Review for Love Potion #9

Love Potion #9

(#) Alorkin 2009-09-06

Actually it was very a sick, twisted and utterly disgusting way...but other than the mind churning urge to disembowel myself with a pickle fork...Erm, nemmind. A very well written bit of belly lint.

Personally, think Ron deserves what he got. He tried to screw over his friends and in return, became part of a three way toad and red-head sandwich. Snicker!

Ginny, just got in the way, though, I really don't care for her either.

Umbitch, should end up on a freeway somewhere! Oh, look! Here comes an eighteen wheeler!

I wonder how Dumbledore is going to handle all the backed up toilets throughout the castle.

On the bright side, you've both done the wizarding world an incalculable service through Draco's self-immolation, -and- gotten the right couple together and started the off on some well-deserved naughtiness. Well done, there!