Review for I'm Just A Ghost, Haunting My Own Life

I'm Just A Ghost, Haunting My Own Life

(#) Moonshyne 2009-08-31

Hi there Sas,

Poor Patrick I wonder what's going to happen now? Who's the girl and what is she going to do with him?

Is he dead or having an out of body experience. All these questions I have and can't wait to read the answers.

I'm really into this (sort of remind me of What A Catch video, the loneliness of it all).

Looking forward to more.

Author's response

Hey Moonshyne!

I wish I could answer your questions here, but, of course that would give it all away. Thanks for the mention of the video. I had no idea they'd even made one for that - there are so many things that if they're not on iTunes I'm unaware of! I can't even watch it on YouTube because of so-called 'country restrictions'. It's ridiculous, but I did find it elsewhere. It's a lovely video but so sad too. Loved the Titanic being in it though and the 'band member spotting' exercise when he rescued them :D

thanks for reviewing!!!

Sas x