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Caught Up In This Web

(#) shehadtheworld12 2009-08-02

blahaha, that was so funny (: The penis is coming for you xD

The heat DOES kill you, I can't even go outside anymore, cause it's flipping scorching. That's right your in Arizona, I'm in California, but I'm closer to Nevada I suppose, but it doesn't make a difference cuz it's still HOT! And the spiders are just neighbor got bit 5 times on the hip from those black widows....damn.

I'm rambling now.. xD

Author's response

I'm actually in Oregon now :) I forgot to mention that due to my anger I'm living with my dad for a year XD I'm really excited though, cos we don't start school till September, I think, whereas I'd be starting next Monday if I were still with my mom.

The penis thing? It really did happen. Taylor, me, and a friend were all at my apartment one night, and since a few of our other friends(Nathan, Phil, and Clayton) were gonna go smoke and play "games" Taylor went with them b/c they'd promised my mom they wouldn't let me do any of it. So she comes back an hour later and she's totally tipsy and high, right, and she's laying on the couch. I was pretty pissy b/c I didn't get to do any, so I was like "There's a giant penis behind you" and she flew off the couch, stared at it for a minute, and replied "Amy you ass monkey, there's no penis here!" and yeah. :) Good times!

I know this is a REALLY long response, but whatever. It's MY storehhh XD But anyway, I always put something that really happened in the chapters I write. Like the towel snapping, the hand stabbing(on her part) the sushi, and a few others.