Review for Caught Up In This Web

Caught Up In This Web

(#) IeroMyHeroMCR 2009-10-05

AH HA i'm alive too :) Gosh this was soooo long ... but but sooooo amazing! I love all their characters so much (Jermey... lol)!!!! I saw your email and i will reply!!!! But... it's like 1 here and i'm super uber tired great chapter and YOU BETTER UPDATE SOONER MISSSY!!!!! I think most of my stories kinda died cause of so much fucking school :(

LUFF YOU!!!!!!

Author's response

Woo! I was waiting for you to read it :) I missed choo! But even more I missed writing so much. I'm taking a creative writing class, so my creativity should be up and running sooner or later XD

Luff youuuu!