Review for So Shut Your Eyes

So Shut Your Eyes

(#) Mz_sinner 2009-09-27


ok for one thing i understand gerard was hurt for what willow did to try an control him and also what jessica said and just his whole trust issue with women but he stil should not of done what he did to willow hes and asshole -.- but i like ur asshole gerards their always hot and you write them well.that whole thing with the mother is kind of intriguing(cant spell) maybe she doesnt wanna find her little girl i know that sounds harsh but i get the feeling shes not a very nice women and shes very selfish and obsessed with gee(arent we all tho LOL jk) but then i look at the little girl an im torn at her slight mind frame maybe shes playing naive and wanting to find her mother or maybe she brought mikey and all that back to get rid of her or something along those lines.
im alsowondering whats gunna happen with bob and all that he was a ickhead for telling bob where they were eating and as for gee at the end he was acting like a proper snob he shouldnt give two fucks about the press just aslong as his bro gets better,but then again i think everyone has that snobbish darkside which his compeltly sterotypical,racist and machonistic but yeah thats all i gotta say

great chapter loved it wanna kick gee in the balls but apart from that it rocked :)