Review for So Shut Your Eyes

So Shut Your Eyes

(#) x_Charlie_x 2009-09-16

I would willingly hit him on the head with a shovel until he does forget! =P its a bit extreme but it could work haha
I wish he would just sit with her and tell her that he does care for her, he just can't love her for now, because I do believe that eventually he will be able to love again, his ability to get this close to Willow so quickly has kinda proven that, he just needs time. If he doesnt explain it all to Willow though she might not give him the time he needs because to be honest if I was her I'd have gotten out of the situation AGES ago. It takes a lot of strength to love someone who doesn't love you and still play along...

The ghost rape thing was pretty creepy, I think Willow's reaction was fitting, like she was a little jealous at seeing him with someone else but also protective.

Hmmm... I just know it's gunna get worse but I hope they all get through it with bodies and minds intact.

Can't wait for Sunday!

Author's response

You are exactly right about Willow's reaction to seeing him with the ghost. She was jealous but also very protective of him. Think it's gonna get worse? I'll never tell....LOL