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Come on now, you can't write a story like this without using descriptors such as "dripping," "throbbing," "moist," "hot," etc.

And did Harry wake up for the last one? I would think that someone bouncing on his lap would a little more intense than just licking and sucking. That would be one hell of a wake up call, wouldn't it?

"Hey Hermione, what are you doing?"
"You," she replied as she continued to bounce up and down on.

Also, did McGonagall put up a note in the girls' dorm rooms seeking /"volunteers"/? Did the girls have to sign up and then go through a review process?

"No, Miss Vane, you're far too young for Mr. Potter."

"I see that you are quite experienced in fellatio, Miss Brown. Perhaps you can give the other girls some hints and pointers."

"I don't think it would be proper for the both of you to take your turns at the same time, Misses Patil. I don't care that you're twins and that you share everything. If Mr. Potter were to wake up while the two of you took care of his /needs/, he might die of sheer ecstasy. I would think that one would have to ease the young man into such a situation and not just spring it upon him."

"For the last time, Myrtle, you are a ghost! You cannot possible be one of the girls that participate."

sigh "Pomona, I think it would be highly immoral for you to participate. I know how much you care for your students, but isn't fellatio in the middle of the night going a little too far?"

"Mr. Creevey, for the last time: NO! Now get out of my office!"

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Author's response

OH hell! Your review was better than the story!

Tell you what...I'd love to be wakened like that!

I would imagien all the girls had to be vetted by Hermione, although Minerva would be a wonderful substitute. Nobody would dare lie to her.

Romilda is the magical equivalent of a psycho stalker. On the other hand, I really don't care for canon Ginny either.

Experience notwithstanding, Lav-lav does nothing for me.

While I can understand Minerva's comments to the Patils, I can only say: Party Pooper! If he has to die, I can see no better way! BWAHAHAHA!

Myrtle would be COLD!

Sorry, Pomona. I have to agree. On the other hand, maybe you can breathe some humanity into our resident manufacturer of freelance pharmaceuticals.

Sorry, Colin. Why don't you have a little chat with Seamus?

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