Review for He Loves Me, He Loves You Not. Oneshot. Frerard.

He Loves Me, He Loves You Not. Oneshot. Frerard.

(#) Moonshyne 2009-08-03

Hi there,

This was so cute. I love the song and how well the story wrapped around it.

I simply seem to love everything you write. I don't usually read Ferard (not because I don't like slash it's just 99.9% of the slash is them. I like reading something different)but every once in a while something catches my eye. Then I read you wrote it and I have a reputation of a stalker to keep up!! LOL!!!

But in all seriousness great job as usual and I love the end with the note too classic.

Author's response

If your a stalker, then you're the nicest stalker I have ever met lol!(:

I love all your reviews, so I don't mind.

I know, I usually don't write too much Frerard, unless it's a oneshot.
I was extremely in dire need of venting, and wriitng is my only source (: I kept listening to that song the other day, and I just thought it was funny to write this xD

Thank you for all of your reviews (: