Review for So Shut Your Eyes

So Shut Your Eyes

(#) x_Charlie_x 2009-08-02

As an outsider it makes me feel slightly better that Gerard hates himself over what he did and that it obviously means nothing to him or Jessica... but that would mean fuck all to Willow so I still hate them both lol
The insecurities that Willow and Gerard have are both hard to read about as they run so deep and result in such self hatred, I feel really really bad for Willow right now tho.
I have a feeling Willow will still help Mikey regardless of Gerard because she is at the end of the day a nice person and I don't think she'd be able to just walk out on him... but I also have a feeling things won't be the same for her and Gerard for while now and even then it depends on him getting his head out of his arse =/
Haha yeah, the Gerard character is making me quite angry at the moment lol
Can't wait for more though!