Review for Caught Up In This Web

Caught Up In This Web

(#) LoveFAI 2009-08-12

Dude. Connor is a major hottie. Taylor is pretty cute too. And yes, Amy's hair is fuckin' awesome.

I just read like this whole thing through, and it is pretty sickk. I'm thoroughly enjoying reading this, it's funny and entertaining.

I really like Jeremy. I don't mean the way he looks, but as a character. He seems really sweet and I just wanna hug him :) And plus, he reminds me of the Pearl Jam song, and you know, I adore them, so that's always good.

Looking forward to reading whatever funny shit you write next...

Author's response

Tee hee :) Yeah, Connor ish a major hottie XD

It's funny, cos everyone so far(or at least a couple) think that Jeremy is a little creepy or scary? I dunno..but whatever. He'd probably scare anyone with his adorableness :)

Thanks for reading! I make lots of faces...:)