Review for So Shut Your Eyes

So Shut Your Eyes

(#) x_Charlie_x 2009-07-30

Stupid stupid man... I felt quite bad for him that everyone's just assuming that he will hurt her and that's just the way it is rather than giving him a chance... but then he took off to screw someone (I'm guessing Jessica) despite the promise he made to Willow and therefore hurting her in the future.
So they're right and he just needs to stop and think about other people for a second! I dunno why this chapter made me feel so angry lol but it did.
I feel really badly for Willow, I agree with all the above, this was definately a sad chapter.
I'm intreged to find out more about the blackmailing aspect you just threw in there, and I still wanna know what Elena said!!!
Can't wait for the next hit =D

Author's response

Oh angry is a good emotion. Yep, he's running from his true feelings and trying to hide. His friends have seen how he's acted before so they are worried. As for what Elena know I can't say..LOL