Review for Auditions!!!


(#) ohhai 2009-07-09

Name: Brooke
Age: 15 (feel free to change)
Eye color: Blue
Hair length and color: orange and cropped at my shoulders. It is also naturally straight, but there is a stubborn piece mocking my flat iron in the back that enjoys flipping up.
Personality:Wild, random, daring, fun-loving, thrill-seeking. Sometimes to the point of it being completely obnoxious. I can be an asshole sometimes and offensive. I don't really think before I talk. I lie a lot. I'm really good at it. Only a couple close friends can/will call me out on my shit. I will admit drama is intriguing and fun. I prefer curious to nosy. I'm not vegan, but I find most meat disgusting.

Something you totally couldn't live without: ick this is hard. I really don't consider myself all that materialistic. My copy Common Sense by Thomas Paine I guess, it's my favorite.
Preferred pairing: (please put a few.) Wentz, Trohman, Mike Carden, Andrew McMahon, Nate Novarro, Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat (idk what bands are all included so I just threw some out there)
Clothing? I don't know what to call it. What you like to wear. "): I wear the norm I guess. Skinnies, hoodies, v necks, tanks, shorts. Except in summer I prefer dresses because to me, summer = no pants. So yeah, simple stuff. I've always got a rubber band on my wrist though, cause ya never know. And I usually wear a couple rings, out of habit.
Any other important information that you think is neccessary: No peicings or tatoos, I absolutely terrified of needles.

sorry if the spelling is horrible, there's no spell check on this comp.
anyway that's all :D