Review for So Shut Your Eyes

So Shut Your Eyes

(#) Mz_sinner 2009-09-16

okay being raped by a ghost doesnt sound fun
ahhh omg if that ghost can project a image of willow too him whats not gunna stop her doing it again and getting gerard killed cos he tries to save willow...O.O HOLY FUCKKKKK!!!!!!!! get gerard out now i demand it i want him outta their lol im hysterical at the thought of this happening...but in ways i keep thinking ges hiding his feelings about this ghost i think he kinda likes it in a way im off to go hyperventilate till sunday ..unless i get a clue pwettty pwease does puppy dog eyes you cant say no to me doing the puppy dog eyes

great chapter :)

Author's response

Don't hyperventilate. LOL Sunday will be here before you know it. Thanks for the review.