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Finally, I'm alive!

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Hey everyone! Sorry it took me like, a full flippin' MONTH to write this all out. I started school and stuff, and I had to like officially move into my dad's place(and put up with his annoying crap that he's dealing out right at this very moment..something about noodles in the burner) but anyway, I really hope this makes up for it. And if it doesn't, well.. I'll make it up some other time :)



Wednesday, October 25

Like Oh Em Gee I'm Bleeding Out Of My FUCKING Vagina :) Sorry Amers, Just HAD To Write Something In Your Beloved JOURNAL!
-_- -_- -_- -_- -_-

Wow.. my best friend is OFFICIALLY more immature than I am

It's been almost two days since Taylor got shot, and how have I been spending my time?
Watching Kyle XY and helping Taylor :) Hey, it's what a good friend would do (I think..but I should have Mikey do it!)
Speaking of Taylor..she's sleeping right now, and she's still got some faded sharpie on her face ^^ I feel so happy!
Dude! This Adam guy just got shot. So he's dead. And Kyle is emptying his ashes into a really nice river. Poor Kyle. Now this Foss guy is gonna go shoot people, or at least he wants to, but Kyle isn't gonna let him. This sucks!
This Foss guy is like, inside the one building, and he planted a bomb! Let's hope he doesn't die..because now he's in the room-oh shit! Now Kyle is in the building WTF?! This chick is-was-moving and OMG! THE BUILDING JUST BLEW UP! AH! Poor woman/girl/thing...
Totally done writing :)

Teehee, you didn't think I'd JUST write about this stupid show, did you?
(Btw he just returned home! Eeh!)

You may be wondering; who's taken over for Taylor while she recovers? Well have no fear, Mikey ish here! LoL yesh, he has taken over for Taylor, and I didn't even have to ask him. He just came up to me and told me not to bother finding a fill-in, that he'd do it. And you know what? He even uses her bass. How cute is that? But oh, not as cute as the response he gave me when I asked him about it. His exact words were, I believe, "I'm making sure her bass doesn't feel all MIA, y'know?" and I couldn't help it. I HAD to laugh (same with everyone within ear-shot). Oh! And I don't have to rub his feet anymore :) Anyway, he's got our stuff down pretty well. He's been practicing non-stop since like yesterday (starting early in the morning) and I gotta say, I do belive he's practiced more than Connor has this week.
Speaking of Connor..he's got his cute little nose in a book LoL Hm.. Might as well go through what each of us is doing, eh?

-Connor's reading a book (obviously)
-Mikey's playing Halo
-Jeremy's kicking Mikey's ass (at Halo)
-Gerard's somewhere in the back
-Ray's napping in his bunk
-Frank and Maggie are cuddling on the couch (ew)
-Bob's in the bathroom
-Taylor's in bed, resting, just like the doctor ordered (and yelling something at me, altho I dunno what it is)
and I'm sitting at the table writing to you loverly people :)

Ray made a very good point the other night: It's a LOT easier to handle the horrible paparazzi when in the comforting space of the bus. They've been banging on our doors (and windows) since Monday night, after I fell asleep (according to Bob). I can't believe I didn't wake up, not even when they knocked on my window. You'd think I would have.. Ray didn't either, although I'm pretty sure that's because he covered his head shortly after I stopped dropping the string into his mouth (great fun!) Anyway..

So the reason Bob's always in the bathroom these days is becaaaause: He's taking some sort of diet pill, and it seems to run right through his system. I didn't ask him about it, even though I'm dying of curiousity, because I found the box of diet pills while snooping under his bunk, hoping to find my missing pair of socks (which I found this morning). Bob doesn't like it when people snoop, and I'm pretty sure if I ask him about it he'll either 1) get all pissy or 2) get all embarrassed and then find something really bad in MY stuff like my birthday gift from Taylor (hint hint: it vibrates). So yeah, that's why it would be NO BUENO to talk to him about it.

Ok, I've noticed lately thaaaaat I've been saying "no bueno" a LOT. Know why? I don't know :) It just makes more sense to use a different language.
Oh oh oh! I learned a few Mexican insults on this online thing, I think it was. Sure, the jokes themselves are really STUPID and OLD, but the insults are hilarious! I haven't used any of them yet, partially because I don't have that accent that Taylor does when speaking Mexican and partially because I haven't quite figured out how to pronounce them correctly, but I might ask Filip to help XD
My tooth hurts! I blame it on Taylor..
Speaking of Taylor..
She's been speaking to Jenn NON-STOP since she got home (well, technically it's not home, but you get the picture, right?) and it's so annoying! Mikey's the only one who can handle it, the rest of us roll our eyes (especially Connor) and make faces at her behind her back. Just all the icky lovey-dovey stuff is just..UGH! LoL
Grrr, I am SO excited for today!
Oh that's right, I forgot to tell you.. We've got an interview in about an hour, and since Taylor's forbidden to leave the bus the person is coming to us :) Oh, would you look at that! Everyone's getting ready now..

-Connor's still reading
-Mikey's getting dressed
-Jeremy's still playing Halo (cos he's already dressed)
-Gerard's still somewhere in the back
-Ray's puffing up his fro (it's gotten longer in the past couple of weeks and likes to stay flat)
-Bob's in his bunk
-Taylor is still yelling at me (I think it's something about a phone and a sandwhich)
and I'm done writing.. I think..

Anyway, yeah, I'm definitely done writing. Taylor's screeching is getting louder by the second, so.. Gotta jet!

P.S! Mikey totally likes Taylor (he blushes every time I mention it)
Gerard hasn't been talking to Lizzy lately (will they finally end it?)
RAY HAS A GIRLFRIEND! (I know, I was totally shocked too!)
Frank and Maggie are OFFICIALLY dating now :)
Bob's a loner

"Amy! Get your fucking phone!"

Taylor's been yelling this at me for quite some time now, and I still haven't moved an inch. Okay, maybe ONE inch, but that's all, I swear!

"Shut up, I'm coming!" I call back to her. Standing up and shoving my journal into my messenger bag, I chuckle softly. Taylor's never been very patient, and now with her shoulder all messed up, she's even worse than usual. Taylor screeches at me again, and I practically run to her bunk, just barely managing to grab my phone before I crash to the floor. Closing my eyes and cursing under my breath, I put the phone up to my ear and greet my dad with the ever-so-famous "Hey Dad, how's it goin'?" I groan and stand up, rubbing my left elbow, which took the fall.

"Nothing really, Sweetheart. Just missing my little girl!" I wince and hold the phone away from my ear, adjusting the volume so that it's on two instead of five. My dad has a slight hearing problem (I think) and always talks really loud on the phone. But it's okay, since he's my dad. The only annoying part? His hearing problem often prevents him from hearing certain things I say. And actually, now that I think about it, sometimes that's a good thing. But not when I have to repeat things. I hate repeating things. It's just one of those pet peeves you get at an early age in life, y'know? But again, it's okay, since he's my dad. Can you hear the sarcasm?

"That's cool, I guess. Don't miss me too much, you might just get lonely," I joke. There was no way he'd be getting lonely any time soon, since my little brother lives with him. Michael just turned sixteen this past July. Taylor's gift was to sneak him a little bit of alcohol, and I pitched in with his first-ever lap dance (against my better judgement). But he had fun. "How's the house cleaning coming?"

"Oh, it's going okay, I suppose. Mike's playing Halo, by the way, in case you wanted to talk to- Dammit, Michael, that's it!" he yells, and I hold the phone away from my ear again. I hear Michael yelling something about the game being a stupid piece of shit, and Dad grounding him off the computer, and more yelling from Michael, and then something about helping Dad clip his toe nails. I breathe deeply and sigh, waiting for Dad to quit yelling and talk to me again. After five minutes, he does. "Sorry about that. You know your brother.." I smile.

"Yeah, I sure do. Unless he gets a girlfriend any time soon, he'll be playing that stupid game in his sleep. So, Dad, did you hear about Taylor?"

"Yeah, I was just talking to her about it. She says a lot of weird things, you know. I can see why you two get along so well.. although your mother still doesn't believe me when I tell her that you guys aren't dating."

I roll my eyes and sigh, remembering every little comment my mom has ever made about me and Taylor, and our 'so-not-normal' friendship. Me and Taylor have never dated, or even come close to it. Sure, we've made out before (who hasn't kissed their best friend at least once?) but that was all. We had this little inside joke, twelve-oh-four, and she still brings it up sometimes. But ever since we hit high school, twelve-oh-four was nevermore. Man, so many memories!

"You know how mom is, she wouldn't even belive me if I told her I was a virgin," I say, and my mind wanders over to everything that Jeremy and I did the other night. After a few seconds, I start to feel awkward and block the thoughts, listening to my dad instead.

"I know, Amy. Believe me, I know. So is the tour really exciting? Anything really cool happen yet? Apart from Monday, that is." I bite my lip and think over the last couple weeks.

"Well.. Now that you mention it.. No, not really. I wrote a new song, though, so I guess that's a little exciting. Oh and I think I mentioned before that I'm dating Jeremy?"

"Yes, you did. And how is that working out? I know you haven't exactly been into dating since everything that happened between you and Kevin." My dad spits out the name like it was a horrible curse, and I sigh.

"Yeah, I know. But trust me, I'm way over that. Besides, I shouldn't have let him get to me like that. It's something mom would do.." There's a short pause, and I hear my dad's deep breathing. It worries me. He's in his early fifties, and his health isn't exactly all that good. He's one hundred percent disabled, and Michael usually helps him with things. He even does his schooling over the computer, just to be closer to him. Y'know, in case of an emergency. When I was growing up, I used to help him with a lot of the things that Michael now does. Except showering. Dad never let me help him shower, cos, well, that was a guy thing. For that, Michael would get to stay home and help him with it. I used to get so pissy about it, because after all he was my dad too, and I hated not being able to do something just because he had a penis. That would bug you too, right?

"Honey, you've got to stop comparing yourself to Penny. That's not good."

"Yeah yeah, I know, I know. Hey uh, you met Jeremy right? I mean, we've been friends for quite a while, so you've had to have met him at least once," I say, and in the front of the bus I hear Ray talking to everyone. While my dad breathes and (hopefully) thinks of a reply, I move over to the back of the bus and take a seat next to a sleeping Gerard, making sure not to disturb him.

"Uh yeah, I think so. He's the tall one, the awkward one, right?" I giggle and tell him that yes, Jeremy is the tall, awkward shy one, and he chuckles. "He's a very fine young man. Are you worried you made a wrong choice, Sweetheart?" Sighing, I lean back against the cushions and think about it.

"Well.. I wouldn't say that I'm worried, I just wanted to know what you thought of him. And now I know so.. It's all good." Just as I finish, Jeremy walks in, and I smile. He motions for me to hang up, and I give him the 'one-more-minute' finger. He smiles and sits down next to me, close to the window. "Hey uh, I gotta go. We've got an interview in.."

"Fifteen minutes," Jeremy whispers, and I nod.

"About fifteen minutes. I need to get all ready and stuff, so I love you Daddy," I say, standing up.

"Alright, well give me a call later if you can, okay?" I smile and tell him that I'll try, and we hang up. I toss my phone up into my bunk and bend down, reaching into my bag for my black skinnies and a clean purple tank-top. Making sure that nobody is heading my way, I yank off my pj pants and pull on my clean ones, then pull off my shirt. Looking out of the corner of my eye, I notice Jeremy in the doorway, watching me, and I giggle. After pulling the loose top over my head and shoving my arms (somewhat violently) through the arm holes, I turn around and walk over to Jeremy.

"It's not polite to watch a lady change, mister," I tease, standing on my toes and wrapping my arms around him. He smiles and plants a kiss on my lips, making me smile in return.

"Well, you hardly count as a lady, Amy," he teases back, and I swat his arm. He smirks at me and then picks me up, throwing me over his shoulder. I squeal and he walks towards the front of the bus. "Hey guys, look what I found!" he yells, and everyone looks at him (and my ass, which is, sadly, still kind of big).

"Whoa, get a load of that!" Bob chuckles, and I frown. "Her ass is bigger than your face!" I blush and kick out, and everyone laughs.

"Jeremy, you put me down!" I holler, and he laughs, then turns in a circle. I close my eyes, trying not to get dizzy, and pound on his back. "Jeremy fucking Blaine, you put me down RIGHT NOW!" I scream, and Frank giggles obvoxiously (is there any other way?)

"Dude, she used your middle name! Better put her down before she bites your dust, Nikaa!" Taylor shouts from her bunk. Jeremy spins around once more, then sets me down on my feet, and I sway slightly.

"Hey, you okay?" he asks, and I swat him away.

"Not fucking funny, Jer," I say, pretending to be mad. Then I turn to Bob and glare, and he backs up. "So, my ass is bigger than his face? Well your bloody fucking body is gonna be the perimeter of the bus!" He backs up a little more and I run at him, and end up chasing him around the bus a few times before he has the sense to run out of the bus (thank goodness we're stopped at a gas station somewhere, other wise Bob really would be the perimeter of the bus). I run after him, gaining a little, and tackle him in a patch of grass. We roll around for a while, with me trying to strangle him as he tries to escape.

"Amy, chill out! So what if your ass is huge?" Maggie shouts at me, and I pause for a second in my strangling of Bob. He takes this opportunity to breathe, and I glare at Maggie, who quickly stammers out, "I mean look at me, my calves are huge! But I take is a compliment, because it means they're strong and I have a good chance of escaping someone trying to hurt me. And your ass is, um, nice! Because Jeremy loves it!" I think about this for a second and then stand up, offering Bob my hand. He takes it and then runs to the bus, and I giggle, slightly amused, then walk over to where Maggie, Jeremy, and Mikey are standing. Ray and Frank head inside to finish getting ready (and probably to make sure I didn't leave marks on Bob).

"Babe, you okay?" Jeremy asks, wrapping his arms around me. I shrug, then look up at him.

"So.. my ass being big.. is a good thing?" Maggie smiles and nods, and Jeremy kisses the top of my head.

"Yes, Amy, it's a very good thing," Mikey says, and when Maggie, Jeremy, and I look at him, he blushes and runs inside. I chuckle and lean into Jeremy, and he kisses the top of my head again.

"Why is it good?" I ask, already knowing the answer. But I want to hear it from Jeremy.

"Because I love it," he says softly, and I smile, then give him my 'and-why-is-that' look. He blushes and looks down, muttering, "And because it'," and I giggle.

"Okay, all is forgiven. Poor Bob, though." Jeremy nods his head and Maggie skips inside, and when Jeremy and I climb in we see her and Frank all curled up together on the large chair that a fan gave us yesterday. It's really comfortable, and we had to get rid of the two smaller chairs that we used to have for playing video games in for it to fit anywhere. I look around for Bob, hoping to apologize, but a loud groan from inside the bathroom makes me laugh. Poor Bob indeed!

"Amy!" Taylor screeches, and I sigh, then head over to her bunk.


"Make me a sammich?" She pokes her head out and gives me the puppy dog stare, and I groan. She smiles and disappears, and I walk over to the stove, pulling out two pieces of bread, a piece of sliced ham, and some weird Kraft cheese (yucky yucky ka-ka poo-poo). I don't even bother putting mayonnaise on it. I put the meat and cheese on one slice of bread, cover it with the other piece, and walk back over to Taylor's bunk.

"Here you go, Tay. You almost ready to get up? The interviewer person should be here any minute now," I say, and her hand pops out, grabs the sandwhich, and then disappears behind the curtain again. I stand there, waiting for her to answer, and a few seconds later she pops her head back out and looks up at me.

"Are you done?" I blink at her and she blinks back, then sighs. "Go away. I'll be out in a second." Her head disappears again and I roll my eyes and take a few steps, heading toward the back of the bus. Suddenly I hear the sound of moaning coming from her bunk. Curious, I tip-toe over and listen a little closer, and my eyes go wide. I pull the curtain open and look in, and what do I see? Jennifer..on the laptop..putting on a show for Taylor.

"What the fuck, Amy!" she yells, and I hastily pull the curtain shut again, giggling hysterically as I walk to the back of the bus where I find Gerard fast asleep on the couch, one arm hanging off to the side and the other (not surprisingly) in his pants. I manage to hold in a giggle as he scratches his goods, just like every man does. Hm.. do I really want to wake him up? Yesh, yesh I do..


After staring at Gerard for a few minutes, thinking up every possible way to wake him, I finally decide to stick with the classical 'pounce-on-him' scheme. Shooting a quick prayer up to God that he doesn't end up killing me, I put a smile on my face and proceed to pounce on him.

"Gerard! Wake up! Cu-caw, cu-caw!" I yell, bouncing my body up and down. His eyes open slowly, and when I put my face real close to his, his body jolts and before I know it I'm falling off the couch. I grab onto him as a failed attempt to stay, and he ends up falling with me. I can feel his soft breathing against my neck, and I try not to squirm or giggle. Instead, I groan and push him off, rubbing my left boob (which got crushed by Gerard's shoulder).

"What the hell?" he asks, all groggy-like. He stands up and rubs his eyes, looks down, and then glares at me. "Did you have to wake me up so God da-"

"Finish that word, and I swear I'll castrate you," I joke, trying to get a laugh out of him. Or just any reaction, really. The corner of his mouth twitches, along with his right eye, and he forces a glare, even though we both know he'd rather laugh and cover himself. I smile.

"Remind me not to fall asleep while you're around ever again," he smirks, running a hand through his hair. "Why'd you wake me up, anyway?" I sigh and stand up.

"The interview, remember?" As soon as the words leave my mouth, his eyes widen and he jolts down the hall, mumbling to himself. "Dude, what are you doing?" I walk up behind him and watch as he rushes to and fro, all the while mumbling to himself.

"I'm looking for my clothes!" he calls from inside his bunk. I giggle and shake my head.

"You're wearing them," I say, and he turns around, looks down at himself, and then opens his mouth to speak. Before he can ask where his shoes are, I point under his bunk. He smiles and bends over, and I can't help but to look at his ass. Hm.. For an older man, it's pretty cute.. Oh God, did I really just think that? Fuck, I'm going crazy.. Yes, I realize that I'm totally checking him out, and yes, I realize that I really shouldn't be. But no, I don't really care. Like my little brother always says, 'When an opportunity presents itself, make good use of it.'

"Stop staring at my ass," he says, and I blush, silently cursing myself for being so obvious. Trying to sound annoyed, I sigh and turn around, walking back to the couch. "I mean, I know it's nice 'n all," he adds as he walks back and sits down next to me, pulling on his shoes. "But that doesn't mean you get to stare at it for free." He smirks at me and I look out the window, trying to ignore him. Wow, Gerard. You catch me checkin' you out, and all you can do is tell me it isn't free? Psh, I could'a told you that! After all, you practically belong to that crazy woman whom you call 'Lizzy'.. How long has it been, really, since you talked to her? A few hours? A day, at most? Wait a minute.. Now I sound jealous. Okay, I am SO not jealous. I'm just.. annoyed.. that Lizzy treats you like shit. Yeah, that sounds more like what a friend would d- Oh what the hell, I'll admit it: I'm jealous, in a way. I hate how she treats you, how she calls you up and acts all sweet and then suddenly starts yelling. I hate how you stare at me, and how you let me play with you hair. You really shouldn't, because we both know that girls only play with hair that they like. But what I hate the most? How for the past ten minutes that I've been thinking and staring out this window, I haven't thought of Jeremy even once. Oh God.. I'm a horrible girlfriend, aren't I? Oh God, oh God, oh GodohGodohGodohGo-

"Shut up!" I mumble to myself. I hear Gerard chuckle, and with a sigh I realize that he probably thought I'd been talking to him. Oh well, what could it hurt?

"You know you liked it," he teases, and for a second I almost forget what he said last. I blink, suddenly remembering, and I turn to him and smack his arm.

"Stop being just a Geetard!" He doesn't say anything, just chuckles some more, and I stand up to leave. I take two steps before I feel his hand gently tug at my arm, and I stop, sigh, and turn to him. "Can I help you?" He smirks and steps closer, so that our noses are just barely touching, and for some reason this makes my heart speed up.

"I'm sorry for teasing," he says, all innocent-like. I roll my eyes and he gives me that silly, crooked grin of his. "No, really I am. Forgive me?" He gives me the puppy dog stare and I groan, smiling in defeat. I nod and he hugs me, and I return it. Then I turn and make my way up front. Gerard follows closely behind me, chuckling to himself.

"Hey Bob, you almost do-"

"Don't worry, Amy, I promise not to tell Jeremy about you checkin' out my ass," Gerard says, very loudly. Everyone in the front room looks at me, questions written on all of their faces. I grit my teeth and wheel around, facing Gerard. He takes a step back after seeing the look on my face.

"Come here!" I growl, and before I can attack him with my amazing vampire powers (note the sarcasm), Jeremy scoops me up in his arms and walks away, setting me down on the couch. He sits down next to me, stroking my hair, and I giggle. "You sure know how to cheer me up, Jer Bear." He chuckles and pulls me closer to him, so that my head is resting on his shoulder, and I sigh and close my eyes.

"Dang Amy, you're just all moody today," Frank says, whistling, and I chuckle.

"Yeah, I know. I'm sorry you guys, I'm just.. stressed, I guess." Mikey nods, Jeremy kisses the top of my head, and Gerard gives me an apologetic smile. I smile and lean my head back against the couch (away from Jeremy's shoulder), and randomly start singing the most annoying song that pops into my head.

What you gon' do with all that junk?
All that junk inside your trunk?
I'ma get, get, get, get you drunk
Get you love drunk off my hump!

"Ugh, shut up Amy! That's like, the most annoying song ever!"I open my eyes and look directly at Taylor, who just came out from her bunk. She's frowning, and also humming the rest of the tune while Maggie dances in her seat, singing some of a verse. Frank smiles, though it looks a little pained, and wraps his arms around Maggie. She actually likes the song, hence the dancing. I absolutely hate it. But, what can I say? When something like that pops up into your head, the best way to get it out is to sing through it. Right?

"That was completely and utterly random," Mikey comments, and I smirk.

"Speaking of random, you'll never believe what Brian told me this-"

"Is Bob still in the bathroom?" I ask, interrupting Ray. Frank starts to answer, but gets interrupted by Bob himself.

"No, I am not," he says in this weird macho voice, which makes me giggle. "When's that interview person supposed to-"

"I was trying to say some-"

"Knock knock," a very familiar voice calls out, and as Taylor and I turn toward the bus door, I almost scream.

"Christina!" we cry at the same time, and suddenly it's a race to see who can reach her first.

"Amy! Taylor!"

We slam into her at the same time, practically choking her to death with the intensity of our hug. All three of us jump up and down in that silly way that us girls tend to do, and the guys all chuckle to themselves.

"Oh my God, I didn't think I'd see you again!" I exclaim, and she smiles.

"I know! You have no idea how excited I was when I heard that you guys got famous. And then when my boss asked me to interview you guys, I almost died!" Christina turns and looks around the room, nodding to everyone. "Hey there, Jeremy, Connor, and Maggie." They all mutter a 'hello' and she walks over to the couch, sitting on the other side of Jeremy. I follow and sit back down where I was before, and Taylor walks over to the big chair, clutching her shoulder as she takes a seat next to Mikey. He moves over a little bit so that she has enough room to stretch out, and she smiles.

"Okay, so I'm Christina, if you didn't catch the screaming," she starts, smiling around the room. I can tell she's slightly nervous by the way her hands are shaking. It's barely noticable, unless you're real familiar with her. "I know who you are, I'm pretty sure, but would you mind tellng me anyway?"

"Sure, no problem. I'm Ray, and this is Bob, Frank, Mikey, and Gerard," Ray introduces, and she writes a couple things down on a small pad of paper that she grabs from her small messenger bag.

"Thank you. So I'm pretty new at this, obviously. Forgive me if I mess up a little?" she jokes. A couple of the guys cough.

I look over at Ray and mouth something. He gets this confused look on his face and mouths back 'What?' and I mouth it again. This time he rolls his eyes and says, "What?"

"Talk afterwards?" He nods and I turn back to Christina. "Sorry bout that, I'm-"

"Shut up so she can ask questions!" Taylor all but yells, and we all laugh.

"Right then, before I start, I want to let you guys know that a few of my questions were sent in by fans, so they might get a little weird at times. But you don't have to answer anything if you don't want to. Also," she says, looking at me, "I have to sound professional, so don't say too many things referring to our younger days. Capiche?" I smile and nod, and she turns on the tape recorder. She says a few introductions, then motions for all of us to say hi together. She pauses, says a couple more things, and then looks up and smiles. "How did you guys all meet? And how long have you all known each other?"

"Taylor and I met in seventh grade, at the bus stop. We hit it off right away, and ever since then we've practically been joined at the hip. Maggie and I are, as you all know, cousins. I went to school with Connor since about the second grade, but we didn't really start talking and hanging out until the end of our freshman year. Jeremy, though.. we met him just a few years back, at the end of our junior year. So, I guess that's like.. fifty-one years, all totalled up. But.. in reality it's like, I dunno, a really long time."

"Fifty-one years is a really long time," Christina smiles, writing something down. "When did you form your band? What was it that inspired you to express yourself through the music?"

"Uh, honestly I dunno. I think it was the first night I spent at her house and she showed me her guitar. The blue one, yeah?" Taylor nods, and I continue. "So that was that. But the band officially formed some time during our freshman year, when Connor joined. That was when we started getting serious. As for what inspired us, I'd say it was a lot of the bands that we looked up to. I mean, they really inspired me to try harder at life, and to work on perfecting my lyrics. And besides, what better way to express yourself than through everything you live for?"

"That makes sense, yes. Who were the people that inspired you the most?"

"Definitely Green Day and Switchfoot, not to mention these guys here," Jeremy says, and Taylor nods.

"Yeah, definitely. I mean, if it was for Ray Toro over there, I might never have picked up that guitar in the seventh grade," she adds, and I smile.

"I thought you'd always played bass?" Christina asks, and I shake my head.

"No, actually, she hasn't. When we were first starting out, it was me and Taylor on guitar, and Connor on drums. But then in our freshman year, she decided to switch over to bass. Thus Connor took up guitar, which he played way better than drums, and that's also the year that Maggie moved to Phoenix. She wanted to play flute, but I told her that piano would sound so much better. Hey, I have to have some power, right? Anyway, and then you all know that our Junior year gave us Jeremy. So yeah.."

"Do you have a fall-back plan, in case you ever stop touring and making music?"

"Not really, no. I mean, I suppose I could go to college, something my parents always wanted me to do. But I really doubt that'll ever happen. As long as I've still got life in me, I'll be on that stage. You can count on that."

"I dunno, I wouldn't mind working at Taco Bell with a bunch of bean-"

"How often do you practice a week?" Christina interrupts, and I give her the thumbs up sign. Even though I'm sure a few people are amused by her frequent use of the word 'beaners', it wouldn't give us a very good image. We could be called racist bastards, for all I know!

Jeremy takes this one, letting me think for a little bit. "Right now we're practicing a minimal of once a day, however long it takes to get it all down perfectly. Plus with My Chem's bassist, Mikey, filling in for Taylor while her shoulder heals, he's got a big ol' plate full of practice. So we like to practice a few hours a day, getting used to the way he plays. But once Taylor's back, we'll probably practice just a few times a week. Don't wanna over-do it, but we don't wanna totally suck at the shows, y'know?"

"What has been your biggest challenge, as a band? How did you -or how will you- overcome it?"

"I'd have to say the biggest challenge we've had as a band would be getting our point across. Like uh, we're not so into the fame like most musicians are, we're doing it because we want to make a difference in the world. We want to reach teens, the ones that are going through what so many of us have already gone through. There is a way out of every little thing you go through, and we're going to try and address those," Connor answers, and I giggle.

"Jeez Con-Man, you make us sound like polititians!" He shrugs and Taylor chuckles. "What he means is that as we progress in the way we write, we'll most likely be singing about the issues a lot of teens face every day."

"Is there anything special, besides music, you would like to accomplish later in life?"

"Probably having kids, quite honestly," I say, and Taylor makes sex motions at me. "I really want to have a family when I'm older, y'know, to pass on my sexy genes. And it's not just that, I just really want to be able to say that I've seen the world, and that I've got the prettiest baby in the world. Parents always say that. But I'll be telling the absolute truth."

"Anyone in mind to be the father?" I blush like mad and mumble something that even I don't understand, and Christina laughs.

"How are you liking the rock star life so far?"

"It's actually pretty amazing," I say, smiling. "I mean, it's a lot different than I originally thought it would be. When we met with Brian, their tour manager -and now ours, of course- I was a little worried about having to share a bus with a bunch of older guys. We all were, I think. Except Jeremy and Connor, of course, being the big manly men that they are." I wink over at Taylor, and she giggles.

"How else is it different?"

"Well the crowds, for one. I've -we've- never been so excited to play for anyone in our lives. They're so enthused for when we get on that stage -but between you and me, I think they just want to hear these wonderful men play." The guys all laugh, and when Christina isn't watching Jeremy lightly squeezes my hand. I squeeze it back just in time before she turns back to us.

"Are you worried about any rumors starting yet?"

"You see, that's the thing I hate most about this whole touring business. If you think about it, all those rumor-starters are people that either don't know jack shit about the band or are just in it for the pure pleasure of making people hate them. Depending completely on the rumor, that is. But I'm telling you right now, anyone ever gets up in my face about something that's entirely un-true, I'm gonna-"

"-knock 'em the fuck out," Taylor says, quoting a song by (I think) Hollywood Undead. I smile and Frank stifles a high-pitched giggle.

"Well, I wouldn't exactly say that, but I'd definitely give them a piece of my mind," I correct, smirking at Taylor. She shrugs her shoulders and then winces, rubbing her bad shoulder again. Connor rolls his eyes, mumbling something about us being immature, and Maggie mirrors his thoughts.

"You guys are ridiculous," she says, rolling her eyes. I stick my tongue out at her, and she looks away. Fine, I think. Be that way.

"Are you aware that there is, in fact, a couple rumors going around?" My jaw drops. We've only been 'big' for a couple weeks, and there are rumors already? For the love of cupcakes and jewelry!

"Uh, no, we weren't aware of that -at least I wasn't," Jeremy says, and when Christina looks down and reads something from her sheet of paper, the corner of her mouth twitches, amused, most likely.

"Would you care to hear one?" she asks, and we all nod. She clears her throat, picks up the paper, and says, "First of all, I think is one is almost as funny as the next one. So apparently, Amy's breasts look implanted, according to the fans. Tell us, Amy, are they real?"

Taylor cracks up laughing. "Oh my God! You think those are fake? Elo mayo!" I smile and peer around Jeremy, looking straight at Christina (to avoid any muffling of my voice).

"For the record, no, these aren't fake. Although.. I don't know whether to take that as a compliment or an insult, quite honestly. I mean, do they really look fake? I know they're big.. but that's just the way I'm built!" Taylor covers her face with a pillow, muffling out her loud laughing, and I sit up a little straighter. "Look people, there's this thing called the internet. Use it wisely! Go to My Chem's page, look at the info on who they're touring with, and read it all. It explains a few things, like why I look all 'surgical'. Actually no. Here, I'll make it a little easier for you: I used to be the fat kid. I lost the weight. But, sadly, my boobs and my great big ass didn't get the memo to slim down." I know this sounds rude, the way I say it, but quite honestly I don't give a shit. The rumor got to me a lot more than I thought it would. Seriously though, a breast implant? "So now you have it, these are as real as they can get. So for anyone who's going around and spreading that, quit it before I suck you dry -no dirty thoughts, either." Damn, that really did sound bitchy..

"There you have it folks. And I don't think it'd be a great idea to ask that to her face. You heard what she said earlier, she'll 'knock you the fuck out!' " Frank laughs, and Maggie rolls her eyes, muttering something about everyone but her being too immature. Go figure..

"This is the next one: At TIC's last concert, I saw Taylor smother her face in Amy's bosom. Are the two dating?" This time it's me that laughs, and Taylor blushes. Jeremy looks at me funny, Connor leans his face into his palms, and Gerard, along with Mikey, peers over at Taylor, probably wondering why she'd do something like that (even though they both know that we're really weird).

"We're not dating," Taylor says, the blush in her cheeks slowly fading. "I don't know how that was even seen, considering we weren't around anyone, but I guess that doesn't matter. I have an amazing girlfriend back home, and I love her to death. Me and Amy are just really close; we're practically sisters."

"Are you gay, or bi, or whatever it is these days?"

"I consider myself bisexual, though I prefer to be with women.. sexually," Taylor says, all serious-like. Mikey looks down at the floor and I mentally sigh. Poor Mikey. He likes her so much, you can totally tell, and I can't even imagine how it must feel to have the 'I-don't-like-dick' excuse thrown in your face..even though Taylor doesn't know about his obvious massive crush. Or maybe she does? She still hasn't told me what her question at the show the night was all about. I definitely have to as her about that.

Christina asks a couple more questions for Taylor, and then moves on, looking over at Gerard.

"So you've been touring for a couple years now, just barely taking a break to write your new album "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge". How does it feel to be back with more fans and more enthusiasm for what's to come?"

"Honestly it feels great. Yeah, we were kind of having some doubts, like all bands do at one point in their life, about the music that we wrote, but during the last few shows we've done we got over that fear of being booed off the stage. It hasn't happened in a while, so mabybe it won't, y'know?"

"Unless we're in Germany, of course," Frank adds, and Ray shakes his head, chuckling.

"I've got some questions here from a few of your fans. Here's one from Annie M., eleven years old, from Chicago, Illinois: 'I'm doing a project for school, and I wanted to know how you feel about the holocaust?'" Frank chuckles and Bob looks Christina straight in the eye.

"Fuck that-" he begins, and I giggle loudly. He shuts his mouth and frowns, then asks, "Uh, how old was she again?"

"Eleven. Try to sound nice, will you?" Gerard says, and Bob clears his throat.

"Ok, then uh, I think the holocaust was a very messed up thing, and a lot of people were treated badly. I guess that's all.. Oh and uh, you wouldn't mind scratching out that first part, would you?" The only answer he gets is a small shrug from Christina.

"It seems you guys are very much loved," she says, smiling. "And I've got a few questions from a few of your super fans." Nobody says anything, though Mikey gives her the thumbs up. "Right, well.. Have you everr considered playing out a fanfic?" Frank coughs politely and she turns to him.

"Actually, I don't really know what a fanfic is, to be honest." Mikey, Ray, and Bob nod. Gerard shifts in his seat and then pretends (obviously) to stare at something interesting outside. I snort, and Christina turns to me.

"You're still pretty young, Amy." Can't you just hear the sarcasm? "Can you tell us what a fanfic is?" I glare at her, and she smirks. I sigh and lean back.

"Yes, well, a fanfic is short for fan fiction, and usually teenagers write them -though I've heard of a few adults, and they're pretty good- about their favorite bands. Like uh, the easiest thing I can say is to go on ficwad dot com -that's F-I-C-W-A-D dot com. Anyway, they've got everything from action packed goodness to gay-man por- Uh Gerard? Is there a reason you're staring out at nothing?" He breaks his gaze from the open door and starts staring at me.

"Well, besides the fact that-"

"Oh my God, you know what a fanfic is don't you!" Taylor cries, and everyone looks at him like 'Wtf?' He clears his throat and stares back out the window. I roll my eyes and Christina turns back to us. Before she can say anything, Frank interrupts.

"The answer, by the way, is that it would depend completely on what the fanfic whatsit was about," he says, smiling. I bite back my laugh, wondering what he'd say if it was him and Gerard, like the one I'd written way back in sophomore year. Christina smiles and opens her mouth to speak, this time uninterrupted.

"Where's the strangest place you've put your finger?" Mikey, who was drinking hot coffee at the time, totally chokes on it. I'm not even kidding, a huge portion of it came shooting out his nose at like fifteen miles per hour!

"Uh, do I really have to answer that?" Bob asks, and she shakes her head. Taylor giggles and raises her hand, like we're in school again.

"Yes?" Chrissi asks.

"The strangest place I've ever put my finger was probably in Jennifer's.." she trails off, looks at me, sees my glare, and smiles. "Peanut butter. I put my finger in her peanut butter." Mikey blushes, and I can only imagine what he's thinking. So everyone goes off naming the strangest places their fingers have ever been. Gerard and I don't answer.

"If you had to be in a romantic relationship with one of the guys in the band, which one and why? And that goes for any of the band members. I know it says guys, but um.. Yeah, you totally get it."

"Well uh.." Jeremy trails off, and I bite my lip. He doesn't answer. Instead, he gets up and gets a glass of water.

"Gerard? You and Amy didn't answer the last one.. Would you mind?" He clears his throat and then stares out the window yet again. When he answers, it's so quiet that none of us catch it. But Christina does, obviously, because she's scribbling in her little book again. She pauses and looks up at him, and he leans in and whispers in her ear. She's smiling now, writing even faster (I didn't know that was possible) and when he leans back, he's blushing. You can't really tell, though. Only a trained expert in reading faces and emotions can. Except, well.. I can only read faces. Hardy har-har.

"What are you afraid to lose the most?"

"My family," Gerard, Mikey and I anser at the same time. Everyone else nods in agreement, and I feel my lip twitch slightly, because Taylor doesn't add anything about losing Jennifer. Hm..?

"What's your worst dating experience? This goes for anyone who really wants to answer." Frank was the first to answer.

"Hm.. my worst dating experience? Let's see.. Kay, I got one. A few years back, before the band even started forming, I was out on a date with the most gorgeous woman I'd ever met -at the time," he adds quickly, glancing at Maggie. She doesn't even seem to be paying attention. "She was this model who was jut starting to get big, and we were at this really expensive restaurant. I think her name was Marissa, or something like that. Anyway, so it's almost time to go, and throughout the entire date all she did was drink water, wine, and grab my leg. So annoying. I'd finally gotten fed up about it. Do you have any idea how annoying it is when women don't eat? Anyway, so I told her that she really needed to eat something because that's what we were there for, and she got all huffed up about it. I said if she wasn't going to eat, then I was going to leave. She didn't eat. She crossed her arms and sat up straight, so I stood up to leave and accidentally knocked over her glass of red wine. You can imagine how pissy she was at that. Anyway, I went to wipe it up, when suddenly there was this massive pain in my leg and when I looked down I saw all this blood gushing out! I was like 'Holy cow, this bitch -'scuse my German- just stabbed me!' When I looked up she was gone, and the only reason I got out of paying the bill was because they had to rush me to the hospital and I told them that one of the waitors did it. They totally believed me."

"Wow," I say, and he chuckles. "Do you still have the scar?" He nods.

"What's the first three things you notice in a girl?"

"The way she smiles, how she walks, and her personality," Mikey says, deliberately not looking at Taylor. I smile and wink at Taylor, who answers next.

"Eyes, eyebrows, hands."

"That's uh, interesting. Anyone else?" No one else wanted to talk. I smirk, raise my hand like a little kid, and clear my throat.

"How about the first three things I look for in a man?" I ask, and Jeremy chuckles. Christina nods and waits for me to start talking. "Hm.. I like passion in a man, for what he does and what he wants to do," I say, looking at Gerard out of the corner of my eye. "There's gotta be some playfulness in there somewhere, too, I mean honestly. Even though I like men, I cannot stand guys that are overly serious. That's two, so.. Height. The guy's gotta be taller than me for the relationship to work. Actually no, either the same height or taller. Yeah, I'm totally done now." I smile, waiting for her to quit writing.

"How do you deal with depression and low self esteem?" For some reason, I feel compelled to answer this one. One look around the room and I see that everyone is thinking up something to say. So I take my chance while I can.

"I deal with depression and low self esteem completely different than I used to. Before, back in middle school, and even my freshman year, I would cut myself when I was feeling down. In fact, I even did it when I wasn't down, when I just felt like hurting myself, and then afterwards when I saw the angry red cuts the next day I would get really depressed. Taylor was the same way, actually. We don't do it anymore, obviously. Both our parents threatened to sign us in an institution. We told them we'd get counseling. But the point is, I always felt really stupid after I did it. I was sad and depressed because I was fat and over-weight. My mom made sure to grind that into my head every night. And after four years of putting up with it I finally decided to do something about it. So I hit the gym and started running. And from then on, whenever I was feeling really depressed about something I'd run all the way to Taylor's and some times I got her to run back with me. After a while it was pretty fun. But only at night. Now, though, I take deep relaxing breaths and maybe take a nap. Or I just scream. Whichever comes first." When I finish, everyone -and I meant everyone- is staring at me, eyes wide. Hm.. Something tells me I'd forgotten to mention my cutting issue a while back, eh?

"Whoa.. That's really.. That's really sad," Mikey says at last. I chuckle and cross my arms, leaning back against the couch. When Christina isn't looking Jeremy pulls one of my hands up to his mouth and kisses it quietly. I smile and he lets it go before she sees.

"What do you do when people make fun of you?"

"Me personally? I dish the shit right back. There is no fucking way I'm not going to mess them up," Taylor answers, pretty truthfully. I watch Connor close his eyes and mumble something, but I can't make it out. I notice Christina doesn't write this down (probably because it's so short of an answer) and Taylor rubs her arm, most likely unaware that she's doing it.

"Have you ever seriously thought about suicide and/or self harming? If yes then why did you not?" I don't say anything this time because of my previous answer. Instead, I let Taylor answer it. She's the only other person that I know of (in the band) that used to cut, like me (if I haven't mentioned that yet).

"Yeah, I've thought about killing myself, quite a few times. Though I did hurt myself in various ways, like Amy told you, I never actually tried it. My girlfriend and my band are to impotant to me. Plus even if I did do it, not that I would ever try it, I'm pretty sure Amy would come and kick my ass wherever I was, ha ha." I chuckle, as do Jeremy and Frank. Ray's spacing off, Gerard's (you guessed it!) staring out the window, and Mikey has that thinking face of his.

"What's your favorite song to perform acoustic?"

"Definitely either 'The Jesus Song' or 'All Alone,'" Taylor says, smiling.

"And what's your favorite song to play period?" Taylor and I look at each other and smirk at the same time. Then, in pefect unision, we say, " 'The Name Of This Song Was Originally I Love You So Much It Hurts, But We'll Just Call It Love.'" And then we laugh. Not that short laughter, but the long 'this-is-gonna-last-a-while' kind. It feels good, in a way that makes my ribs ache. It takes a smack in the face to get us to shut up -literally.

"Alright, I think we can start the funny ones now. Craziest thing you've ever done?"

"I went streaking.." Jeremy giggles softly, and Taylor makes a gagging noise. "Yeah, I admit I was totally drunk and not thinking. But it was the craziest and funnest thing I've ever far," he adds, smirking at me. I roll my eyes.

"I had sex with my English teacher in the eighth grade," Frank boasts, and Maggie spits out whatever she's drinking. Gerard cracks up laughing and Ray looks at him weird.

"Dude.. You went to a Catholic school.."

My eyes go wide, and I can't help but shout, "You sexed up a nun?!" Everyone bursts out laughing, including Connor (much to my surprise). Over everyone's laughter, Taylor screams out, "Yeah! Git it, git it!" That just makes us crack up even more. But oh, I forgot -Maggie doesn't do immaturity. Party pooper!

"You guys are so immature!" Maggie groans, and then looks at Christina. "I ate a five pound bag of skittles last summer." Frank looks at her, admiration in his eyes, and she smiles shyly.

"Uh.. I offered candy to a little girl once.."

"Dude! I totally remember that!" Taylor turns slightly so that she's facing almost everyone, and starts telling the story of how I offered candy and got beat up. "So this little girl was crying, right, and Amy walked by -I was with her- and was all 'Awwuh, little girl, would you like some candy? Hang on, it's in my car' and the mom over-heard her and started going off on her, and Amy didn't really listen to any of it and gave the girl some candy anyway, but the mom knocked it all out of her daughter's hands and so the little girl started crying again, this time even harder. So Amy called her a betch, and the mom punched her, right, and Amy didn't hit her back!"

"Dude, I totally would have," Jeremy says, and I slap his arm.

"I told her that she shouldn't hit people in front of her child, and she started screaming at me again, only this time louder. And then the little girl was all 'Mommy, I have to go pee,' and I looked straight at the little girl and said that she was more than welcome to use mine, which was right across the street. Well.. Let's just say I had a killer headache in the morning."

"Wow, Amy. You have issues," Ray chuckles, and I giggle.

"Anyone else?"

"I ate half my body weight in sushi," Mikey says casually, as if that's completely normal, and out of nowhere he takes out a small package of sushi and begins eating some. Taylor steals a piece, and I look at Gerard.

"Uh, I haven't done anything crazy?" Mikey giggles with a mouth full of sushi and shakes his head.

"My bwotha," he says, swallowing the food in his mouth, "dating Eliza was the stupidest, most crazy thing you've ever d-"

"Shut up, Mikey," he says, and I catch the slight weariness in his voice. Hm.. I wonder if they're having problems? Oh man, I sure hope so! Oh God, that made me sound like I want him.. Wait, didn't I already go over this whole thing earlier, before the interview? Oh God, Dad always said that your memory is the first to go!

Christina looks from one brother to the other, and then moves on down her list of questions. "Grossest thing ever done?"

"I dunno if you remember this but.. I wiped my vag-"

"Don't-" I start to say, but she keeps on going like I didn't say anything.

"-inal juices all over Amy's face once, back in eighth grade," Taylor says smiling at me. "So I was spending the night at her house, right, and-"

"-and I was just dozing off, when Taylor suddenly rolls over and faces me. I was all 'What?' and she was all 'I'm masturbating -wanna help me?' and I said no, so she rolled back over and I could just barely feel her movements because my mattress had one of those foam things on it. I should have known not to fall asleep, because the next day I woke up with-"

"-a bunch of sticky stuff all over her pretty little face," Taylor finishes, and if anyone had been looking at us funny, they were now gawking at us. I shift a little in my seat, and Frank takes this opportunity to speak.

"I used to pick my nose and eat my bogies," he says in this little kid voice, and for a second it looks as if Maggie's gonna move away from him. But she doesn't. Instead, she scoots closer to him.

"I shaved my dad's back," I mumble, and Bob blushes. Taylor sees it and nudges me with her foot.

"Hey, speaking of shaving people's backs, isn't today your day to help Bob sh-"

"Next question, please," Bob says kindly, and Taylor smirks, then makes a shaving motion with her hands at me.

"Ok uh, this is a weird one, and you really don't have to answer it, but-"

"Ask away!" Taylor says cheerfully, and Christina smiles.

"Okay uh.. Strangest place you've ever uh.. flicked the bean? Choked the gopher?" Gerard and I choke on the water we were drinking at the same time, and Taylor claps her hands.

"Amy's bathroom, Nikaa! Oh oh oh and her bed," she adds, winking.

"No answer," Bob and Ray say in unision.

I decide not to answer, on account of not really 'flicking the bean' all that often, and look at Jeremy, who blushes before saying, "Amy's bed -in Phoenix." Mikey raises his eyebrows and Taylor giggles harder. I look at Jeremy, eyes wide, and he smirks, then mouths 'I want you,' making me blush madly. I grin and stick my tongue out at him, turning my attention to Maggie, waiting to see if she says anything.

She doesn't. Connor rolls his eyes, Frank giggles nervously and pointedly smirks at Gerard, who clears his throat.

"Bob's bunk," he mumbles, and before anyone can say anything or even laugh, Bob shoots up and runs to his bunk, faster than I've ever seen, and begins yanking off the sheets and throwing them into the trash. Mikey giggles and then holds up a Starbucks cup.

"Take a guess," he says happily. I giggle and Taylor stares at him with wide eyes.

"And where in Starbucks did you do it?" she asks.

"One of the tables facing the window. Frank dared me to."

"Huh.. I did it in one of those comfy chairs they have."

"If you could have anything in the world, what would it be and why?" Taylor sits up straight, looks directly at Christina, and smiles.

"I want a penis so I can slap people with it.' Christina holds back her laughter and I groan, letting my face drop into my hands. I knew Taylor was going to say something like that.

"Wow uh, that sounds pretty interesting. You can have mine, if you want," Frank giggles, and Maggie rolls her eyes.

"Okay, let's take a break from the funny ones. How do you feel about the tour so far?"

"It's pretty kick-ass. I mean it's always been mine and Amy's dream, since like 7th Grade, to go on tour. I'm having a blast. The guys are easy to get along with, and seeing all of the fans is great. The only thing I dont like so much is being away from Jeniffer," Taylor says.

"And who's Jennifer?

"My girlfriend."

"Are you a lesbian?" Mikey takes this moment to go into a major coughing fit, and I giggle. Taylor smirks and slaps Mikey's back forcefully, trying to get him to stop. Practically fifty years later he finishes up, and Taylor smiles at Christina.

"Actually, I'm bisexual. But I prefer women sexually. I think we already went over this?" Frank giggles (in that high-pitched girly way of his) and covers his mouth with his hand. I swear, if any of the guys were secretly bonin' men, it'd be him.

"Is there anyone you look forward to meeting on the tour?" All of My Chem shrug, almost in a wave-like kind of fashion, and I smile.

"I dunno. I heard a band called Paramore just got started, like us. And I wouldn't mind meeting Green Da-"

"No, not Green Day. But definitely Marilyn Manson," Taylor interrupts. I glare at her, and Frank shakes his head.

"Uh-uh, not Marilyn Manson!" he says. His face looks real pissy, and Maggie tightens her arm around him. I guess the right word would be protectively. At this point, I'm curious as to why he doesn't wanna meet Marilyn. Don't get me wrong, I hate the guy with a passion, and I wouldn't wanna meet him even if my life depended on it. But Frank rarely ever gets pissy like this. Hm..

"Did you have a bad experience?"

"I just don't like the guy." Christina leaves it at that, marks a few things on a separate piece of paper, then continues with the questions. Oh God, I sure hope this is over soon..

"How are you all taking the shooting? Was it tramatizing in any way?"

"Well, it was pretty freaky at first. But I mean, did you see the way I totally tackled him?" I ask, nodding over at Mikey. He smiles. "I mean, it was kind of cool, diving across that stage to save a life, y'know? But it would have been nice if Taylor had avoided the bullet. Like in those amazing action films," I say, smiling.

"It was prety fucking amazing. I mean at the time I didn't really even like this guy all that much, and yet I took a bullet for him. Best fucking experience of my life, Nikaa!"

"It's pretty sad that Taylor got shot but.. I dunno. I didn't really know what was going on." Jeremy shrugs.

"I feel really bad for Gerard and Mikey.. and Taylor," Maggie says. I scoff. Of course, it would take her a few seconds before adding Taylor in there. Freaking cousins!

"I'm just grateful that these two were watching the show, other wise I probably wouldn't be here right now," Mikey says, wrapping an arm around Taylor and giving her a hug. I wink at Mikey and he blushes, removing his arm. "And neither would Gerard," he adds.

"Quite honestly, I'm glad it happened now rather than later when we'd be too old to move very fast," Ray says, and Gerard nods his agreement. "I mean how much would it suck if we were in our sixties, still rockin' out like The Rolling Stones, and someone tried shooting us? Psh, that'd be like watching a turtle beat a rabbit in a race."

Bob doesn't say anything. This might be due to the fact that he was only concentrating on getting off the stage, or because he wasn't really comfortable with the question. It's real hard to tell with Bob some times.

"Um, yeah, it was a bit tramatizing. I'm always nervous when everyone leaves for a show. And no, its not cause I have to be here with Filip." She chuckles. "I just dont want it to happen again.. As for my shoulder.. it still hurts like a mother, and the scar is gonna be pretty wicked. So, yeah. That's pretty much it." For a moment, Taylor's face falls, and Mikey wraps an arm around her. She leans into him slightly, and I smile. It's so cute! I mean you can totally see that he likes her.. but wait! Is that -nah, never mind. I thought she was like, gonna kiss him or something. Man, I need to take my loopey-pills haha.

"I was pretty shocked that something like that would happen at an MCR concert, I mean that's just something I've only ever heard of happening at like the White House, or some shit like that, y'know?" This was the longest sentence Connor had said all day. We all stare at him for a few seconds, and when he rolls his eyes we all laugh.

"It would have been way cooler if Taylor had gotten shot in the ass -like Forest Gump!" Frank jokes (although I'm pretty sure he's actually serious) and Taylor throws a pillow at him, hitting him square in the face. I giggle and Maggie glares, picks up the pillow, and throws it back at her. It hits her bad shoulder, making her grunt in pain, and she sits still.

"I'm pretty freaking happy that I didn't get shot, but I'm kinda bummed that Taylor did. I mean, I know how she must be feeling right now, away from the concerts that are coming up. I'm just excited for when she can come back and play for us," Gerard says, smiling. "And whatever rumors are going around that she died and whatnot.. Well, I'm pretty sure this is proof enough."

"Anybody wanna add anything?"

"My vagina itches," Taylor mumbles, scratching furiously at her boxers. Maggie rolls her eyes and Mikey blushes and looks away.

"This last one is for Amy, if you guys don't mind," Christina says, and nobody objects. "Is it awkward at all, being so close to Gerard and the guys after writing the many fan fictions about them for two years?"

Everone looks at me, and I blush.

"You wrote stories about us?" Frank asks, and I struggle to say something. "Dude! Did you like, make us have sex and stuff? Oh my God!" he gasps, "You made me and Gerard have sex, didn't you? Didn't you!" I giggle quietly, the question from earlier coming back. Well, I suppose it was gonna come around sooner or later. But why did she ask it at the end? Oh, wait -that's Chrissi for you.

"I uh.. No, not really," I say, a little slowly. Mikey chuckles. "I mean, sometimes it's a little awkward being around Gerard, but what can you expect? I'm sure a lot of people out there read everything I wrote, and if not well I'm pretty sure you can find anything I've ever written on the internet if you type in Amy Revenge. And for that matter, you can find every single website I've ever joined. I still get on and check a few sites, but I absolutely do not write anymore."

"Well then.." Christina says a few closing words and shuts off the recorder, shoves it in her bag, and pulls out a camera. "I need a few shots of you guys. Do you mind?" We all shake our heads and she tells us where to sit and what expressions to make. Ten pictures later, she puts her camera away and sits back down on the couch.

"So.." Taylor says, attempting to break the silence.

"So.." Jeremy repeats, clearing his throat.

"Well, I'd better go," Christina says, standing up. I jump up and hug her tight.

"This sucks.. I wish you could stay," Taylor says, and she stands up and hugs Christina too. A few of the guys mumble 'good-bye' and then she's gone. I sigh and plop down on Jeremy's lap. He grunts in pain and moves a hand to cover his junk, and I giggle.

"Sorry, Jeremy," I say softly, kissing his nose. He doesn't say anything, but he kisses my nose in return. From the very front of the bus, Filip shouts back that we're gonna be heading off soon. Bob gets up, shuts the bus door, and then rushes into the bathroom. I hear a loud grunt, undoubtedly from Bob, and I giggle, crossing my arms. "So what do you wanna do?" I ask no one in particular. Frank and Maggie shrug, stand up, and head back to the bunks. Taylor follows, trying to avoid knocking into anything. I frown, thinking again about the concert. What a horrible night..sort of.. Sure, Taylor got shot. And yeah, that was some scary stuff, but I completely agree with Frank: Taylor should have gotten shot in the ass. That would have been awesome. Looking up, I see Mikey turn on Halo and Ray quickly grabs the other controller, and they start fighting. I close my eyes and lean back against Jeremy again.

"I dunno, what do you wanna do?" Gerard asks, and I shrug.

"Doesn't matter, really," Jeremy answers, and Gerard smirks.

"We could play silly kid games," he offers, and I look at him.

"Like what?"

"Spin the bottle? Truth or dare? Duck-duck-goose? I dunno. Whatever comes to mi-"

"Did you say truth or dare?" Taylor asks, appearing in the doorway. I point at Gerard and he shrugs, and Taylor sits down next to me. "Well count me in, I wanna play!" I giggle and pat her leg, and she smirks.

"Alright, who else wants to play?" Jeremy yells, and Frank and Maggie reappear, clothes slightly messed up and hair a little frizzy. I resist from saying any weird sex jokes, and Taylor snorts.

"Uh, we'll play," Frank says, and Maggie shakes her head. "Okay, I'll play. I guess Maggie doesn't wanna take a chance of doing any-"

"Fine, I'll play," she says, and Frank hugs her. I can tell she's only playing because of his kid-like attitude towards the silly game. Huh.. Maggie didn't even do that for any of her other boyfriends. Frank must be really special.

"I'll play!" Bob shouts from the bathroom, and Gerard chuckles.

"You two gonna play?" I ask Mikey and Ray, and they shake their heads. "Awwuh, come on!" Mikey shakes his head again, and I smirk. I stand up and walk over to Mikey, and lean down, whispering in his ear. "You know.. there's a chance you might have to kiss Taylor.." With that said, Mikey shuts the game off and sits down next to Taylor on the couch, rather fast, actually. I giggle and sit down on Jeremy's lap again. Ray sighs, grabs a soda from the fridge, and sits down on the arm of the couch.

"So, who starts?" Mikey asks, and Gerard shrugs. "Okay then, I guess I will. Uh, Jeremy?"

"Dare, dawg!" I giggle at Jeremy's horrible wanna-be gangsterness, and he smiles. My eyes flicker over to Mikey, and when I see the creepy grin on his face I swallow hard. Oh man, Jeremy is so in for it.

"Alright. I dare you.. to hop up and down on your left foot.. while spanking your monkey."

I burst out laughing, as does Taylor, and Maggie covers her mouth. I turn around and see that Jeremy is blushing like mad, whilst trying to push me off of him. "Uh, do I have to do it naked?" he asks, and I giggle even more.

"That, my friend, is entirely up to you. Though I don't know who would actually watch," Frank says, winking at me. I stick my tongue out and throw a pillow at him. He catches it and tosses it to Gerard.

"Okay then, uh.. I suppose I'll stay dressed.. for the most part," he adds, winking at me. I blush and concentrate on my finger nails as he stands up, pulling off his shirt. I hear him undoing his belt, watch it land on the floor in front of me, and hear his zipper. Oh dear Fire Crotch, please tell me he's gonna keep his pants on!

He does. But lemme tell you, his boxer shorts don't conceal anything! Picture this: You're in high school, and you're going to a wrestling match. It's the second one of the season, and you're pretty psyched. But when you get there, you're amazed to see that all the boys are wearing SKIN TIGHT clothing and cups. And EVERYTHING pokes out. Yeah. There you go. Now picture Jeremy in a suit like that, if you really want to. It's pretty scary.

"Ok then, you guys ready?" We all nod, though only half of us are looking. Gerard's staring out the window again, Mikey's staring at the wall, Maggie's got her face covered (what a sissy) and Taylor is, surprisingly, watching with binoculars. I snort.

"Wow, Taylor. Zoomin' in there?" She flips me off and then turns the binoculars around so that when she looks through them everything looks like it's far away. This makes me chuckle. "Okay Jeremy, I think she's ready." Jeremy starts jumping up and down, just like Mikey said for him to do. At the last minute, my eyes drift over to Gerard, and I blink when I see that he's staring right back at me. How's that for creepy? He smiles and turns his head away, and I turn my attention back to my crazy boyfriend and Taylor. At her expression I can't help but to crack up, just slightly. She's staring at Jeremy's jiggly parts without the binoculars, and her jaw is just hanging there, her eyes wide. They remain that way until he stops, pulls up his pants, and sits down next to me. His shirt is still off. I wink at Taylor and rest my head on his shoulder, and she kind of shakes her head (like you do to get rid of an image) and leans back, a slight frown on her face.

"Alright, who's next?"

"Jeremy," Taylor and I say. Jeremy groans.

"But I suck at making up dares!" he whines, and I giggle.

"Hey, you want some cheese with that whine?" Frank jokes, and Jeremy throws a pillow at him. Frank catches it and then sits on it, making him a bit taller than Maggie, who frowns just slightly and readjusts her head. Taylor and I giggle, and Jeremy kisses the top of my head.

"Ok uh.. Gerard? Truth or dare?"

"Hm.. I'm gonna go with truth," he says, smiling, "to be on the safe side." I smirk and think Psh! What safe side? You're practically swimmin' with the sharks!

"Right then.." Jeremy chews his bottom lip, frowning in concentration. I reach up and push back a couple strands of hair, noticing for the first time all day that it's high time for a shower. Man, how I wanted a shower! A few minutes later, Jeremy smiles and looks up at Gerard. "Ok, I got it: Have you ever read a fanfic? And be honest." Gerard clears his throat and nods.

"As a matter of fact, I have," he says, once again staring straight at me. "It was pretty well written, if I say so myself. Although," he adds, smiling at me, "I have to admit that I've never actually used strawberry flavored lube." With a wink he turns back towards the window, chuckling to himself as I blush and cover my face. Taylor laughs, and when I look up I see her whispering in Mikey's ear. When she's done, he turns to Frank and whispers in his ear, and Frank in turn turns to Ray. Nobody bothers repeating it to Bob. Some things Bob just can't handle. I think my gay fanfic just happens to be one of those things.

"I can't believe you wrote that, Amy!" Frank bursts out, clutching his stomach from laughing so hard. I blush again and glare at Gerard.

"Yeah! I mean, I knew you used to write, but Gerard and Frank? Come on!" I throw a pillow at Frank and hit him smack dab in the face. He throws it back and it misses.

"Shut up, Frank! I couldn't help it, you guys were just so -" I catch myself just in time. I swear, the words You guys were just so sexy almost slipped out of my mouth. "Well, I think it's Gerard's turn. Gerard?" Gerard smirks, as if he knew what I was going to say, and turns to Frank.

"Truth or dare, Frank."

"Uh.. truth?" Gerard frowns, and I smile. I can think of at least twenty different things to ask Frank, all beginning with 'Have you ever'.

"Damn.." He frowns some more and then looks at me. I smile and stand up, walk over to him, and whisper what I think is a really funny question. Plus I'm kind curious about it myself. And it'll look better if his best friend asks it. "Have you ever thought about dating another man?"

"What the hell? Are you freaking- have I ever thought about it?" I giggle softly, amused at the way Frank's voice gets higher and higher with every word that comes out of his mouth.

"Well? Have you or haven't you?" Ray asks, and Frank glares at him.

"No, I haven't," he says through clenched teeth, but there's something in the way he says it that makes me think he's lying. Gerard, apparently, isn't buying it either. But he doesn't say anything. Because that would only piss Frank off even more. "Ok, my turn. Taylor? Truth or-"

"Dare, Nikaa, dare!" she says excitedly, bouncing up and down. "Come on, hurry up! I ain't gettin' any younger!" I giggle and Frank smiles, his mad mood obviously disappating. You can always count on Taylor to cheer anyone up.

"Alright, I dare you to.." He trails off, and I just barely catch him wink at Mikey, who looks a bit confused.

"Yeah? You dare me to..? Spit it out, shorty!" she yells, and Frank smirks.

"Kiss Mikey." Whatever Taylor was about to say dies off the tip of her tongue. I look over at her and see her mouth open, eyes wide, and Mikey blushes. I just barely manage to keep myself from laughing. I can't say the same for Jeremy, though.. He's laughing like a dying hyena. Taylor, meanwhile, is still sitting there, staring at Frank with her mouth wide open.

"You want me to what?!" she screeches suddenly, and I cover my ears. "Kiss Mikey? Kiss Mikey? Are you fucking serious? He's a fucking man! I'm a fucking lesbian! AH!"

"Taylor, you don't have to do it if you don't want to," I whisper, and she glances at me, then at Mikey, and then back at me. "Besides, I thought you were bi? Whatever. Just skip your turn. You can do something else, okay?" She sighs and closes her eyes, sighs deeply, then looks at Frank.

"I think.. I'm gonna.. Oh, what the hell -come here!" She grabs Mikey and plants one on him, and my eyes go wide. Mikey's the first boy she's kissed since Clayton in our freshman year. I quickly take out my camera and get a couple shots, and then right when I think the kiss is gonna end, Mikey wraps his around her, and she wraps hers around him, and then WHAM! major tongue action.

"Ho-lee shit," Bob mutters, and I completely agree. They make out for a good five minutes, and then in the blink of an eye Taylor pushes him away, and they sit back, each of them breathing somewhat heavily. I sigh. Hm.. I think. I wonder if Jeremy and I are that passionate?

"Whoa.." Gerard says, and Taylor chuckles, then shoots glares at everyone in the room.

"I'm still a lesbian!"


An hour later, after everyone has done at least one truth and one dare each, I head off to bed, journal in hand, and turn on the little light that I had installed in my bunk.


The interview went great. Guess who it was? Chrissi! I know, I totally didn't expect it. If any of our friends were ever gonna be in the music business on the interviewing side, I thought fer sure it would'a been Sierra. I mean, she was the one always asking questions. But Christina did pretty well, for a first timer. At least, I THINK it was her first time.. I dunno, I wasn't really paying attention to everything she was saying. She asked a lot of good questions, too. And the ones from the fans were really funny. But this one was really annoying. The fanfic one. But the guys took it well, I guess. They didn't bombard me with a million questions asking what I wrote about them (except for Frank) or why. But... as fun as it was.. all good things must come to an end.

After she left, we all decided to play T or D (although Mikes needed some persuading) and Taylor had to kiss Mikey. Did she decline? Hell no!

I think she likes him, I really do. We're all done playing now, though. And you know what? I'm not even gonna mention what I had to do. It's too pitiful for me to repeat :)

Taylor left right after her kiss with Mikey, mumbling and groaning the entire time. I think it was really her arm that hurt, though. She's in bed sleeping now. Her pain killers finally kicked in. Frank and Maggie left a little early, too. I'm pretty sure they're asleep now (guess where?) Mikey and Jeremy are playing Super Mario 3, and Jeremy is, once again, kicking Mikey's ass. I honestly don't know how he does it. Bob's sleeping on the couch closest to the bathroom, just in case he has to get up really fast in the middle of the night. Gerard is in the back, talking to who can only be Eliza (and if we're to be spared, he's dumping her ass). Connor's up front with Filip, working on his spanish. Don't ask, I really don't even know. And I don't know where Ray is either...
Anyway, I think I'm gonna catch a few Z's, and maybe use the BR before Bob hogs it all night (LoL)

I sign my name at the bottom of the entry, and shove the book under my pillows. Yawning, I shut off the light and stretch out, then curl up nice and tight under the covers into a little ball, turning on Taylor's ipod that I snagged earlier. I scan all the songs, and finally decide on one that I haven't listened to in quite a while. I close my eyes, humming along with the first few words of the first verse, and then start singing softly.

Hand in mine into your icy blues,
And then I'd say to you -we could take to the highway
With this trunk of ammunition too
I'd end my days with you, in a hail of bulle-e-ts.
I'm tryin', I'm tryin', to let you know just how much you mean to me
And after all the things we put each other through, and I wou

Someone pulls my blanket off me, and I'm blinded by a bright light. I groan inwardly; I was almost getting tired.

"Hey, I need to talk to you," Ray says, and I sigh. I pull the other ear thing out and leave the ipod in my bunk as I crawl out, being careful not to fall on my face.

"What is it?" He motions me to follow him to the back, and I do, yawning. When we get to the back, I'm a little surprised to see that Gerard isn't there anymore. "Is it important?" He nods and sits down. I run my fingers through my hair and plop down next to him.

"I'm really sorry if I woke you up," he apologizes. I wave a hand at him.

"'S okay. What did you want to talk about?"

"Well I told you earlier that I'd tell you something later, remember? You probably forgot all about it during the interview.." He sees the boredom on my face and smiles, then launches into whatever he was going to tell me. "Well you see, Brian called earlier while you were getting ready and-"

"Ray? Just skip to the good part," I interrupt. He chuckles.

"Well, uh.. we're not gonna be sharing a bus anymore." My face falls. What did that mean? Were we being kicked off the tour, so early into it? Or did the guys just get fed up with our immaturity? My confusion must have been showing on my face, because he smiles and pats my arm. "It's nothing bad, Amy, I promise."

"Then what is it?"

"Another band is going to be joining us. Brian thinks it will be good for publicity for all of us. At least I think that's what he said. Mikey and Jeremy were being so loud while playing that stupid game that all I heard was 'Opening band for TIC' and 'Good publicity for you guys'. So, what do you think?" It takes a few minutes for everything to sink in, and when it does I smile.

"So TIC will be sharing the bus with this new band?" Ray nods. "Do we still get this big bus and Filip? I like Filip." Ray nods again. "Cool. Then I'm not really worried about anything."

"Good, good. You can call Brian if you wanna know anything else." He looks down at his watch and whistles. "Well, it's getting late. I'd better let you go to bed." With that he stands up and starts to leave. Before he's even halfway up to the front, I call out to him. He turns around and walks back. "Yeah?" I smile.

"What's the band called?"

"Uh.. I think they're called Eat the Lie, or something like that. Is that all?" I nod and he leaves again. Biting my lip, I stand up and walk back to my bunk. When I am once again settled, I close my eyes and think about what Ray just told me. A new band. We're going to be joined by a new band. I wonder what they're like? Hm.. do the rest of the guys know about it? Man.. This sucks monkey balls. No more sharing the bus with My Chem. No more getting walked in on by older men -not that I enjoy it. I wonder if Gerard will miss me?

That last thought makes my eyes fly open. Why did I think that? God, I must be really tired right now. Who cares if Gerard misses me? He's got The Bitch and the rest of the guys. What I should really be worried about is wheter or not we'll all get along.

Shit.. it's September all over again.

Alright, how was that? Good, bad, inbetween?
Thank you to all who helped me when I posted the auditions thing and the questions. I didn't use all of them, obviously. And I had a really hard time deciding on which band I wanted to use. But I think I chose the right one that will fit in well with the story.

I luff choo all!
And I don't know when I'll be able to write next so..
Amy R.
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