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That's What I Thought

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Gerard has another "close" encounter.

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Willow waited twenty minutes before the growing concern she was feeling forced her to leave the bedroom in search of Gerard. Opening the door she looked down the hall towards Bob’s room but his door was closed and she didn’t hear voices. Where would he have gone? Had be been upset about whatever had been said after she had left Bob’s room? She quietly closed the bedroom door and crept towards the main staircase. This place was huge and it was going to be hard to find him. Of course she realized he might not want to be found.
At the bottom of the stairs she stopped when she heard a sound. Straining her ears she stood completely still and listened. There is was again and it sounded like heavy breathing. Slowly she moved through the semi-darkness towards the sound. Shock registered on her face as she entered the main parlor. There sitting in one of the wing backed chairs in a darkened corner was Gerard. His eyes were closed, his head thrown back as the nude woman straddling his lap rode him.
“Gerard.” Willow’s voice was sharp.
His eyes flew open. It was obvious he was confused. “What the fuck?"
Willow crossed the room “Leave him alone.” She said in a strong determined voice. “He doesn’t need you. He doesn’t want you.”
The woman slowly slid off his lap then turned to face Willow. Suddenly a sharp pain pierced Willow’s brain as images of fire and death filled her head. She tried to block the thoughts but the woman was strong.
“Willow?” Gerard’s voice was a whisper. “Sugar, what’s going on?” He asked pulling himself up. It was at that moment fear gripped his soul when he looked down to see his exposed dick.
“Leave him now.” Willow said fighting through the pain. “Go.”
The woman projected one final, painful image to Willow then vanished. Sinking to her knees Willow closed her eyes and let her head drop.
Gerard was beside her in a split second. “Willow, talk to me.” He urged rubbing her back. “Are you okay?”
Willow took several deep breaths trying to clear her mind. “I’m fine.” She finally whispered.
“I don’t understand. What just happened?” The last thing he remembered was sitting in the chair trying to get his thoughts in order. But he also remembered the dream. He remembered seeing Willow’s nude body beneath his own. He’d been thrusting so close to release.
“I came looking for you.” Willow said sitting up a bit straighter.
Gerard was trying to make sense of it all when the realization of what had just happened hit him hard. “Oh fuck. It was her again wasn’t it?”
Willow nodded slowly. “She was straddling you in the chair.” She whispered.
He glanced down at his still hard erection. “Oh fuck.” He fumbled to pull up his pajama pants then fell down beside Willow in a sitting position. “Oh fuck.”
Willow was still trying to clear the images from her brain. So much pain and despair left her feeling crippled.
“I was dreaming I was having sex with you.” Gerard whispered trying to sort through it all.
Willow rubbed her forehead trying to ease the lingering pain.
“What did she do to you?” He asked in a shaky voice.
“What she did last time. She projects terrible images into my mind. She knows they hurt me.”
Gerard moved to enclose her in his arms. “I’m so fuckin’ sorry.” He whispered as he rocked her gently.
“It’s not your fault.” Willow said softly. “You can’t control what she does.” “But if I hadn’t been so fuckin’ horny she wouldn’t have come to me, would she?”
Willow tried to make sense of his words. “Tell me what happened after I left Bob’s room.”
He didn’t want to tell her about the angry words that had been exchanged after she left.
“Tell me, please.” Willow urged. She wanted to understand what had happened and she needed him to be honest.
Gerard realized as long as he continued to touch her she couldn’t hear his thoughts. He tightened his arms around her and told her part of the truth. “I was going to come back to bed but I decided to come down, go outside and have a quick smoke. When I came back in I sat down here for a minute. I guess I fell asleep because the next thing I remember is having the dream about you and I having sex.”
Willow tried not to let it hurt how he always said ‘having sex’ never ‘making love.’ She pulled back slightly to look into his eyes. “You said you were horny.”
He nodded, “Well yeah, I was. That was from when I was touching you in Bob’s room.”
There had to be more to it. Willow could sense he wasn’t telling her everything. “That was the only emotion you were feeling?”
He didn’t want to admit that what Bob had said to him had made him angry and left him feeling guilty. “Yeah.” He said looking away.
Willow knew he was lying but there was no point in pursuing it further.
“What the hell am I gonna do?” Gerard asked. “How do I get her to leave me alone?” “Are you sure you want her to?” Willow asked before she could stop herself.
Gerard gave her a shocked look. “Of course I do. I don’t want a ghost fucking me.”
“Yeah, that’s my job.” Willow said before quickly standing.
He was even more shocked by her anger. “What do you mean?” He jumped to his feet.
“Nothing.” Willow said brushing past him. She was hurting and now was not the time to discuss it.
Gerard wasn’t going to let it go. He grabbed her arm. “No, stop. Tell me what you meant by that remark.”
“Let me go.” Willow said feeling her skin begin to tingle under his touch. “I didn’t mean anything by it.”
Bob’s words echoed in Gerard’s brain. Was he truly making her feel like she was simply a good lay and nothing more? “Just tell me what you meant.”
“I’m tired.” She lied trying to pull away. “I just want to go to sleep.”
He cursed his body for what was happening. Here she was angry and he was getting one hell of a hard-on. Without thought he pulled her to him and crashed his lips down hard on hers. She resisted only a moment.
Willow cursed her body for betraying her. She didn’t want this and yet there was nothing right now she wanted more. Her lips opened to welcome his tongue. She moaned softly as he dipped his hands under her gown. His fingertips on her skin left a trail of fire. She tried so hard to make her brain think. “We can’t.” She whispered against his lips.
He knew she meant someone might walk in on them but he didn’t care. He wanted her so badly nothing mattered. Quickly he took her hand and led her through the semi-dark rooms towards the back entrance. His fevered brain knew the pool area would be very dark
Once outside he led her to one of the chaise lounge chairs and pulled her down with him. He lifted off her gown and in the moonlight her bare skin glistened. “So beautiful.” He said getting up and pushing her gently down to lie on the chair. He looked down at her body and smiled. “We won’t be disturbed here.” He whispered.
Willow stretched out her body and watched as he knelt down beside the chair. His hands roamed her body as if they were trying to memorize each curve. When he bent down to capture her nipple with his mouth she sighed with pleasure. His tongue swirled around the nipple then he blew out his breath feeling it harden under his lips. Willow loved the feel but the desire was building. She wanted to feel his skin against hers. Reaching out she tried to touch him but he moved away.
“Not this time, Sugar. I want this to last.” He whispered. “If you touch me it will be over too soon.”
“But I need.” Willow’s voice trailed off.
“I need too.” He answered in a shaky voice. “But first I want to do this for you.” His hand gently cupped her breast.
His words echoed in her brain. She realized he was trying to go slow for her pleasure. He was making love to her. “Gee, it’s okay.” She tried to explain that she didn’t want him to do this because he felt he should.
He sat back and looked into her eyes. The moonlight was bright enough for her to see the truth they held. “I want to do this for you.” He whispered. “Do you understand?”
She could only nod.
Slowly he leaned over and kissed her lips while letting his fingers trail down past her breast and stomach. When they reached the soft curls that hid her fire he deepened the kiss. Willow pulled away. “Can I please touch you?”
He smiled and pulled off his tee shirt. He inhaled sharply when she reached over and touched his bare chest. Once more he leaned down to kiss her lips while her hand caressed his back. He felt as if he was on fire. His fingers returned to her wet core and as he kissed her deeply he inserted one finger. Her hips arched up trying in vain for more.
“Patience.” He whispered breaking from her lips. He removed his finger but before she could protest his lips were there. He used both hands to gently open her to his tongue. She was withering under his touch. Again and again his tongue darted down her hot, wet slit until she moaned again.
“Please.” She begged.
He raised his head, “Sugar, you taste so good. Just one more taste.” When he lowered his head she sat up and entwined her fingers in his hair urging him on. Slowly he pushed his tongue into her heat. Willow closed her eyes and threw back her head. The desire was coming over her in waves. It was heaven but it wasn’t enough.
“Please” She begged again. “I need you.”
He sat back, stood quickly and shed his pajama pants. Willow was watching him through hooded eyes and saw as he held out his hand. He took her place on the chaise lounge then reached out for her. Slowly Willow straddled the chair and then lowered herself on to his waiting, rock hard erection.
“That’s it, Sugar.” He coaxed. “Oh fuck, yeah.”
Once he was buried deep inside her she bent her knees and placed them on both sides of his thighs. The chair was large enough and she wanted to be able to move on him. Now she had the leverage she needed. Placing her hands on either side of his chest she lifted her body slowly then pushed down hard, burying him deep inside her again and again.
“Oh fuck, yeah.” Gerard moaned. “Take me deep.”
Willow didn’t even try to speak. The only thing in her mind was pure desire. Nothing else, no sounds, no voices, just deep emotion. She continued to move on him feeling him growing, throbbing. Her muscles were tightening and she knew she was close.
“Let go.” He whispered.
She had wanted to wait for his release but she couldn’t. One final time she buried him inside her and the waves of passion exploded. Gerard reached up to gently pinch her nipples as she shook. When the feeling finally abated she collapsed on to his chest. Gerard caressed her back lovingly.
“What about you?” Willow asked breathlessly. She could feel he was still hard inside her. “What can I do?”
He smiled. “Get up and I’ll show you.”
Willow dragged her body off him and stood on shaky legs. Gerard got up and stood beside her. He led her to the foot of the chaise lounge and gently moved her into position. She was on her knees on the chair. He urged her to lean her head down on her arms leaving her ass in the air. “This okay?” he whispered.
“Yes.” Willow answered smiling as she felt his fingers spreading her. He positioned his tip, gripped her thighs then thrust into her in one swift movement. Willow was shocked to feel desire once again building within her. Gerard could feel it too. He reached around with one hand and began to massage her clit. Willow moaned in pleasure.
“Moan my name.” Gerard whispered. “Tell me how much you want me.”
Unexpected tears filled her eyes. She did want him more than he’d ever understand. “Gee.” She cried out.
He thrust one final time and came hard. Willow’s second release came moments later. When he felt able he moved back and Willow lowered her body to lie flat on the lounge. Gerard looked down at her feeling emotions he couldn’t understand. He didn’t want to understand. “Come on.” He said moving to the side of the chair and putting out his hand to her.
Willow rolled on her side and reached out for his hand. He helped her up but instead of gathering their clothing he led her to the pool. On the second to the last step he stopped, sat down and pulled her down to sit between his legs. The warm water cradled them.
“This is nice.” Willow said leaning back against his chest.
“Yeah, it is.” He agreed leaning back against the step and looking up at the stars. “Much nicer than wanting to sit at the bottom.”
A chill ran through Willow at that thought. What if he had done that and on one had been there to pull him out?
“What are you thinking?” His breath was warm in her ear.
“About what you just said.” She admitted. “Thinking how empty my life would be at this moment if…” She knew she was saying too much.
Gerard closed his eyes. Did this woman really love him? That question brought pain. He didn’t want to hurt her but if she did love him it could only end in pain. He could never love her and that knowledge hurt more then he’d believed possible. If only things could be different. If only he could make himself forget.
“What are you thinking?” Willow whispered.
“Thinking I’m glad you can’t hear my thoughts.” He admitted sadly.
The only sound was the soft whoosh of the water caused by the ripples Willow made by wiggling her toes. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.”
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