Review for How long have you been around? (AUDITIONS!)

How long have you been around? (AUDITIONS!)

(#) ohsotay23 2009-07-16

hey there!
My name is Taylor and i would absolutely love a story written about me. that would make my like, life. legit.

Physical Description: I'm 5' 4", average build, but large breasts that my friends tease me about all the fricking time. bleh. green/blue eyes. 'two toned' hair natural medium brown hair on top and bleach blond underneath. i have a monroe piercing and a few ear ones. plan on getting a tattoo before the summer ends of a swallow and a french proverb on my hip. tennis player, so in shape, but still not the skinniest girl. i look a lot shorter than i am. thicker lips. small hands. i like to be tan.

Personality: Very blunt and opinionated. i get aggravated easily and have total anger management problems. i'm ocd about little things and like to be prompt and on time for everything. i'm a complete control freak. i'm very nice and polite to everyone but not the most personable; once you're my friend though i would do anything for you. loyal. trustworthy. determined and focused. i write songs and poems, that i have been told are not bad. music keeps me going. top 5 bands: fob, cobra, cute is what we aim for, the maine, all time low. i'm from new jersey. too much attitude. understanding, and i'm not stupid but not the brightest. very street smart though. skeptical. have major trust issues and i don't like a lot of people getting close.

What do you want the story about?
i'm really not partial to any plot. but i do have to admit that i like when the guy has to chase that girl who's playing hard to get. i also tend to adore those stories where both characters start of hating each other then it turns to love, or even one hates one while the other is in love with the person. i love cliches. do whatever you artistically feel like! express yourselfff! :D hahaha.
it would be nice to be paired with gabe saporta, pete wentz, shaant hacikyan, or maybe alex gaskarth, but ultimately i'm open to anything.
if you have any more questions, feel free to ask away!(:

Author's response

Unfortunately, you haven't been around long enough for this audition :( This is for people who have been around since at least '06.

BUT! I will keep your description and it might pop up in one of my fics. (although I can't really make promises right now. I don't have very many fics on here. Embarassing actually since I have been here for 3 years and I am just now starting on my 4th. LAME!)

Thank you so much for the enthusiasm!