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Oh my jizz, I can't believe I did this...

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Ok, I realized yesterday that I never really mentioned what the bands looks like. Yeah, I know, it took me like a month JUST to figure that out :) BUT! I'm gonna tell you right now:

Taylor is about 5'7", long blond hair with dark brown underneath (it goes down to her mid-back) and she's got the prettiest blue eyes you've ever seen. Well..maybe not the prettiest..but whatever. They're just a little darker than sky blue.

Connor is about 5'9" and has semi-curly black brown hair that goes just past his ears( when he straightens it) ; brown eyes. He had braces all throughout middle school and freshman year, so his pearly whites are amazing :)

Maggie is 5'8", long brown hair that goes a little pass her shoulders. She has a kind of pointed nose, but it's real cute.

Jeremy is 6'2" or 6'3", and he's got that "scene" hair LoL He's not just some super skinny boy, either. He's pretty built..obviously not all macho and whatnot, but he's got some muscle on that sexy body of his XD

Amy has(I think) the coolest hair our of them all. I can't really describe it haha but I think you'll agree that it's bomb :) She has hazel eyes that change color with her moods: brown = she's pissy, bluegreen = she's been crying, green = she's really happy. And I realize the girl in the picture has drawn on brows.. yeah, Amy has real ones XD

So I think that's all.. And the picture I originally used for Taylor was her actual picture LoL we were goofin' around with the camera one day. But she wanted me to use a different one, so I changed it :) I couldn't find an actual picture of Maggie because me being me, I accidentally deleted my own cousin from my myspace hold for applause but I'll get one soon enough. For now, you must deal with the cool emo least I'm pretty sure she's a beauty...ANYWAY! So there you have it, what TIC looks like :) And the My Chem guys are in the Revenge era so....

Anyhoo, on with the show!

Saturday, October 21

Everybody knows we're dating. And by everyone I mean just the people on this bus. Yeah, I shouldn't be mad, but I kinda am. I mean I wanted to be the one who told the guys, not Taylor and Gerard. Yeah, that kinda surprised me too. Who knew Gerard would go and tell people? Well.. then again.. I've heard he isn't very good with keeping secrets. Oh well. On the plus side he did my dirty work for me, so to speak :) The down side? Lot's of whistles and hoots whenever Jeremy sits real close to me. It's so annoying! But it should stop soon, I mean it can't go on for forever, can it? Oh God.. it can! Nu!

-Minor freak out moment-

Right. I'm done now.
You know how Frank is like, super afraid of spiders? Well, haha, I can tell you two other people who aren't too good around them either: me and Taylor. Okay, so she's not exactly afraid of spiders, but she really doesn't like them. And she tends to freak out a little when she's near one. So anyway, me and Taylor and Jeremy were sitting outside on a park bench yesterday(for lunch) and I had just got done thinking about how Frank jumps at all the spiders and spider shapes that he sees, when all of a sudden Taylor starts flipping out and pointing at my face. I was like 'wtf?' and she was all "Dude you have a gigantic spider on your face!" and I totally freaked out and screamed bloody murder. I was shaking my head like a mad woman, and Taylor was laughing, and allllll the guys from the bus came running. Thinking that the spider had fallen off, I stopped shaking and when Bob came over he's all "What happened?" and Taylor was all "She's got a spider on her face, Nikaa!" and Bob reached over and pulled something off of me. Well, when I saw that he was holding what just might be the next biggest thing next to a turranchula, I fainted. And it hurt like a bitch :) But..well..I got carried back to the bus. So that was fun, even if I wasn't awake to feel it. Okay, I know that sound weird, but hey! I LUFF being carried XD

Anyway, so Frank flipped out when Bob threw it at him, but that was the end of it. Gerard squished it and we all lived happily ever after. Or so I thought at first, anyway. Now, every time I use the bathroom, I always see at least ONE spider watching me do my business. And it really bugs me! So now, after I kill them all, I usually end up screaming. In glee. At killing a spider. A poor. Innocent. Little. Spider. I'm pathetic ^_^
Oh snap, brb!

K. Sorry bout that, there was a spider staring at me x_x And yesh, I'm in the bathroom o_O What? I didn't have anywhere else private enough to write in my precious journal.

Dad called yesterday to say he misses me and all that jazz. Mom hasn't called yet, she's too busy. She has, however, txted me plenty of times. Man, it is SO annoying when parents learn how to use technology!! Like Taylor's mom txts her all the freaking time, and she gets pissy when Taylor doesn't txt back. Oh oh oh! Speaking of Taylorrrrrrr her madre ish pregnant! And this time, unlike all the other times, she really ISH prego :) Like all throughout high school her mom kept "getting pregnant" but seemed to lose the kid every time. Taylor wants a little sister. I told her little brothers are easier. She said she refuses to have a little brother, because it would require her changing his diaper some times, and she really doesn't wanna see a bunch of baby penis haha. She's so weird like that.

Alright, now that I got all the minor stuff down, GUESS WHO I MET THE OTHER DAY?!
Eliza. Eliza the big bitch. Man, she's so annoying! Okay, not annoying, but she's! I can't stand her. I dunno how Gerard manages it. Although I'm sure being away on tour for most of the year helps :)

So we were in Seattle, right, and me and the band(my band) were backstage, watching My Chem perform, and from down the hall I hear a really loud voice asking for Gerard(we weren't backstange, backstage, we were in that little room and it's got a t.v. and stuff..we were like on live t.v. or whatever) and she just doesn't seem to get that he's not there(because he's on stange). So the loud voice stuff goes on for quite a while, and then suddenly the door swings open and this blond chick(short hair) walks in, holding a bottle of something(beer, maybe?) and plops down next to me.

"Excuse me," says I, all fake Brittish-like.
"What?" says she, taking a swig outta her bottle.
"May I have a drink?" She hands it to me and I take a whiff at it, then frown. "You really shouldn't be drinking this shit. It's bad for the baby." When I say that she gets this weird look on her face and says, "I'm not effing pregnant, who the hell are you?" and Taylor giggles. Yeah, I told her all about Gerard and the possibility that she was pregnant. Anyway, so I'm gettting all mad, right, because it's just not cool to say you're pregnant when you're not. It messes men up. So I say, "That's not what I heard," and she glares at me and spits out, "I got rid of it." My brows raise, Taylor's staring wide-eyed, and the rest of the guys(and Maggie) are glaring. "Are you seroius?" Taylor's asks and this Eliza girl nods, then drinks the rest of her bottle.

By now, right, My Chem is done playing and making their way to the little room. We've already played(we open for them, duh) and so we've got nothing else better to do but sit and chillax on the couches. And they're realllllly comfy XD

Anyway, so Mikey walks in first, followed shortly by Frank, and when they see Eliza they stop short (haha, get it? Short? Frank? Meh..) and ask her what the f!ck she's doing here, and she gets all drunk and bitchy on them. So they're yelling eventually, and Taylor video taping it, and then Gerard and Bob walk in and Gerard does this weird swoop and rescue thing and walks out of the room with Eliza in his arms. I haven't gotten a chance to talk to Mikes about it yet, but I might later.

Anyhoo, my ass is numb.. probably from sitting too long.. so I'm just gonna write tomorrow (maybe) and go talk to Frank. Or Mikey. XD


After walking over to my bunk to throw my stuff in it, I head back to the kitchen area and pour myself some delicious, hot, coffee. Taylor's sprawled out on the couch, dozing, Mikey's playing Sonic on the Game Cube, Bob's in his bunk reading, Ray's now in the bathroom, groaning, and Gerard's in the back(I presume) drawing. Jeremy's watching Mikey play, waiting his turn, Connor's listening to music(Ipod) and Maggie's sitting on Frank's lap, having a very weird discussion. Something about peanuts and oranges, I think. I walk over and plop down in Jeremy's lap.

"Hey guys."

"Amy, you're blocking my view," Jeremy whines, and I move over slightly. "Thanks babe." He kisses my shoulder and wraps his arms around me. I have to admit, I feel a little uncomfortable still. Not being with Jeremy, just him calling me babe. It makes me think of the pig from the movies. Sure, I know he doesn't even know the movie, but I do. And it bugs me, just a little. Plus..I dunno. I feel like Frank and Maggie now, because they're always cuddling(and I've seen them kiss maybe once).

"Why do you guys always play video games?" I ask, and then I remember something that I haven't played since high school. I groan. "Fuck, I lost the game!" I shout it out and almost immediately EVERYONE on the bus yells in frustration. Including Ray from inside the bathroom, but who knows, he could have been having a bad case of the runs(ewwuh!). Taylor sits up and looks around the room.

"What? Game? Who?" I laugh and she rubs her eyes, then looks at me again. "Dude, I won the mother fuckin' game." I snort and she throws a pillow at me, which misses and hits Mikey. He dies.

"Aw man! I lost!" He picks up the pillow and tosses it back over the Taylor. She pouts and lays back down on it.

"Dude, you know what I miss?" she asks, still looking at me. I shake my head. "I miss playing those games with Nathan and Phil and Clayton!"

"Oh my God, me too!" We sigh in unision. "I wonder what happened to those guys.." I look at Taylor and she shrugs.

See, me and Taylor used to hang with the "cool" kids. The stoners. And in order to smoke without getting caught by the madre(who let me smoke anyway) we'd use code names for it. If I really wanted to smoke, I'd ask her if I could go over to Nate's and play the X-Box. She usually said yes, and then on our way there Nate would ask Clayton if he had the controllers(the pipe). Clayton was actually the only one who had a piece, since Nathan kept moving around and stuff. He used to have this really cool six shooter pipe thing. It was like a gun, right, and you could literally smoke six different bowls at once. Man it was cool. Me and Taylor got so flippin' high from that..we went over to Nate's at midnight once, and came back home at one, and we thought a speed bump was a river and jumped over it. Good times, dude. Good times...

"Ha, Nate's probably in jail by now. Remember he got busted just before we moved?" How could I not remember?

"Yeah, and those cops like, stole his bong and stuff? Freaking police, I swear." Taylor shakes her head and pulls out her phone, then answers a text message. She's got this weird expression on her face, almost as if the text was totally unexpected.

"Dude, this is creepy!" She shakes her head and tosses me the phone. I go to her inbox and what do I see? A text message from Clayton. Turns out the death metal band he was in made it big, and they're in Idaho. They wanna hang out and play some games! I shake my head in disbelief and toss her phone back to her.

"Yeah, that is pretty weird. It's like he knew we were talking about him."

"Why do you guys wanna smoke so bad?" Jeremy asks, pulling me backwards so that I'm laying on him. He kisses my neck softly and hugs me tighter. I giggle and turn to face him.

"Well, I don't really wanna smoke that bad. I just wanna catch up on things, ya know? I haven't seen him since like my junior year. I miss the ol' horn dog." Taylor laughs and Mikey looks at us funny. Or maybe he just looked at Taylor? Eh.

"We used to smoke, especially Gerard and Frank over there," Mikey says, not taking his eyes off the t.v. screen. I look over at Frank and he nods, then turns back to Maggie. Maggie doesn't like smokers, but apparently she's gotten used to Frank's smoke infested mouth? I dunno. But I do have to admit, they're pretty cute together.

"No way, I totally didn't know that!" I say sarcastically. Mikey gives me the finger and Jeremy laughs as I pout. "Hey, that's not nice!" Mikey just chuckles and doesn't say a word. I frown. "Well fine then, be that way."

"I will." I roll my eyes and look to Taylor, who's still texting.

"Clayton say where they are?"

"They're in.. Boise City. Apparently they don't have to travel anywhere yet."

"Hey Filip, are we anywhere near Boise City, Idaho?" I call up front. Filip shouts something back, but I can't hear it over the t.v. blare. I look at Taylor and she rolls her eyes, then walks up front to get what he was saying. She comes back a minute later and smiles.

"We're making a side stop at Clayton's!" I jump up and hug her, and then we do our special 'Amy and Taylor' dance.

"Yay! Man, I can't wait to see him! But uh, how long till we get there?"

"Hm.. according to Sir Filip, we should be there by about six o'clock tonight. It's only three right now." I nod. So we've got a good while before having some fun.

"Did he menion any uh, games?"

"No, but I just texted him about it- oh, yeah. He says there's plenty. Apparently his record company provides it, cos he's got the whole ADHD thing goin' on." We laugh and then sit down on the couch.

"Ahh, I can't wait!"

"Me either! Oh my God, I wonder if he'll have the-"

"Okay, you guys. Seriously? Stop talking about pot. It gets annoying!" Bob yells from the bunks. I stifle a laugh and Taylor does the same.

"Did Bob just say something about pot?" Gerard asks, taking a seat next to me and Taylor. We both nod happily.

"Yup yup yup! We're making a side stop to see an old friend," Taylor says, texting again. I peek over at her screen and see the words 'miss you', 'baby', and 'so horny', and decide it must be fron Jennifer. "Filip says it's okay." Gerard nods.

"So, we're making a stop.. and you two are gonna get stoned?"

"Don't forget wasted," Taylor mumbles, not looking up. I peek over and see that now she's texting Clayton.

"Oh uh, okay then. You guys mind if I join you?" I start to say something but Mikey interrupts.

"Gerard! You just got done being addicted to all that shit, and now you're just gonna start up again?" He's turned off the game, and he's glaring at all three of us. Gerard shakes his head.

"Mikes, calm down. First off, I'm only clean from the pills. I never smoked any pot. And besides, the worst it can do is make me really-"

"Stupid, tired, calm? Irrational?" I can tell right away that Mikey didn't like smoking. Or maybe he didn't just smoke?

"Mikey, why are you freaking out about it? It's not like I'm gonna get too stoned to walk or anything, like you used to d-"

"Fine! Go get high and fuck up your life, see if I care!" He throws down the remote and storms off to the bunks. I give Gerard a small smile and rub his back. He smiles back and stands up, stretches slightly, and heads over to where Mikey is. I sigh and look down.

"Maybe we shouldn't stop..." Taylor snorts and shakes her head.

"No fucking way, Amy. I wanna see Clayton and have some fun!"

"But Taylor, Mikey doesn't like it, and-"

"Mikey just doesn't want Gerard doing it. He never said we couldn't." I nod, understanding her point. But if Mikey didn't want Gerard doing it, would it really do any good to be so close to the need? I didn't think so.

"I know that, Tay, but should we really do it? I mean, I remember the very last time I did it. I got really depressed coming off the high. That's why I quit, because I almost ended everything," I say softly. She bites her lip and looks down, then punches a pillow.

"Fine! You guys stay on the mother fucking bus, and I'll go have some fun. Now shut up and go away, I wanna sleep." I shrug and stand up, and Taylor stretches out the rest of the way. I start to head towards the bunks but Jeremy pulls me down so that I'm sitting on him again. I giggle.

"Jeremyyyy," I whine playfully, pouting.

"Awwuh, did I hurt you? I know I'm sexy and strong, and I've got buns of steel, but.." I fall into a fit of giggles, and Jeremy joins me, along with everyone else who was listening. When I finally stop, I wipe away the tears.

"Darn it! I smeared my pretty make up." I pout again and Jeremy kisses my nose.

"I think it looks just fine," he says, and I believe him. If Jeremy thought something was messed up, he said it. I mean, there have been a number of times when I smeared my make up and he said I looked like shit. But..well he didn't this time, so why argue? Exactly.

"Okay, if you say so. Now, back to the whole 'buns of steel' thing.. You're joking right?" He shakes his head.

"Not really, no. I mean, you have to have a firm ass if you're gonna sit behind a drum set all the time. Unlike you." I blush and look down, and he pulls my back up slightly, so that I'm looking into his eyes again. I bite my lip.

"What do you think I should do, Jer?" I as softly. He lets my chin go and I sigh, then curl up against him. He strokes my hair and I close my eyes.

"About the smoking?" I nod. "Well, I dunno. I mean, I know how you get when you smoke, Amy. You're all calm and mellow, and you fall asleep pretty easy. But Taylor? Man, she eats and eats and eats, and then sleeps for the longest time."

"Yeah, I know. But at least she doesn't get as hyper as you do." He chuckles and kisses the top of my head.

"True, very true. And that's exactly why I stopped last year." I smile. He quit smoking because of this incident that happened one night, and he's never really forgotten about it. Sure, he's forgiven himself for what he did to the poor girl, but I really don't think he'll ever let himelf forget it. It took me and Taylor a long time to get him to even come outside again, and when he finally did he got right back to where he was before; hitting on girls, grabbing numbers, never calling them back. I don't know why he never called them back, although now that I really think about it.. it may have been because he liked me? I dunno.

"And I'm glad you did," I say softly. I hear him swallow and giggle. "That's hot." He giggles and looks down at me funny, and I shrug.

"Well then.. if you excuse me, I need some sleep." I stand up and pull him with me. Hey, I may not look like it at times, but I'm almost as strong as Jeremy. Okay, maybe not, but I can at least pick up Mikey if need be.

"You want some company?" I bite my lip and he smiles, then leans down and pecks my lips softly.

"I'd luff some company." I giggle and follow him back to his bunk, then climb in and bury myself underneath his covers. I stay like that for a little while before throwing them off of us.

"Arg, it's too hot! I thought Idaho was supposed to be cold?" Jeremy laughs and shakes his head.

"No, it's actually kind of the opposite in this time of year."

"Really, and how did you know that?"

"I watch the weather channel." We laugh and I curl up beside him. He wraps his arms around me and sighs. His breathing slows down and gets a little deeper, and I know he's sleeping. Without waking him up, I manuever myself so that I'm leaning on my elbow, watching him sleep. It's totally not creepy, since I am his girlfriend. Wow.. Yeah, I'm still finding it hard to believe that I'm with Jeremy. Don't get me wrong, it's a good thing..I think.. I'm just taking it real slow. Jeremy doesn't seem to mind, although some times I get the feeling that he really just wants to shove his tongue down my throat. Ha ha totally kidding?

I watch him for a little longer, then lay back down with my head on his chest and my arm draped over his stomach. Mm, he smells good...


"Amy... Ammyyy... Amy!" My eyes shoot open and I sit up, smacking my head on the bottom of the top bunk. I groan and lay back down, clutching my forehead.

"Ow! Why'd you have to scream at me?" I ask. She doesn't say anything, just tugs on my arm. I roll my eyes and climb out of the bunk. Jeremy's still sleeping. I'm really not surprised that I didn't wake him.. He sleeps like the undead, that one. I slip oh my converse and walk up to the front with Taylor.

"Alright, here's the deal: Gerard really wants to come with us, so we're gonna sneak him off the bus. Mikey went to sleep a while ago, right, and Gerard's in the back. Why he stays back there all the time I don't know. But he does."

"O..kay..? So we're just gonna walk back, tell him to be quiet, and we all walk off the bus together?" That seemed too easy to me.

"No, silly, we're gonna help him climb out the window!" My eyes widen and I stare at her like she's crazy. And I think she really is, come to think of it.

"Oh, well then um.. Are you sure that's safe?" She nods, and I nod back. "Okay then. How do we help him?"

"Alright, here's what's gonna happen: I'm gonna talk to the guys up front and distract them while you help Gerard."

"That sounds good, but how do I help him?"

"That's where your height comes in..." I raise a brow.

"You want me.. to help him? By having him do what, jump in my arms?" I was only kidding, but when she gives me a really cheesy grin, I get serious. "No, there is no way I'm risking my health. Think of something else."

"But Amy, I can't lift him!"

"And you think I can? Dude, we both know I can really only hold up to 145 pounds. I dunno about you, but I'm pretty sure Gerard might just weigh a bit more that that. So tell me plan B."

"Well.. there isn't one."

"Then I can't help you, sorr- Hey, are we any where near Clayton?" She sees where I'm going with that and she smiles.

"No wonder you're the smart one.. Yeah, lemme call him." She takes out her phone and dials his number, then waits for him to pick up. I wait until I hear his voice on the other end before walking to the back of the bus. Gerard's sitting by the window, totally spacing off. I smile and sit down next to him.

"Hey," I say, and he sort of jumps like I startled him. He smiles.

"Hey, Amy. You scared me, dude." He chuckles and runs few fingers through his hair. I shake my head and pull out a comb.

"Lemme fix it." He smiles and turns so that I can comb through his hair easier. It's not too bad, just a couple tangles. But all the same, he flinches a lot.

"Ow, what the hell are you doing to me?" I laugh and finish combing.

"I'm sorry, Gee. Maybe if you combed your hair more often, it wouldn't hurt so bad when I do it." He shrugs and I put my comb away. "So uh, you still wanna come with us tonight?" He shrugs again and turns back to me.

"I dunno. I mean, I kinda do but at the same time I don't wanna chance Mikey not talking to me, y'know?" I nod.

"Yeah, my brother went through that stage with me too. But after I got him smokin' the first time, he left me alone. Then it was the other way around. But I know what you mean, and I really don't think he'd do that. Sure, he might be mad and irritated at you, but he'll get over it. And besides, you don't have to smoke. You can just come hang out with us, get to know some of our old friends or something." He nods and seems to think about it, then smiles.

"Alright, I'll come. But how am I gonna-"

"Okay, Clayton says that his friend Jimmy is gonna come and help you out, Gerard. Amy? You should go wait outside." I nod and smile at Gerard, then walk up front, pausing to drink some water.

"So, you headin' out?" Ray asks, putting the movie on pause. They're watching May, this really creepy movie about a woman(named May) and a glass doll that breaks and then she goes slightly crazy and uses human body parts to make her own doll. She's a freak, according to Taylor. I've never really watched the movie myself, but I heard that Jennifer forced her to watch it a couple years ago. Looks to me like Connor is reading so that he doesn't freak. Maggie's got her face pressed against Frank's chest. Yeah, she was never one for horror films. At least, not super freaky horror films.

"Uh yeah, I guess. Sure none of you wanna come?" I offer. They all shake their head and play the movie again. I shrug and walk off the bus, shut the door, and lean against the bus.

"Amy!" a voice hisses. I turn my head to the right and see Gerard's arm sticking out of the back window. I smile and shake my head, then walk over.

"Hey you," I tease, standing on my toes. I can just barely see into the bus. And by barely I mean I can only see Taylor's face next to Gerard's. They smile and Taylor reaches out to pat my head.

"Dude, Jimmy should be here any minute. Do you have your phone?"

"Yup! Wouldn't dream of going anywhere without it these days. You guys all ready?"

"Yuppers, Nikaa! I got my phone, some cash, and this guy here." She nudges Gerard's shoulder and smirks. I smile and shake my head.

"Man Taylor, you are one mean betch," I joke. She pops her imaginary collar and gives the face that says 'I do what I want, Nigguh'. I laugh and they join. Five minutes later this really tall guy comes up to me and asks if I'm Amy. I tell him yes, and ask if he's Jimmy. He gives me a crooked grin and nods, and I smile. Without any further words Gerard climbs out the window and literally falls into Jimmy's arms, total girl style. I bite my lip to keep from laughing, and Taylor hops out after him, landing in a crouch on the ground like a freaking ninja. She stands up with an amused grin on her face.

"Huh. Never thought I'd actually do it." She pretends to dust off her shirt and pants, and I giggle.

"I thought you were gonna come out the front door?"

"Well.. I thought about it. But then I remembered how we used to pretend to jump off high buildings, and that one time you tried it off the roof of the apartments, and how you broke your arm, and I decided to try it." She gives us all a cheesy grin and then puts her phone back in her pants pocket. "Right, well let's get goin'. I wanna see Clayton!" We laugh and walk off toward where Jimmy came from. He leads us to this really nice car, and it reminds me of a rich man's car. Gerard stops short when he sees it, and I bump into him.

"Dude.. why'd you stop?"

"That's the new Tesla Sports Car, am I right?" he asks, his voice rising a notch. Me and Taylor exchange a look and shrug at the same time.

"Hell yeah, it is," Jimmy says, and I have a slight feeling I'm up for some interesting news. "I just got it yesterday."

"But those are supposed to be really really expensive, like $120 thousand dollars. How'd you get it?" Jimmy shrugs and opens the door for me and Taylor. She climbs in and I start to, but then realize that there isn't much room.

"Uh, Jimmy?"


"There isn't enough room..."

"Oh! My bad. Taylor and Gerard are gonna squeeze in there, and then you're gonna sit on both their laps. Sound good?" I swallowed, thinking about all the possible things that could go wrong and end in my death.

"Y-yeah, that sounds okay, I guess. Climb in, Gerard." Gerard climbs in and when I sit on his lap(and Taylor's) I reach down and pull the seat buckle around us, as best as I can. Damn expensive cars, they never have enough seats! Gerard must've sensed my worry because he wraps his arms around me, kind of like Jeremy does but not entirely the same, and pulls me close. I allow it, but only because I feel a little safer.

"Don't worry, Amy," he whispers soothingly in my ear. "Just close your eyes, that might help a little bit." I nod and close my eyes, and he lightly squeazes my arm reasuringly. I focus on my breathing and not on Jimmy's driving, and before I know it we're there. I open my eyes, unbuckle the belt, and climb out. Gerard climbs out after me and Taylor hops out, joy written all over her face.

"Dude, I can't wait to see Clayton!" She jumps up and down. I look around and see that we're in front of a house, and music is blasting from inside. I recognize the band as DI, playing Richard Hung Himself, and I smile. I haven't heard this song in forever.

"Yeah? I can't wait to get inside and see how many people are completely wasted, ha-ha." Gerard nods and smirks, and we all walk inside.

We're hit with a rush of hot air, and it smells like alcohol, sweat, pot, and puke. Yup, this was definitely Clayton's type of place. Yuck. I turn to ask Gerard if he really wants to be here, but he's already gone, doing God-knows-what, and Taylor's already drinking something out of a cup, dancing with a bunch of chicks. I look around, feeling really lost, and that's when I see Clayton, sitting on a couch, smoking a joint. I shake my head, smiling slightly, and make my way toward him. I step up in front of him and tap him on the shoulder. He turns to me and smiles, then jumps up.

"Amy!" he yells over the music, hugging me. I hug him back, but not with as much feeling. I can't get over the fact that he looks so different. He's skinnier than the last time I saw him. He looks as if he hasn't slept in weeks, and his teeth are just.. they're just not exactly there anymore. Like they are, but they're..they're almost dead or something. And his eyes.. His once beautiful light green eyes are sunken in, slightly, and they're all glazed over and glassy. I try to smile back when he smiles at me, but I can't. I feel like I'm going to cry.

"Hey! You look..different!" I yell, and he shakes his head.

"No no, you're the one that looks different!" I smile for real this time.

"Let's go outside, okay?" My voice is starting to hurt and my head is swarming with a thousand voices screaming along to the music. He nods and we walk out onto a back patio. He pulls out a pack of cigarettes and offers me one; when I decline he shrugs, takes one out for him, and puts the pack away.

"So you're visiting?" he asks, lighting up his smoke. I nod and take a sip of a bottled water that I got from inside. "You and Taylor, or?"

"We're on tour with My Chemical Romance," I say, and he gives me the 'so you're finally living your dream' look. I smile and nod.

"Yeah, we've been on for almost a week, actually. How've you been? I mean, you look pretty..different.." He hawks a loogey and spits off to the side. I feel the bile rise in my throat and spit off to the side too. It's funny, but I really only spit when I'm around Clayton. Wow, I haven't spit in a while!

"Heh, you act as if you don't know!" He smirks and pulls out a joint, then offers it to me. I think about it; I really wanted to take it, to get that high again..but I couldn't. I just couldn't do it after seeing the way he is. I shake my head and he shrugs, then puts it back away.

"Like I don't know what?"

"Like you don't know about the drugs!" I don't say anything. I already guessed that he'd gotten in to the meth, and that he was probably still into it. It was his face that gave it away; the eyes, the teeth, even the small of his breath. He didn't even have his muscles anymore, the one's he'd worked so hard on freshman year.

"No, Clayton, I know about them. I always know with you." He doesn't say anything, just takes out another smoke and lights it up. "Why'd you start?" I ask softly. He shrugs.

"I dunno. The guys were doin' it, and at the time my mom wasn't around to stop me. She started it up, too. And you know, it didn't really hurt that bad. It only hurts now cos of my teeth. If they weren't so shitty, I'd still be doin' it but.. yeah. Does it really bother you?"

"Yeah, it kinda does. I mean, I was looking forward to seeing the old you, the one I left behind two years ago. But when I got here, I mean.. You haven't changed, at all, except for the.. well, the meth."

"I know. And I'm sorry, sort of, but I mean I did what I did, and I love where I am right now." There was a moment of silence between us, and during that silence a woman came out. She's a few years older than I am (at least I think she was, she had that meth face,too) and the way she touched Clayton's arm when she whispered something in his ear made me wanna gag. It was clear they were sleeping together, but still. Ew.

"Hey, I better get going. It's getting late and we've gotta head out in the morning." Clayton pulls me in for a hug, and I hug him back, this time with feeling. I had no idea when I would see him again..alive. "It was nice seeing you, Clayton."

"Yeah, I gotta head out too. See ya, Amy." The woman grabs his hand and leads him back inside, and I follow shortly after. I find Taylor, who's only slightly drunk, and together we find Gerard, who's drinking something in a purple cup, and pull him outside.

"Oh my God, the sky is so beautiful!" Gerard slurs, and I giggle. Poor Gerard is drunk.

"Hey Taylor, where's Jim-never mind. I don't want a drunk driver. Uh, give me your phone." She starts to take her phone out of her pocket, but pauses.

"What's wrong with yours?"

"It died. Now hand it over, I gotta call someone." She sighs and hands me her phone, then proceeds to fall flat on her ass. I call the only person who actually has a car close by.

"Mm hello?" Connor's sleepy voice answers.

"Hey, it's Amy. Is there any way you can have your cousin pick us up?" He sighs and I hear him climb out of bed.

"Yeah, hang on. Lemme call him real quicky." His phone clicks and I'm on hold. So I wait..and wait..and wait. I sigh and sit down on the curb. Five mintues later, Connor clicks back over and says his cousin, Joey, will be here in about ten minutes. I thank him and hang up, then relay it to Gerard and Taylor.

Yayy, he's g'na come get uss," Taylor slurs, and I notice she's been drinking out of a purple cup too. Gerard lifts his cup up to the sky and shouts something I can't make out, then falls against me, his head resting on my shoulder. I close my eyes and groan. Not only did I help Gerard escape from the bus, I got him drunk off his ass. I am so. Unbelievably. Screwed.

A cab pulls up a while later, and Connor's cousin comes out and helps me get Gerard and Taylor into the back seat. Joey gives me permission to sit in the front, and I hop in. I space off the entire drive back to the bus, dreading Mikey's wrath.

Lucky for me, Mikey's still sleeping. Frank and Maggie are curled up in a chair together, Ray's drinking coffee and reading a comic, Bob's sleeping, Connor's sleeping, Jeremy's sleeping, everyone but Ray is sleeping. I look back and see Taylor stumbling toward the bus, and decide to ask for help.

"Hey Ray?" I call softly. He looks up, sees me, and comes over. "Could you help me with these two?" He takes a look outside, sees Taylor, and nods. He slips on his shoes and jumps down the stairs.

He walks over and picks up Gerard, then climbs up into the bus and puts Gerard in his bunk. I put Taylor down in her bunk and lean against mine. Man, I am never gonna live this down when Mikey founds out. Ray comes out and resumes his reading, and I turn around and climb into my bunk, fully clothed. After having everyone but Mikey and Gerard walk in on my chaging, I'd learned to just sleep in my clothes. I was just dozing off when Taylor woke me up.

"Amy, I fee like I'm dying," she moans, and I hear her move around in her bunk. I close my eyes and roll over.

"Go to bed before the penis gets you, Taylor."

"Penis?" She sounds wide awake now. I smile.

"Yesh, there's a giant hairy penis that's going to eat you alive and rape you unless you fall asleep. So fall as-" She shrieks and there's a big thump as, I assume, she flies out of her bunk and hits the floor. I giggle and hear a couple of the guys wake up, wondering what's going on, and then I cover my head with a pillow to drown them out.

Alright, so it may not be my bestest chapter, but I kinda enjoyed writing it. If you notice(d) any problems, please let me know :) Like spelling, grammar, something that didn't make sense.
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