Review for Welcome... To The Dive! [Previously Welcome... To The House!]

Welcome... To The Dive! [Previously Welcome... To The House!]

(#) xx__ilovemikey__xx 2009-07-18

i am truly gutted that my loooong review didnt show up!

but im gonna make up for it now so...

omg omg omg! i loved it!
i wanna marry it and have its babies and live happily ever after wwith this story cause i am in love with it!

goood moood todayy yah see so this is the result of my good mood, a crazy review.

but i do love it and i cant wait for the next one and i am going to go on and on and on on msn till its up. :D

you love me for it really though

i love this more than i love....damn i cant think of anything funny

xoxo Stazzia

~your biggest fan~

Author's response

You cant have kids with it! how many Big Brothers do we need? looks scared

I do love you for it, even if i do feel like murdering you... what? i didnt say anything!

thank you very much honey!

xox E

~YOUR biggest fan~