Review for Holly Evans and the Spiral Path

Holly Evans and the Spiral Path

(#) DarQuing 2009-09-26

I'm really enjoying this story and the thought put into it. I think what I like most is the way the characters develop. :)

Though hot smutty action is never a bad thing. ;)

I disagree with how you view the British Wizarding World (I've seen nothing in canon to indicate that women are marginalized), but its still a valid viewpoint and makes for some good foreground conflict until Moldyshorts comes into play.

Please update soon! :)

Author's response

The British Wizarding world is characterized slightly differently in the Spiral Path for two reasons- the first is an author fiat to take everyone in canon and darken them a bit for realism. The second has to do with the actual departure point for this AU; in a way, the goblin-treaty-induced Policy 12 was Holly's fault, even though it was initiated in the 1800's. Normal biases against women and muggle-borns are much closer to canon than you might expect but the Ministry has been acting extra-oppressive for the last 13 decades because of a story element I've yet to fully reveal.
Next chapters (Tangent and Path) should be along more quickly than the last few- this one was a complicated puzzle to assemble. Thanks for the review and hanging in there with me!