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"Stop, stop! I'll do anything!" I cry. "Anything?" Frank asks.

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Tuesday, October 17

Everyone pretended to ignore my little outburst yesterday. Good thing, too, because I was going crazy thinking about all the different ways to apologize. We had to stop at a Mini Mart to get some tampons for my person LoL but nobody seemed to mind. I also grabbed some more sushi. Originally, none of us were gonna buy anything, because we were so tired, but in the end:
Mikey - 2 Monsters
Bob - 5 Chunky Monkey ice cream cups (the pints)
Ray - 2 bags of Skittles
Frank - Soy Chips (wtf?)
Maggie - Flamin' Hot Cheetos
Taylor - Sushi
Jeremy - 10 Monsters (yeah, wow)
Connor - a tooth brush

Gerard didn't get anything, and I, of course, (as written earlier) got some sushi :) MINE! I made sure to write my name EXTRA LARGE on there.. That way nobody would get it. And nobody touched it. Well, that's not true. Jeremy touched it, the smart ass. Probably because I threatened to leave a hickey on anyone who came near it. So he's got a nice sized hickey on that pretty little neck of his, and he took like five pics of it LoL He's so weird! But I luff my little Fiddle-Stix.

Oh oh oh! We should be in Portland by tomorrow, mid morning. I'm really excited, but yet I'm really nervous. I mean, we've never done a full concert before, with like a bunch of people. The My Chem guys have been practicing with us and stuff, and Gerard's assured me that it'll be fine. Like I didn't know that? Ha ha. So we'll be opening for the guys, playing about mmm maybe 5 or 6 songs max. You know what? Now I'm excited! I can't wait to play, and hear the screaming and cheering(if they like us, that is, altho the guys say they will) and all that jazz. I wrote a paper on being famous once, back in my freshman English class. My teacher really liked it :)
Oooh, BRB I gotta go change my uh.. "thing" haha.

K, now where was I? Eh..

Gerard made waffles this morning, and Frank ate most of them. Then I made some pancakes and Jeremy ate most of them. I swear, these boys are gonna eat everything! Taylor had cereal, Maggie had toast, and Mikey drank a Monster. Out of all the food we made, I only got one waffle and two 'cakes u_u Freaking MEN! UGH! Oh well..

Huh, what other news can I think of ... OH!

Eliza a.k.a The Girlfriend is going to come to our show. Good God, I almost screamed when I found out. Why? Because she stressed Gerard out. Yeah, first they fought, then hung up, and then she called back and apparently cancelled her friend out. Yay for us (note the sarcasm!) Wait.. why am I all mad? Psh, like I care what she does.. But I do, because Gerard's my buddy, and I don't like hearing him yell. Actually nobody does. Like, they got in a fight early this morning and Bob yelled(the loudest and scariest of all the guys when he wants to be) "SAVE THE SCREAMING FOR THE TOUR!" and then went back to snoring. We all clapped and cheered and Gerard glared and hung up after yelling a bit more.

I painted my nails again, for like the first time in a couple months. I thought about painting my toes but then I remembered how my mom's toes looked (all chipped and almost brown ewwuh) and put the polish away. They're black XD and they're smexxi :)
I just realized I made FACES a LOT! But it's.. all.. good XD

Anyhoo, I'm gonna eat some sushi and watch some good ol' t.v.


After I put away my journal, I walk over to the t.v. where Mikey and Taylor are playing Zelda. It's the older one, which is to say the "cooler" one. "Alright, you guys. Save it before I shut it off."

"But I-"

"Amy, we're-"

"Better hurry," I warn, inching my hand closer to the 'off' button. They click a few buttons and I shut it off, pick up the remote, and click the ON DEMAND button. Man, I'm so happy that our bus guy or whatever got us this amazing cable! I watch a couple videos and then then go back to the regular channels, and that's when I see it. "Oh my God, it's Daisy of Love!" I click on it and see that the episode is just starting. I smile and sit down where Taylor was sitting a few seconds ago.

"Oh come on, you're seriously gonna watch this gay crap?" Taylor complains, sitting down next to me. I smile and nod.

"Yup! I think this is the last episode, and I wanna see who she picks!"

"Ugghh, fine! But.. you have to give me a bite of that sushi later."


"Because other wise, I'm shutting off the t.v, and throwing the On Demand box thing out the window."

"You can't," I say, smirking. "Other wise you have to pay Brian back." She frowns and turns to the t.v.

"Well, it was a good plan before you told me that.. Thanks a lot!" I laugh and then watch Daisy prance around like the immature princess she is. During the commercials I watch a few videos, and channel flip, and when it's the end and Daisy has to chose between London and Flex, I turn up the t.v. and lean in, not wanting to miss a single thing.

"...even though you're what I need, Flex.. I want London."

"Yes! Woo!" I shout, jumping up and down in a happy dance. "Daisy chose the hu-unk, the sexy emo hu-unk," I sing, and Taylor cracks up laughing, then joins in with my dancing. We spin around in circles until we're both tired of it and collapse on the couch. "Man, this sucks."


"Daisy chose London.." I pout. When she raises a brow at me I say, "Well, you have to admit that even though they 'love' each other, it's not gonna last. These things never do I mean look at Brett Michaels!" She laughs.

"But he was a man, Amy. Men are dumb." She says this and Frank giggles.

"Hey, I take offense to that!" Mikey says, nudging her shoulder. "I am a smarticle bunny, and I shall eat you, RAWR!" He pounces on her and they fall on the floor, rolling around and making growling noises. I reach for my camera and record them. Eventually they stop, laughing as Taylor crawls off of him and stands up, her knees popping in response. I stand up and point the camera at her face.

"So, Miss Taylor Kantana, what say you in a rematch?" I ask in this really stupid announcer voice. She giggles.

"I'd say 'Hell yesh, bring it on Nikaa!' and slap the dummy," she says, then slaps the camera away. I point it at Mikey and ask the same question to which he replies, "I'd eat you for supper." He makes a slurpy noise and I crack up laughing, then point it at Bob, who's not paying attention due to a really interesting game of cards. I record him for about ten minutes before Frank nudges him.

"Look Bob, Amy's got a camera." Bob looks straight into the camera and glares, flipping me off.

"Say hi, Bobby!"

"Get that thing off of me!" he snaps, and hides his faces behind his cards. I giggle and turn it on Gerard, who has just walked out of the bathroom.

"Ello, Guv'na!" I say in a fake Brittish accent. He looks at me funny before answering.

"Why ello, there, Poppet! Nice weather we are 'aving, eh?" He smirks and walks to the back of the bus.

"Tune in next time for 'Life on the Bus!'" I say all cheerfully, and then shut it off and put it in my bunk on the way to the back. Gerard's sitting by the window, drawing again. I walk over and sit down, careful not to mess up his lines, and peak at what he's drawing. It's a drawing of.. me? "Uh, why are you drawing me?" He finishes a line on my face and looks up.

"I dunno. You have like.. a really good face, you know? Like uh, your cheek bones are very model-like, and your eyes are just.. Wow, I dunno how to explain it." He shrugs and puts it up on the tiny desk in front of us.

"That's cool. And I totally get what you mean, by the way. My aunt used to say I should model because of my facial structurea and stuff. At least it's just my face," I joke. He doesn't laugh.

"Why is that a good thing? I mean, I'd draw your whole body if I knew how to get it right." I blush.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well, you have uh, curves, in the right places, and uhm, the way you walk it's just- I really dunno how to explain it." He chuckles awkwardly and runs a hand through his hair. I giggle. "What?"

"You really should brush your hair more often, Gee," I say, and pull one out of my jacket pocket. "May I do the honors?"

"Uh, sure," he says. I tell him to sit on the floor, and once he does I move over and sit with my legs on either side of him.

"You have nice hair, by the way." I brush my way carefully through a knot. For some reason, guys get really irritated and bitchy when someone else is brushing their hair or doing their make up. It's weird. Us girls love it when we don't have to do it ourselves.

"Thanks? Ah, that feels really good." I giggle.

"Your welcome, Sir Geetard." He turns around at the nickname.

"What did you call me?" I smile.

"Geetard. Gerard and retard. Do you like it?" I bite my lip. "I could come up with something else, I mean if you want me to. But Geetard is like, unique or something." He doesn't say anything, he just smiles.

"No no, I actually kind of like it. But you only get to call me that when the other guys aren't around. I can handle you saying it, but the guys will like totally over use it. So you're safe.." He frowns. "Huh, I guess now I'll have to make a name for you." We laugh.

"Yeah, but it's gotta be as cool as yours. Other wise, I can't call you Geetard, and I'll get sad and cry little tears of blood," I say in my little kid voice.

"Awwuh, don't cry my little Emokins," he hugs me. "Hey, Emokins totally works!"

"Dude it totally does!"

We laugh and he turns back around so I can finish. Ten minutes and about a thousand brush strokes later, his hair is super soft and my hands are in pain. He turns around again and just stares up at me from his postion on the floor. I slip the brush back into my pocket and stare at him back. He blinks, and I blink back. He smiles, and I smirk. He wiggles his brows, and I twitch my nose. He giggles and I chuckle, then we both crack up laughing, and no matter how many times we try neither one of us manages to stop. I hold my stomach and fall on the floor next to him, and he pretends to faint and falls on top of me.

"Ah! Nuu, I'm being attacked by the evil hair monster!"

"Mwahaha, I am the evil hair monster, and I shall tickle you to death!" and he starts tickling my sides, and I scream.

"Help! Somebody help!" Taylor, Mikey, and Frank all run in, and are quickly followed by Jeremy, Ray, and Bob. "Please, get him off me!" I plead, and when I see Taylor smirk I know I'm in for it. "Ah, no!" I scream as they all start tickling me. I kick out and someone holds my feet down and pretty soon they're being tickled. I scream and try to get loose, but for all it was worth I might as well have tried to read minds. "Please, please! I'll do anything, anything!" I beg, and a Jeremy stops tickling me.

"Anything?" Frank asks.

"Yes yes, anything, just get off!"

"Well we'll get off but.. you have to do something for each of us," Mikey says, smiling. I groan and nod, and they let me go. I stand up, fix my hair, adjust my bra, and sit down on the couch.

"Alright, what do I have to do?" I gulp, knowing that Taylor would have me do something really nasty. Mikey smiled, along with Frank, Bob, and Gerard. "Oh God, I'm gonna regret this.."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

About twenty minutes, five complaints, and two slaps later, I have everything I gotta do. Monday through Friday I make Taylor sandwiches whenever she wants one. Tuesdays I brush through Ray's fro and wash it afterward. Wednesdays I help Bob shave his back(ewwuh!) and then again on Saturdays. Thursdays I rub Mikey's feet. Friday's I don't do anything other than the whole Taylor and the sandwiches, and on Sundays I help Frank relax as he worships Pansy. And then, of course, whenever I'm free and bored I get to sit with Gerard while he draws my face perfectly. Jeremy's task? I get to be his special buddy, which basically means when he's got.."issues"..I get to help him a little. Not physically, of course, just with my words and whatnot. I really dunno how that's going to work, but again Jeremy's the master of kinky shit happening. I'm sure he'll enjoy it. And besides, he never said I had to be nice about it. Mwahaha.

"Right, well, I'm gonna go take a nap. I'll be waiting for tomorrow, Amy," Bob taunts as he makes his way towards his bunk. I shudder and make a gagging noise, and Taylor laughs.

"Well, I'm hungry, so I'm gonna go make some vege noodles." Frank hugs me and skips to the front. One by one everyone except Gerard and Jeremy hug me and leave.

"So, Amy, you're free right now," Gerard says, smiling. I smile and turn to Jeremy.

"What do you want, Stix?" He smiles innocently and my stomach gets all knot-like.

"Well.. I'm feeling kinda.. lonely," he says slowly, and I smirk.

"Jeremy, the tasks don't set in till later. Go watch t.v. or something," I say and turn towards Gerard. "Of course I'm free, Gerard. Now, where should I sit?" Jeremy mumbles something and walks out, and Gerard winks. When Jeremy's far enough out of ear shot he giggles.

"Well, now that they're all gone, I gotta make a call. Do you mind?" I shake my head.

"No, you're not calling that evil woman."

"Actually, I have to call my mom. I think I was supposed to call her yesterday, but with all that drama with Lizzy and you breaking down and the guys going crazy like usual, I didn't have time."

"Oh, okay. Well, I'll just take a nap then," I smile and lay down.

It's nice and cool in the back, and it's also pretty quiet if you ignore Bob's snores and Gerard's convo with his madre(which I'm doing, a little unsuccessfully since I can still hear Gerard talking). I can't really fall asleep, so instead I stare up at the ceiling, feeling the little bumps in the road.

"..trip's going great, yeah. These guys are amazing, and I'm pretty sure they'll go far. Hey, maybe they'll get bigger than us!" Gerard says quietly, and I smile. Hm, more famous than My Chemical Romance? That will be the day..

"Tell your mom I say hi," I mumble and he nods. He's got good hearing. I sit up and lay on my stomach, head resting on the palsm of both hands, elbows on the couch. I stare at him, watching his lips move. Don't ask, I just like studying people.

"Oh uh, Amy says hi. No, she's not my girlfriend she's the band's singer." I notice he's blushing, and when he sees I'm watching he smiles quickly and turns to I can't watch his lips. I frown and sit up the rest of the way, staring ahead at the wall in front of me. "Yeah, Eliza told me that too. No, I don't know if she's lying, but I wouldn't put it past her- of course I'll pay for it!" I look over at him again and he's facing me, most likely talking about how 'Lizzy' might be pregnant. But.. pay for what? An abortion?

"Hey, has anyone seen my-"

"Sh, I'm on the phone. Oh, okay mom. Yeah, here he is." He hands the phone to Mikey and walks down the hall to the bathroom. I giggle and Mikey walks up front. So, I'm all alone, there's no one here beside me. Ha ha, I luff the Shrek movie! I yawn and lay back down on my stomach, and doze off. I'm awakened suddenly by Gerard sitting on my back.

"Hey hey hey, you asleep?" I groan.

"No, I'm not," I say, my voice slightly muffled by the cushions. I move side to side, trying to get him off, but it doesn't work. "Get off, Gerard!"

"Nope! Not till you say the magic words!"

"Uh, please?"

"Those aren't them!"

"Please get off me?"

"Try again!"

"Get the fuck off me before I fucking castrate you, Gerard!" He's off in a heart beat, and I giggle. I sit up and look at him and he's giggling. "Kidding!"

"Yeah yeah, I don't trust you. By the way, your face is all red." I roll my eyes.

"Yeah, and so is yours. Still blushing, perhaps, over the fact that your madre thought we were dating?" I laugh when he blushes again.

"Uh no, I was just.. well.. It's freaking hot up front!" he whines in this little kid voice. I giggle and throw a pillow at him.

"Oh yeah? Well why are you blushing so much then?" He pouts and throws the pillow back.

"Cos cos cos I can, that's why!" We laugh and he sits down, grabbing his drawing. "So uh, since you aren't busy yet, can I-"

"Amy!" Jeremy squeals, and I find myself sprawled on the floor with Jeremy hugging me to death.

"Okay okay, what do you want?"

"Well.. you said later and.. It's later!" He smiles and I shake my head.

"I meant later as in-"

"Amy! Make me a sammich, betch!"

"-when it's dark and everyone's asleep. Not-"

"I want a sammich!"

"Shut up, Taylor, I'll make you one in a little bit!" I hear her laugh and then the t.v. gets turned up. Jeremy's still laying on me, and Gerard's occuppied with the drawing, adding stuff to it. "Jeremy, I promise I'll visit you later, okay? I have to make Taylor some food." He pouts and gets up, pulling me with him. My body slams into his and he wraps his arms around me. "Jeremy," I whine.

"Okay, but I'll miss you," he says softly. I roll my eyes and he pulls away, then sits next to Gerard and proceeds to look at the picure of me. I smile and make my way to the front, then make Taylor one of my famous peanut butter and banana sandwiches. She wolfs it down and asks for another one. I grin and make it, but add some wasabi to it. As soon as she takes a bite and swallows, her face has this expression on it. She frowns and pulls the bread apart, and then glares at me.

"You meanie face!" I laugh and hand her a different one.

"That's for tickling me earlier," I say, sticking my tongue out at her. She returns the look and munches down her sandwich. I smile, make myself one, and sit on the floor in front of the t.v. They're watching Batman re-runs on Cartoon Network. I giggle and get hushed by Mikey, who's leaning close to the screen, mouthing each word Robin says. I look at Frank, who's mouthing each word Batman says, and Maggie's mouthing the Joker's words. I shake my head, finish my sandwich, and get up. I pause by the bathroom, thinking about how long ago it was that I changed my tamp, then walk in. Man, I can't believe it's been almost eight hours! Boy does time fly when you're on the road..

"Amy, you in there?" Taylor calls, knocking on the door, thus scaring the shit outta me.

"Yeah, why?"

"Your dad called. I told him you were busy shoving a tampon up your vagina and then when you were done masturbating you'd call him back. He said okay and hung up, so yeah. Here." She opens the door and hands me the phone. I glare at her and dial my dad's number.

"Hello there, Angel Girl!" my dad's cheery voice answers, and I smile.

"Hi Daddy. Sorry about Taylor, she never learned manners."

"Oh it's okay, I knew you weren't masturbating." I make a weird face when my dad uses that word. "Anyway, how's it going? I heard you'll be in Portland soon."

"Yeah, we're supposed to be there tomorrow. I can't wait!" He chuckles.

"I bet you can't, Amy. Your mom and I miss you, and so does Mike. He wants to know if you've used the gameboy yet." In the background I hear my little brother Michael asking if I have, and I laugh.

"Tell him I haven't, but I will soon. I've been busy relaxing and bleeding." Dad relays this information to Mike, and he yells something about TMI. I smile. "Hey, I gotta go. I'm tired and it takes for forever to fall asleep on this bus. Luff you, Daddy. Luff you, Mike!"

"Love you too, Sweetheart. Mwa."


He hangs up and I set the phone on the small sink counter, so that it won't fall anywhere near the toilet. I would HATE to have to find it if it did. I finish my business and walk out towards my bunk, only to be pulled down into Jeremy's. I groan.

"Jeremy, what-"


"Okay," I say in a whisper. "What are you doing?" His light is turned off, it's dark on the bus, and I can't see his face.

"What does it look like? I have needs, you know."

"Oh uh, about that-"

"Not those needs, Amy." I can tell by his voice that he's smiling. "I just don't feel like sleeping alone. And I was smart and grabbed the biggest bunk, so you can sleep with me and be comfy."

"Oh. Well then uh, thank you Jeremy."

"No problem."

We lay there in silence for a while. I'm thinking about what he could possibly have me do, dreading the moment when that little bone of his decides he wants some attention. Okay ew, that's just ew!

"What are you thinking?" he whispers.


"Come on, tell me. You stutter when you lie." He giggles.

"Okay then uh.. I was just.. Thinking.."


"About what I'll have to do?"

"Oh, that! I was uh, just kidding about you helping me out. I have a hand, you know." I smile.

"So.. you just wanted a cuddle buddy?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

"Aw, Jer, all you had to do was ask me to sleep with you. Sure, I would have looked at you pretty weirdly, but I might've done it eventually. You know, you've been acting a little funny lately."

"I have?"

"Yeah. Like yesterday, and Sunday, and Saturday."

"How so?"

"Let's see: You kissed me, got all cuddly, and then ignored me almost completely when you woke up to me waking you up. I mean, I don't mind the whole 'You slept in my bed' thing. It's just.. I dunno, never mind."

"Alright. You'll tell me eventually." I roll my eyes. "So do you like Gerard?"

"What?" I squeal, and he sh's me again.

"Well it's just.. I dunno. I mean, you guys obviously have something going on."

"No," I say, shaking my head even though he can't see me. "I don't like Gerard like that. He's already got a bitch, and I'm not the type to date him anyway."

"You're saying you don't like him because you're not his type? Dude, you guys are like perfect for each other!"

"Uh no, that's not why. It's because.. well.. I dunno, it'd just be awkward falling for him after writing all those fan fictions about him, you know?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Who gives a shit? He'd probably get a kick outta reading those." My eyes go wide.

"Oh no, he's never gonna find those. At least I hope he doesn't, that would be so embarrassing!" My mind wanders for a second and I see what I think would be his ideal reaction. I shake my head again. "I deleted them, so there's no way anyone besides me would ever find 'em."

"So why are you worrying?" I hear a smile in his voice again. He's teasing me, the little meanie face!

"I'm not?"

"Sure, uh huh. Okay."

"Shut up." I playfully nudge him. "Be nice or I'm leaving."

"Aw, I'll be nice. I don't want you to leave me," he says softly, wrapping his arms around me. For some reason I find myself getting all tingly inside, and I try to ignore it. So I smile and pull the covers over us.



"Never mind." I close my eyes and cuddle against him. I can hear his heart beat, and it calms me. I don't know why, but I think people get calm when they hear a heart beat because the mind, somehow, remembers being in the womb. It's weird, I know.



A pause.

"Never mind." I smile and he gently strokes my hair, then kisses my forehead. And just like yesterday with Gerard, a little voice inside my head is telling me something, but I tune it out. Right now I don't care if this is possibly too much, too friendly, I just want to sleep. And cuddle with Jeremy.

Alright, I think that's a good place to stop :)
Thank you guys so much, again, for rating and reviewing!!
It makes me all tingly inside LoL
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