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Ah, love is in the air!

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Thursday, October 19

Didn't have time to write yesterday. We arrived in Portand a little earlier than we thought we would, and we all took turns taking quick showers and whatnot. I took a cold shower, complete with manly shampoo and weird, chunky soap. Taylor took a coldie too :) Serves her right! Y'know why? Cos she gave me the old coffee from yesterday. That sh!t is nastyyy ha ha. Everyone else got warmish water. And, as promised, I got to shave Bob's back when he was done showering. How utterly disgusting is that? LoL just kidding, it really wasn't so bad. I had to help my dad shave his once, while mom was away with some sort of business thing, but that was the only time. And besides.. Bob smells way better when he's wet than my dad does ^_-

So the concert went great! The crowd luffed us, and we even got an encore. But we didn't have time to play, so we introduced My Chem and made our way back stage to watch Gerard scream and Frank almost kill Bob and his drums, and Ray did his fro thing. Mikey was a little shy, and was all alone in the back, but about half way through Gerard had him come up to the front with him and then Mikey stayed there for a while before once again being a little (tall) loner. Afterward we all went out for a drink (except Maggie, or course, and Frank) and Taylor got so plastered that Bob had to carry her back to the bus. Gerard didn't really drink, considering he's trying to quit, and I totally respect that. I didn't get too tipsy, but the guys told me early this morning that I was acting really loopy all night, to which I replied that I'm always loopy. There was this stand-up comedy act thing, and this guy was doing Yo Mama jokes for like an hour. He stopped after I threw a bottle at him which just BARELY missed his face. That was when he stormed off the stage, muttering in spanish. The sad part(s)? 1.We got kicked out, laughing our asses off and 2. I didn't hear what Taylor said to the guy :( Oh well, I have a feeling this might happen again. We're headin' up to Washington right now. We should be there in.. an hour or so.

You know how last night Jeremy and I were kinda talking about the whole fan fiction writing that I did a few years ago? Well.. I dunno. But I feel really embarrassed cos I mean I wrote a few where I was like, obsessed and totally dating Gerard. And you know what they say: once something's on the web, you'll have a helluva time getting it off officially. So what if they're still out there somewhere, and people are reading them right now and commenting on how I'm all on tour with them, and how I'm really immature? Psh I already know I'm pretty freaking immature. I bathe in immaturity LoL Anyway, I guess I'm just a little shaky. Especially now that we're so close to the guys.

Ooh, and speaking of Jeremy, have you any idea how many girls were trying to touch him? Ha ha I knew those pants of his would attract attention. The sad part? About five of the girls trying to touch him got tossed out of the show because they found their way on the stage and tried to mawl him. That was fuuuuuny! Connor got some attention, too, as well as Maggie and Taylor. The only attention I got? Someone yelled how great of an ass I have ^_^ Pretty effing hilarious, huh? Jeremy keeps bringing it up, as does everyone so far. I haven't come up with a good come-back yet u_u

Nu! My smart assness is leaving meeee!
Ha ha, I said that out loud and Mikey looked at me funny XD

Speaking of looking at me funny, Taylor found me and Jeremy sleeping this morning. She took pictures. But she ended up deleting them after I threatened to break her Fuck Mexico! bass ha ha.. Even though she knew I'd never break it, cos it's got too many special memories. Oh well. Gotta luff her blondness!

Anyway, my hand is healing pretty well. We stopped by a doctor at the show yesterday, and they cleaned it and stuff. Not that Ray didn't do a good job cleaning it, but y'know. It's always good to have a profesional look at it.

Uh oh, Taylor and Jeremy are going at it with towels!

"Ow! Fucking dammit Jeremy, did you have to get me so hard?" Taylor whines and snaps him back with the towel. He jumps backward and bumps into Bob, who shoves him forward into Taylor.

"You said to snap you hard!"

"No, I didn't!" She snaps him again and he yelps.

"Amyyyy, help meeee!" I laugh and snatch up a towel, snapping Taylor in the process. She yelps and turns to Mikey, who giggles and snatches one up too. Jeremy and I stand close together as a team, waiting for Taylor or Mikey to make the first move. Suddenly I'm snapped from behind, and when I turn I see Gerard, grin on his face, towel twirling. I laugh and snap him back, and soon we've got an all-out Towel Snapping War going on. It's me, Jeremy, Frank, and Bob vs. Gerard, Taylor, Mikey, Maggie, and Ray. Connor isn't one to play rough. It goes good for a while, but soon we're obviously outnumbered, and they're kicking our asses.

"Connor, get your ass in gear, it's the end of the world!" I yell, jumping up on the table and snapping anyone who comes near me. I accidently snap Jeremy, and he yelps. Whoops! Forgot how good and hard I snap..

"Nah, I'm good. You guys just have you-" he's interrupted by Taylor, who snaps him across the back. He glares at her and then snatches up a towel, and jumps on the table beside me.

"Good to have you, buddy," I say, snapping Ray's fro. He turns around and snaps me back. Connor snaps his ear and Ray falls down, pretending to be dead. "Woo! Go Connor!" I pat him on the back and get snapped in the leg by Gerard. "Oh, this is war, Way!" I pounce on him and tackle him to the ground.

"Ah! There's a crazy Emokin on me! Get it off, get it off!" We roll around for a bit before jumping up and snapping each other. I snap him in the neck and he keels over, 'dead'. My team cheers and I smile. Now we're ahead in the game.

Five minutes later it's just me and Taylor going at it, and everyone else is just watching us. "Quick, Jeremy, pour some water on her!" He does and I snap her bare leg (she's in boxers). She goes down like a ton of bricks.

"Ow, fuck me in the asshole on Tuesday morning with sandpaper and yo mama's goat!" she moans, rolling around and clutching her leg. I do a victory dance and help her up.

"It's okay, Taylor. The welt will go away in a few days." I give her this really cheesy grin and she smacks my arm playfully.

"You're such a betch, Amy. Now make me a sammich!" I smile and push her onto the couch, then proceed to make her one. As soon as I'm done, Mikey comes up and hands me a bottle of lotion. I groan. "Do I have to?" I whine.

"Yesh, you do. C'mon, it's not as bad as shaving Bob's back." That's so true, I think. I nod and sigh.

"Alright, where do you want to do this?" He laughs.

"You make it sound so dirty," he jokes, and I playfully punch his arm. "Uh, how bout here, so everyone can watch you?"

"Ugh, fine! Make me feel like a loserrrr." He plops down on the small couch and puts his right foot in my lap. I look at it, noticing how it feels all soft. Hm, maybe this won't be so bad?

"Speaking of feeling like a loser," Taylor says, "I'll video tape you!" I look up and she's got my camera pointed at me. She starts narrating. "And here you see the very lovely Amy Revenge, rubbing My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way's feet. Note how she glares at us, seemingly in anger. But what she's really doing is showing us love as she rubs those feet. Watch her fingers move, almost as if they're making love to dear Michael's soft, soft feet." She pauses to laugh and Frank takes the camera from her.

"Look how Mikey's head rolls back, his mounting pleasure written all over his face as she moves her hand, up and down.. Up and down.." I stifle a giggle as Mikey blushes and flips Frank off. "Yes, Mikey, I know you want to.. But it seems as though you're already busy enough without my help."

"Dammit Frank!" Mikey grabs a pillow and throws it, hitting Frank square in the face. Frank drops the camera and Ray just barely catches it. I sigh

"Oh thank God, Ray," I say, standing up. "I thought for sure my baby was a gonner!" He chuckles and I hug him. "Here, have some lotion." Before he can move I smear a bunch of lotion (that had previously been on Mikey's feet) all over his face. Some of it gets in his hair.

"Oh jeez, thank you sooo much, Amy!" he laughs, then wipes some on Bob, who frowns and then wipes some on Frank. Mikey stands up and stretches.

"Well, we'll be there in like, an hour or so, I think," Gerard says, walking up to us from the back. "Uh, did I miss something?" he asks, staring at Ray's messy fro and Bob's lotionized beard. I giggle and shrug.

"You always seem to miss out on the fun," Taylor says, and puts my camera away.

"Aw, this sucks!" He pouts and as I put my hands behind my back, Jeremy squirts something in my hand.

"Awwuh, I'll make it all better then." I jump at him and hit his cheek full on with the white cream in my hand. Gerard stumbles backward and looks at us funny

"You put.. whipped cream on my face? Yay!" He licks some off his fingers. I look at Jeremy.

"Whipped cream? Where the heck did you get whipped cream?!" He shrugs and I laugh. "Well, this cream is goooood!" I step forward and lick some off of Gerard's cheek. He wipes some off and smears it across my face. I pout. Jeremy comes and licks it all off my face, and I close my eyes. "Ewwie, Jeremy germs!" Everyone laughs, and before I know it we're having a whipped cream fight. Wow.. first the snapping towels.. then the lotion.. and now the cream.. This tour just gets better and better!

I'll spare you the details: Let's just say this time Taylor's team wins, shall we?

"Ugh, I need a shower!" Mikey shouts, and Taylor winks at me, then runs up to Mikey and licks most of the whipped goodness off his face. When she's done, Mikey's blushing like mad and mumbling to himself. "Well then, I'm first." None of us say anything and he walks into the bathroom. Then Bob laughs.

"What?" we all ask.

"I wonder when Mikey will notice that-"

"Oh my fucking Jesus!" Mikey screams, high pitched like a woman. Everyone cracks up.

"-we don't have clean water," Bob finishes. Something occurs to me, and my eyes go wide.

"Wait.. clean water?" He nods. "Then what is he using?" Bob looks at me with that face that says 'think harder stupid' and I almost gag. "You mean he's using our toilet water?!"


This makes everyone crack up again, and soon me and Taylor are having seizures on the floor, clutching our stomachs. Frank's got tears in his eyes, Gerard's choking, Maggie's puking into the trash, Bob's slapping his knee, Ray's in hysterics, Jeremy's not here, and Connor is reading a book. We all stop laughing when Mikey throws open the door and looks out at us.

"And when were you guys planning on telling me?" Bob smiles.

"Well, I figured since today's Amy's day to do stuff..." I shake my furiously.

"Fuck no, Bob! There is no way on this Godforsaken bus that I'm cleaning that!" I nearly scream. Bob stands up and comes over to me. I shake my head and back up as far as I can. "Nuh uh, Bob. Get away from-what are you doing? Help, somebody, help!" Bob picks me up and tosses me towards Mikey. Thankfully, and to my complete surprise, Jeremy appears out of nowhere and catches me. I cling onto him for dear life. "Oh thank God, Jer Bear, they were gonna make me touch him!" He laughs and sets me down.

"I think it's only fair that since Bob's the only one who knew this, and didn't say anything, he should be the one to clean Mikey up," Connor says, not even looking up from his book. We all nod and agree, and Bob shakes his head.

"Bob, if you don't come here right now I swear I'm jumping on you. And I have everyone's piss on me!" Mikey yells, and Bob goes to the back of the bus and comes back with a gallon of water.

"C'mon, Mikes, into the bathroom we go." I watch Bob walk in, and that's the end of that. Everyone goes back to whatever they were doing before all the wars and Jeremy tugs on my hand. I look up at him(did I mention he's taller than me?) and he jerks his head towards the bunks. I smile and follow him, and we climb into his bunk. Did I mention that he's got the biggest bunk on the bus? Well, I did now.

"Whatcha want, Jeremy?" I ask, nudging him playfully. He smiles and nudges me back.

"Nothin' much, really, Amy. I just uh, wanted to talk?"

"Are you asking me if I want to listen to you talk?" He tilts his head to the side, in a confused manner, and I giggle. He giggles with me and pulls me into a hug.

"You're so adorable, Amykins," he says, using a newer nickname. I feel myself blushing, for some reason, and hug him back. "That's why I like you so much." I barely hear that last part, it's so quiet. I lean back and look at him.

"What?" He opens and shuts his mouth, blushing furiously, and I giggle.


"Nothing. It's just.. I dunno. I can't remember the last time you actually blushed, I guess." He nods.

"Right. I blush almost everyday, Amy, and it's usually because of you," he says softly. I swallow and look down. "I really like you, Amy." I look up at him and frown.

"You.. like me?" He nods. "Whatever.." He shakes his head and lightly takes hold of my hand.

"No, I really do, Amy, and I've been trying to let you know for a while now. But it's just.. I dunno. It's just really hard." He clears his throat while I rethink over how he's been acting the past few weeks. Now that I think about it, he has been acting a little strange. But he really didn't even start touching me or getting real super hug-like until just this last week! How could he possibly have been trying to-

A memory comes flooding into my mind of the first day that Jeremy met me and Taylor. We'd invited him over to play with us, cos he said that he played drums, and when he kept messing up.. Man, what had he said? Oh yeah, he'd said, "Sorry, I'm normally really good. I tend to get really distracted when playing near a beautiful girl," and I'd laughed and told him to just relax and act as though Taylor wasn't there. Yeah, that had been when I wasn't as not-so-fat. But he hadn't really played any better. If anything, he'd played worse. But we'd decided to keep him on because he was cool, and could play drums, unlike everyone else at our school. But mainly because Maggie, at the time, had taken a fancy to him and said if we didn't let him say she'd quit. I couldn't play piano to save my life, and nobody else could either. Well, Connor could, but he was the guitarist. No piano playing for him. Anyway, so we kept him. He'd promised to play better next time, and when next time came around he did. But now that I think about it.. he hadn't looked at me even once. He only stared down at the drums, and his feet. Ugh, that didn't make any sense! Jeremy's always been the kind of guy that's open about who he likes. If he thought some chick at the movie store was cute, he'd tell her so, and then go bragging about how he got her number and an occasional date. Man, this is too confusing!

"Amy?" I clear my throat and look back up at him.


"Oh, thought I lost you for a second," he jokes, then looks at me a little differently. I don't know how it was different, it just felt like it. "How do you feel?" I look down and think about it.

"Well.. I guess I'm just confused, quite honestly." He tilts my head back up and looks me in the eye.

"Because I like you?" I shake my head.

"No, I just can't figure out why you didn't tell me before. I mean, all the signs were there, I just-" He places a finger over my lips and I raise a brow. He smiles and removes the finger, then looks at me with that twinkle in his eye again. And just like before, my stomach gets tied up in knots and I feel light and a little dizzy. "Jeremy?" I whisper. He doesn't say anything, just leans in. I start to lean in, a thousand things going through my mind at once, and I try to remember how to kiss. (Yes, I know it sounds funny, but when you haven't date anyone(let alone kissed anyone) in about two years, you tend to get out of touch.) Our lips just barely touch when the curtain is suddenly drawn back, and my head snaps up to see Gerard, staring at us, wide-eyed. I jump out of the bunk, fast, and walk away blushing furiously. I vagely hear Gerard telling Jeremy that the bus has stopped and that we should get ready for the show. I run down the bus steps and over to the nearest bathroom, where I find Taylor washing her hands. She looks at me and frowns, then pulls me outside and around to the back.

"Dude, you look like death. What's wrong?"

"J-Jeremy and I- we- I- I kissed him," I manage to say, my voice shaky. She smiles and hugs me.

"And that's a bad thing?"

"Well, it is if Gerard find you." She giggles and I glare at her. "What's so funny about that?"

"Nothing. It's just I'm remembering the last time I caught you kissing somebody. You looked just like you do now: blushing, pale, and totally shaken up. So, how was it?"

"How was what, getting caught by Gerard?"

"No, silly. How was kissing Jeremy?"

"Oh uh, it was.. Well okay, so I didn't exactly kiss him, kiss him." She gives me a 'what the fuck' look and I giggle. "It was more like a me and you kiss."

"Ooh, I gotcha," she smirks. "So you kissed him, but yet you didn't? Totally makes sense." I slap her arm.

"Shut up, it totally does! Anyway, I really have to pee, so I'll see you on the bus." She starts to walk away and I grab her arm. "Just don't tell anyone, okay? Especially Maggie. She'll tell everybody." She nods, smiles, and walks back to the bus. I walk into the bathroom and do my business, thinking about how quick I actually got over the whole 'I just kissed but didn't kiss my best guy friend' issue. Funny, really, how I get over these things pretty quickly. I wash my hands and run back to the bus, where everyone is getting dressed. Frank's hopping on one foot, pulling up his pants, and I can't help but laugh as I remember something Taylor told me just a few weeks ago. He pulls them up and looks at me.


"Oh nothing, just thinking." He nods and I walk over to where my bag is. I bite my lip and drag it to the back, where, surprisingly, there isn't anyone back there. But I'd have to hurry if I wanted to successfully strip down to basically nothing and get dressed before anyone decided to pop out and scare me. And hey, Jeremy's still the peeper he was last month. After I change out of my clothes and pull some panties, a pair of black skinnies, and a white tank top, I turn around to grab my shoes and scream. "What the hell, Bob! How long were you standing there?" Bob stutters and blushes like mad.

"I just uh, wanted to come back and uh change, but um obviously you were uh yeah, and I just- Yeah." He turns and makes his way back to the front, and I laugh softly. Well well well, I guess Jeremy isn't the only one who catches me changing. I hear laughing from the front, and as I walk up Taylor pats me on the back.

"So I hear you're finally wearing that thong I bought for you, Amy." She winks and I giggle.

"Oh yeah. I just feel bad that Bob had to see it." Bob blushes some more and disappears off the bus. Frank laughs and hugs me.

"Hey, don't sweat it. From what he said, you've got quite the body." Out of the corner of my eye I see Maggie shoot me a death glare, and I smirk.

"Why thank you, Frank. Hey uh, Jeremy?" He turns to me. "Can I talk to you outside for a sec?" He nods and we walk off.

"Is this about earlier? Because I'm really sorry, I just-" I place a finger over his lips, and he smiles.

"No, it isn't. Well, not exactly." I think about this. "Okay, maybe a little bit." I remove my finger and smile up at him. "I just wanted to say that I'm glad you told me." We share a smile(ugh, so much smiling!) and he takes hold of my hands again. I step closer and look up at him, daring him with my eyes, and he gets the message. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me a little closer, and I close the distance between our lips. It's a sweet, soft kiss. No tongue. When I pull away, he hugs me, and we just stay like that for a little while.

"Hey Amy, I was wonder- Oh. Well, isn't this cute!" Taylor cooes, and I blush and bury my face in Jeremy's chest. Jeremy chuckles, pats my back, and turns me around so that my back is against his stomach and his hands are resting on my shoulders.


"Oh uh, I was wondering if you mentioned to Jeremy that we're changing the drum solo a little bit on Darling."

"I was just about to, actually," I say, smiling. She gives me that smirk of hers.

"Right, well we're all heading into the stadium. Don't give too many love bites." I giggle and she walks away. I turn to Jeremy.

"I don't wanna mention this to anyone just yet, Jer," I say softly. He nods and loosens his hold on me. "I just don't want any rumors or anything to get started, y'know?"

"Don't worry about it, I totally get it. Remember, I've seen these things before. And you don't have to worry about tension, Amy. If anything gets awkward, just talk to me about it. Best friends, remember?" I smile and nod.

"Yeah, best friends. To the end?" We laugh at the familiar song name. "Freaking My Chem, stealing the words out of our mouths, eh?" He chuckles and we make our way to the large dome-shaped building.


It's amazing how well a person can play the drums after they've kissed someone. Well, that someone being me :) Yeah, Jeremy and I kissed. Taylor's the only one that knows, so it's all good. She'd never tell anyone...I don't think so, at least.
Anyway, the show tonight was the best by far..and I still think it's because of what happened earlier.

I think I'm gonna head in for the night, now. If I don't, I'm pretty sure I'll end up talking about me and Jeremy for the rest of the night ha ha



Ah, Amy and Jeremy, behind a big tour bus
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Taylor with the baby carriage!
Anyway, I had a funtabulous time writing this chapter :) Although it got a little awkward at a few places.
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