Review for So Shut Your Eyes

So Shut Your Eyes

(#) x_Charlie_x 2009-09-27

Hmm, first poor Mikey. I'm thinking he wouldn't have seen that reaction coming a mile off and while he was completely thrown and confused he had Gerard bitching and moaning about the fact that the cleaners were there.

As for the Gerard-Willow thing. I can completely understand now why Gerard was so angry, I would be annoyed to think that someone would use a connection like theirs to try to control me, add in his already existing trust issues and it makes a lot of sense. I don't think Willow was completely in the wrong though, she was obviously taken aback when he explained to her so I think she probably didnt think it through from his point of view at the time.

As for the upcoming talk about their 'relationship'. I was a little surprised (and happy) that Gerard referred to it as a relationship because it sort of admits that it is deeper than friends having sex. I'm thinking he's not about to reveal his undying love though... for one he is still conciously keeping some things from her, often when he talks to her about things he makes a point to remain physical contact so she can't hear his thoughts and so she only knows exactly what he wants her to hear.

I think it'll be good for them though, Willow also needs to explain her feelings because she doesn't do a lot of talking either... but I hope she doesn't get her heartbroken.

As for Bob... I still think he's kind of an idiot but I'm sure he had his reasons...

Loved it!! Sorry for the huge review lol I just got a bit caught up in my thoughts! can't wait for more x