude that was flippin' awesome! Although, nothing is as awesome as-"

"Misfits, Frank," Gerard finishes, but Frank slaps him.

"No, I was gonna say 'nothing is as awesome as us' but no, you had to ruin my joke!" Frank pretended to cry, and Maggie was (not surprisingly) the first to hug him. In what seems like a surprise attack, he wraps his arms around her and drags her to the ground. "Mwahaha I've got you now!" He then tickles her, and her laughter faintly echos in the mics. I run over and turn everything off.

"Well well well, the little demon works his magic again," Ray jokes, and Bob hands him a twenty. I raise a brow.

"We were betting on who he'd attack first. See, he always does this when we tour with a new band," Bob says, stuffing the bill into his pocket. I laugh and Frank stands up, pulling Maggie with him. I look at Gerard and he shrugs.

"You were really good, you know. All of you," Mikey says, smiling, and he winks at Taylor. I glance over at her and see her smile back, and I can't help but to smile too. "Man, I can't wait to get back on the ro-"

He's interrupted by Gerard's ringing cell phone, and I shoot him a glance. He ignores me and answers it. "Hello? Oh hey, darlin', I didn't think you'd be up this- oh. What's wrong?" Blah blah blah, distant mumbling on the cell. "Aw, hon, I'm sorry. Well are you close to- oh. No no, I figured you'd be-" I'm not surprised when I hear yelling on the other end. I roll my eyes.

"Oh God, not this again," Mikey mumbles. Gerard doesn't seem to hear.

"Look, Eliza, I don't want to fight- no, you shut the fuck up! Listen, I'm tired of your bull, and it needs to stop. Otherwise-" He doesn't get to finish what he's saying because before I realize what I'm doing, I grab his phone.

"Listen, sweet heart, I'm sure you love each other. But Gerard's a little busy right now, so he'll call you later. Chao!" I hang up and hand Gerard his phone back. He stares at it for a little while, and then the next thing I know he's yelling at me.

"What the fuck is your problem, Amy? That was an important conversation that I was having with my fiance', and you just hang up? What the fuck!"

"Don't you fucking yell at me!" I yell, pushing his shoulders. He stumbles backwards and almost falls on his ass. "I'm sorry I hung up on your stupid girlfriend."

"She isn't stupid!"

"Yes, she is! She calls you when she probably knows you're busy, makes you worry, and then starts a fight! Don't think I don't know, because I do, alright? I went through the same shit when my parents were fighting and getting divorced! If you ever yell at me again, so help me Gerard, I will kick your ass." I turn around and walk towards the back door, but something Gerard says stops me.

"Fucking cunt!" he yells, and before I know it I'm in front of him and my fist is colliding with his face. I don't hear anything break, but for all it's worth my hand feels like it just hit a brick wall. Gerard falls down flat on his back, out cold. I stare at him wide-eyed.

"Holy shit," I say, breathless.

We're all silent for a moment, and then Taylor cracks up laughing. I look at her with a brow raised, and so does Mikey.

"Dude, are you okay?" Maggie asks, looking at Taylor with concern on her face. Taylor nods.

"Yeah I'm fine. But he's not!" and she keeps laughing again. Pretty soon I'm laughing, and before long everyone is. "Congradulations, Amy, you've officially knocked out your first man! How does it feel?"

"Actually, it feels freaking great! And yet my hand hurts like hell.."

We all share a laugh and Connor rolls his eyes. Jeremy pats me on the back. "Good job, babe. I officially love you now!" I smile at him.

"What, you didn't love me before? Oh, and I believe the correct word is 'luff', Jeremy. Get it right Nigguh!" He laughs and plants a kiss on my lips, then runs inside.

"Ooh, Amy got kissed by Jeremy!" Taylor yells, and everyone starts cheering and whatnot. Well, everyone except for Gerard, who was now drooling out of the corner of his mouth.

"Shut up, freaking cockblockers," I joke as a blush creeps up to my face. I turn away and look down at Gerard. "Tsk tsk, honey. Word of advice, everyone?" They all look at me. "Never ever EVER yell at a woman. Or at least me. You might just end up like Gerard down there."

"I don't suppose we can play now, thanks to Gerard's big mouth," Mikey says with a grin, obviously relieved. Who could blame him?

Jeremy returns five minutes later with a camera and proceeds to take pictures of a now very wet Gerard (my sprinklers went off). During that five minutes, we had managed to put away all of the equipment. Talk about team work! When everything was locked up and we were all headed inside, I turned to look at Gerard, who was still sprawled out on my lawn.

"Hey Bob, what should we do?"

"About Gerard? Eh, leave him, kiddo. He had it coming. Besides, he's slept outside before. I don't see why he can't now." I shrug and walk inside, mentally preparing myself for Gerard's bitterness tomorrow.

The songs I used in here were "Darling" by Eyes Set To Kill(look em up!) and "Dressed For Friend Requests" by Drop Dead, Gorgeous(look em up too!). The last one they played is mine. NO STEALING! I worked hard on that song.. about two hours (when I originally wrote it) and I plan to publish it with my band.. eventually.. XD
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