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Just when things are looking up....

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The sound of a ringing phone pulled Willow out of the dream. She opened her eyes and realized she was in Gerard’s bed but she had no recollection of how she’d gotten there.
Willow turned her head on the pillow and saw Gerard talking on his cell phone. He was frowning as he listened to the caller.
“Shit, I had plans but I get that it’s important. Yeah, I’m in. What time are we meeting up?”
Willow wondered if she should leave to give him some privacy for his call but before she had a chance to move he shut the phone and sat it back down on the nightstand.
“Uh, I guess I feel asleep during the movie.” Willow said. “Sorry.”
Gerard grinned, “Yeah, you did with about only ten minutes to go.”
“So how did I get here?”
He laughed, “I carried you to bed.” He didn’t explain why he hadn’t carried her to the guest bedroom and she didn’t ask.
“So would you like me to make you some breakfast before you go?” Willow asked. From his part of the phone conversation she understood there was going to be a change in the plans for today.
Gerard frowned, “Sorry about our plans going down the drain. I really wanted to take you to Times Square and show you around.” He said. “But that was Brian and there is a local charity that is putting on a show for a little boy with cancer. The main group had to bow out and they asked us if we could fill in. It’s short notice but we all feel we should do it, you know?’
“Of course you should.” Willow agreed. “So the show is tonight?”
“Yeah, in Jersey. It’s a small place and they aren’t gonna put out the word we’re gonna perform until a few hours before show time because of the limited space.”
Willow nodded, “So how about breakfast. Do you have time?”
Her body was lying next to his and breakfast wasn’t really on his mind. He reached over and touched her cheek. “I’m not really hungry.” He whispered.
Willow’s body responded to the simple touch. “Me either.”
The sound of the doorbell caused Gerard to curse. “Who the hell is that?”
Willow sat up and scanned the room for her jeans. Evidently he’d undressed her last night leaving on her tee-shirt and panties. She scrambled from the bed when the bell rang again.
Gerard got out of bed and started to pull on his jeans. He hoped Willow didn’t see he was struggling because of his erection. “Shit.’ He said as he stuffed himself into the pants. Whoever was at the door it had better be important.
“Want me to answer it?” Willow asked.
“Yeah, please.” Gerard said as he finally got the jeans buttoned. “I’ll be out in a minute.”

Willow left the bedroom and started down the hall when she looked up and gasped. Bob was standing just inside the door obviously having let himself in. “Oh, you scared me.’ Willow said with a smile.
“Gerard gave me a key.” Bob explained while frowning. He’d seen Willow come out of Gerard’s bedroom and it was obvious she’d just gotten up. “So where is he?”
Willow tried to block his thoughts but they were angry. “He’ll be out in a sec. I’m gonna start some coffee.” She headed towards the kitchen feeling Bob’s eyes following her.
“Hey, Man. What’s up?” Gerard asked coming down the hall.
Bob glanced towards the kitchen and could see Willow spooning coffee into the machine. “You tell me what’s up?” Bob answered angrily.
Gerard tried to control his temper but it wasn’t easy. “You wanna talk we’ll talk later. Not now.”
Bob glared at him. “Just tell me one thing.” He lowered his voice to a growl. “I get that you’re fucking her but why?”
Gerard didn’t like his attitude or the question. “What the fuck business is it of yours what I do?”
Bob took a step closer to him. “She’s a nice woman, Gerard. No one wants to see her get hurt.”
“Yeah, and you’re all so fuckin’ sure that’s what I’d do, right?”
“You planning on seeing her after the Paramour?” Bob asked. “Or are you just using her while she’s convenient? Is she just another in the long parade of women you’ve been fucking?”
Gerard balled up his fists in anger. “What I do is my business. Not yours.”
Bob gave him a disgusted look. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. You’re a dick, Gerard.” He turned, crossed to the door and slammed it as he left.
“I guess he’s not staying for breakfast” Willow said standing a short distance away.
Gerard wondered how much she’s heard of the conversation. “I’m not even sure why the fuck he came by.”
Willow head heard the last part of the conversation. She knew everyone was thinking that Gerard was using her. “Uh, the coffee is almost done.”
Gerard nodded still lost in thought. Bob’s anger towards him was putting him in a bad mood. “I really don’t have time to eat now.” He said crossing the room and grabbing his jacket. It was a lie. He wasn’t meeting up with the guys for a few hours but he needed time to think. He needed some space away from Willow. She had gotten too close to him and he knew it had to stop.
“I gotta take off. Uh, I’ll talk to Alicia and I’m sure she’ll pick you up for the show.”
“Oh, you want me to go tonight?” Willow asked hopefully.
Gerard sighed, “Yeah, for sure. Everyone will be there.”
Willow nodded.
Gerard did feel like a dick for running out on her but he just had to. “So I’ll see you later.” He pulled open the door then turned. “Sorry.” He said before leaving.
As the door closed Willow wondered about his last word. Was he sorry because their plans for the day had been canceled of sorry because he was leaving now when he really didn’t need to? She sighed and went back to the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

Gerard walked down to his car, got in, but didn’t start the engine. Where the hell was he going to go? He wasn’t meeting up with the guys for a few hours. He should be using this time to work on his comic but he didn’t want to be near Willow. No, he told himself, that wasn’t really true. He wanted to be around her. He wanted to be around her a lot, too much actually. When they’d first gotten together touching her had been so exciting. The electricity that passed between them had blown him away. But things were changing. Last night when he’s held her in his arm while she’s painfully told him about her father, touching her was different. There was still a sensation that coursed through his body but it was more than just sexual excitement. He shook his head in disgust. This was just what he’d been afraid of all along. He wasn’t going to allow himself to feel the emotions that were starting to happen between them. He started the engine and backed out of the parking spot when his phone rang. Looking at the screen he saw it was his ex-wife’s lawyer.
“Fuck.” Gerard said loudly, the sound echoing in the car. He answered knowing if he didn’t things would just get worse. He pulled the car back in the spot and answered.

“I’ll get it.” Mikey said walking towards the front door with the dogs following on his heels. He pulled open the door and smiled, “Hey, man. I didn’t know you we’re coming by?”
“This a bad time?” Bob asked reaching down to give some love to the dogs clamoring for attention.
“Fuck, no.” Mikey said moving back so Bob could enter. “What’s up?”
Bob stood up straight and walked in. After Mikey closed the door they moved into the living room where Alicia was sitting watching TV.
“Hey, Bob.” She greeted him as he sat down in one of the easy chairs.
Bob nodded. “Hey.”
Mikey sat down next to his wife. “So what’s up?” He asked again wondering why Bob looked so solemn.
Bob wasn’t sure how to handle the situation. He cleared his throat but didn’t speak.
“You guys want to talk in private?” Alicia asked flipping off the TV with the nearby remote. “I can go finish my packing.”
“If you don’t mind.” Bob said grateful because he really did want to speak privately with Mikey.
She smiled, gave Mikey a quick kiss, and then headed upstairs. Bob waited until she was out of sight to begin.
“I stopped by Gerard’s this morning.”
Mikey nodded but remained silent.
Bob took a deep breath. This wasn’t going to be easy. He knew how close the brother’s were and he knew more than likely that Mikey would stand up for Gerard even if he was wrong. “Uh, I rang the bell then let myself in. Willow was just coming out of Gee’s bedroom.”
“Oh.” Mikey said slowly.
Bob just decided to say what was on his mind. “Look, I know he’s your brother but fuck, what is he doing? We’ve all seen what he’s been doing since the divorce. He goes through women like water, using them then moving on.”
“And you think he’s gonna hurt Willow.” Mikey said softly.
“Yeah, I do. Shit, you’ve heard her talk about her life. She’s fragile. The last thing she needs is some dick to use her.” He shut his mouth quickly fearing he’d gone to far.
Mikey sighed. “This is my fault really. Maybe I should never have wanted her to come with us.”
Bob shook his head, “Hey, man. We all understand how you need her to help you. I get that. But what I don’t get is why Gerard thinks what he’s doing is okay.”
“Maybe he really likes her.” Mikey said.
Bob snorted. “Dude, if I thought that was true I wouldn’t be upset but shit, since we’ve been back he’s been out with Jessica.”
Mikey wondered briefly how Bob knew that but dismissed the thought as he tried to make an excuse for his brother. “Well he had that date made before he ever met Willow.”
Bob looked away. “Maybe I should just stay the fuck out of this but it’s hard.”
“Do you have feelings for her?” Mikey watched his friend’s face closely waiting for the answer.
Bob met his eyes, “Not like that. Hell, it’s more like caring for a sister, you know? I just don’t want her to be hurt and I can’t see that not happening. I understand how hurt Gerard was because of the divorce. It was brutal for him but he’s taking out his pain on others and that ain’t right.”
“I agree.” Mikey said sadly. “Gee is still so full of hurt and anger. I’ll talk to him tonight. See where his head is about Willow.”
Bob nodded, “Good. That’s good.”

Gerard shut his phone and tossed it on the seat beside him. He was so angry he was literally seeing red. Would she ever stop wanting more? He cursed as he went over in his mind his ex-wife’s latest demands. God, he’d been so stupid. How could he have ever believed she’d really loved him? If only he hadn’t been so stupid but he had and nothing was going to change that. She had him over a barrel because of the photos, photo’s that were taken while he’d been high on love and drugs.
“Fuck love.” Gerard ground out as he put the car into gear. He backed out and started to head towards the place he knew he’s find a willing partner to help him relieve some of his anger and stress. Yeah, there would be no love involved.

Willow took a seat in the kitchen and drank her coffee slowly. The warm sun streaming through the windows felt good on her skin. She sighed as she looked around the kitchen. Somehow it just made her feel sad. It was a beautiful room with all the latest gadgets but it was obvious there were no personal touches. Nothing in the apartment really looked as though Gerard had made it his home. Only his art work strewn out in the den made the place recognizable as his own. She knew he had moved back here after the divorce and for a moment she let her mind wonder about how his married home had looked. Had it been filled with mementos? She finished up the coffee in her cup then poured another. This time however she didn’t take a seat at the kitchen table she walked slowly around the apartment. The feeling of sadness grew. Gerard was living his life without any ties, without any deep emotion. He was afraid.
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