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Chapter 2

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The beginning...

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A/N - Okay, I've decided that this is going to be short little chapters, because - they're easy to read, easy to write and my main one is still my "What happened next after the end of the Sixteen Candles video". So I don't want this to detract too much. Hope nobody minds. I still have 3 MCR stories to go back to, and I will, I really will! :-/

Anyhoo - let me know what you think m'dears!


I stood, huddled in a doorway, sheltering from the cold and rain. Stupidly I’d left my coat in Pete’s car and with every shiver, was new regretting leaving his apartment at all. Could I go back? Who am I kidding? Walk back in there and ask for my coat? No way! I’d be all sheepish and ‘Pete, I need my coat’ to which he’d tell me to fuck off and freeze. I didn’t need that. No, but I really did need my coat or I would freeze. There’s only so much a hat can do to keep you warm; but thank goodness I kept that.

I don’t even know what we were arguing about. Something and nothing, about a song or a memory, a girl or a movie. I couldn’t say, but it was stupid. I was stupid, but he was worse. He always had to be right, but then, so did I. If he cared at all, he’d be out here looking for me and… oh fuck! There he is! My heart raced; I was still too angry with him. Even though he was doing exactly what I was complaining that he wouldn’t do – effectively, I had got what I wanted – but I still needed to hide. It wouldn’t kill him to search for a while and I’d text him later… maybe. I slunk back into the shadows of the doorway as he passed.

He may even have heard the cry I let out as I pushed back against what I soon realised was an open door, but I never got the chance to see. I was hurtling backwards down a flight of steps. It was dark, pitch black as the door swung shut once more. Tumbling blindly, I tried to curl into a ball to prevent flailing limbs being hurt badly on my continuing rapid descent. The very last thing I wanted was to break something and be unable to move. I had no idea where I was or if someone would find me. I was in real trouble. Finally, after what seemed an eternity of painful and disorientating spinning and crashing against walls, I jarred to a halt as my back and head hit the concrete floor.

A sigh escaped my lips as I began to grow accustomed to the darkness. I was trying to call for help, but the pain was too great. I lay on my back with my arms splayed out beside me on the cold, damp floor, my legs trailing up the stairs. Every time I tried to move all I could feel was great shuddering waves of pain. Hearing the hollow pop and ping of plastic on concrete bouncing past me, I allowed my head to loll to the right and saw my cell phone spin to a graceful halt about eight inches from where my hand lay. Unless I could reach it, I was… I didn’t want to think about it. Then I couldn’t. The room began to spin, the drab walls moved in and out of focus. As the blackness closed around me, I saw a figure loom over me.

“Well, well,” I heard a female voice. “Look what we have here.”

My eyes closed and that was it.
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