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"Was this before or after I died?"

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Hey, sorry it took me (once again!) almost a full month to write this out! I've been really busy. Plus the distance between me and my bestest buddeh in the whole world (coughTaylorcough) makes me have to think extra hard about what to write. Blame her madre. She wouldn't let her move with me xD Anyway!

WARNING: There is some foreplay in this chapter, much to my personal amusement. Lemme just say, I will personally kick your arse if you complain about what I write. I warned you now, whatever happens later is not to be held against me because of your virgin eyes! Ha ha there isn't any sex, though :)

I would say enjoy, but erm.. this isn't exactly my favorite chapter. Oh, what the heck.


Freitag, 27 Oktober

Dear Whoever Reads This (and I highly suspect that that would be you, Taylor dear):
I have just succeeded in plucking every single hair on my body (except for this loverly head of hair and my arms). Such places include my legs, my happy trail, my pits, and my vaginal region (and for some strange reason my backside O_O) Why? Because my shaving utensil is a Nazi. It has decided to cut me (all over the place). In other words, it has chosen to make a living in the garbage can rather than pleasure Jeremy and I with smooth legs. Actually, that's only half of it. The other reason is that Gerard finally found out about that video Bob put on the net about him. I said it was clearly Bob's doing, but since I was the one who took it in the first place, he blamed me. Poo. Oh well. Plucked body parts are way smoother than shaved. And you don't bleed as much.

Taylor hasn't been able to look Mikey in the eyes yet, which is just as well b/c he hasn't been able to stop blushing every time he sees her. It's all very amusing.
Did you know that Frank's birthday is coming up? It's only in.. a couple days, I think. Ray and Gerard are busy planning something for him. Everyone (except Frank, of course) will be informed on what we'll be doing. I suspect it might be a Halloween crossing. Whatever that means.

I think we're meeting that new band 2day. I've already forgotten their name XD but I'm sure Ray will let me know sooner or later. I just have to ask him first. Speaking of the new people, I'm almost nervous to meet them. All Ray could tell us was that its pretty much an all-girl band, and that we might have some "bonding" issues with a few of em. Apparently "said few" are into drugs. Hm.. Taylor might like that. Hopefully they're not all wiccans. I refuse to share a bus with a bunch of devil worshippers. Ha ha Taylor just read that. She called me a Bible-thumper. WTF! Whatever. She's just upset b/c she's bleeding out of herself. XD I just mentioned that. She told me to go f___ myself. Hm.. maybe I will?

No, I totally won't. Jeremy wants to, though. Poor Jer. I haven't cuddled with him all day and he looks like a rejected kitten. His eyes are calling out to me. They say, "Amy, Amy, come play with me. Come cuddle and make love to me!" Perhaps that's the reason I feel sick right now. This Bible-thumper is keeping her sexual appetite to herself. So ha!

But I am going to cuddle with him. It's the least I can do, right?
Oh snap! Ray just called a band meeting (both bands) so I gotta go.
I might write later, I might not.

P.S. Freitag is Friday in German, and Oktober is spelled the German way :)
P.S.2. I've remembered the band name: Eat The Lie


"Alright, is everybody here?" Ray asks, taking seat on a stool. Mostly everyone says yes. I say mostly because Taylor isn't joining us. She's on the phone with Jennifer. Don't tell her I told you this, but I think they're having some relationship difficulties. Something about being too far away for comfort?

"Okay, Ray, you may continue now," Frank mumbles. Maggie runs her hand down his arm and he smiles. I don't gag. At all. See how much better I'm getting?

"Kay then, let's get started!" I smile at his enthusiasm. "So as you should all know by now, Brian is having another band join us on this tour. Brian just called a little while ago and told me about a few changes he's made. Even though TIC will be sharing this bus with Eat The Lie, it will only be the women." My jaw drops and I look over at Jeremy. He mirrors my face. "Before you say anything, let me explain. The reason for this is because Eat The Lie is an all girl band, and they've told Brian that they had a few concerns over having any guys on the same bus. So uh, Maggie and Amy? I'm really sorry." Maggie snuggles up closer to Frank and Jeremy grabs my hand gently. "Oh and er, Mikey?" Mikey looks at him. "At least now you can be yourself."

"Screw you," he says, smiling. You see, when Taylor isn't in the room, Mikey is just like his old self. "So uh, when do we meet with them, exactly?"

"That's the other thing. Uh, as far as I've been told, we'll be meeting them later today."

"That soon?" Gerard asks, running his hands through his hair. It's gotten a lot longer than it was in September, when we first met. Or was that the beginning of this month? Man, I'm telling you, this month has just flown by so fast.

"Yeah, that soon. We'll be in Livingston in a few hours." I raise my hand and Jeremy chuckles softly. "Yes, Amy?"

"Which state is Livingston in?" I utterly failed my Geography class in high school.

"Uh, Montana, I think."

"Oh. How long are we going to be staying? I mean, we're playing a show there, right?" Jeremy asks, and Ray nods.

"We'll actually be performing at the Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds tomorrow. That's in Helena, though," Gerard says softly. The room goes silent for a few moments, though I can't exactly figure out why. I look over at Frank and he gives me The Nod, which means he'll explain everything to me when the meeting's over. The moment of silence passes quickly and Ray clears his throat, bringing the attention to him again.

"It's going to be a little different than our usual shows, though. We'll be playing in the middle of a football field." My eyes open wide, and Connor drops his book.

"So we'll be on a rotating stage?" he asks excitedly. I giggle.

"Yes," Ray says, smiling. "But you have to be real careful on it. So uh, I'd advice not running around and going crazy like you normally would on stage, okay?" Connor ignores him.

"When do we get to rehearse? Tonight or tomorrow?"

"Uh oh, he's never gonna shut up now!" Maggie groans, leaning her head on Frank's shoulder. He chuckles.

"Kid, we're gonna be there tonight, obviously. Our show's around noon tomorrow. One rehearsal tonight, one tomorrow. Of course, if you're Mikey, he's got got two tonight and two tomorrow morning. Poor guy." Mikey smiles and pops his fingers. My eye twitches and I pop mine, and Jeremy in turn pops his, and before I know it everyone in the room is popping random body parts. It was really funny.

"Alright, well I suppose that's all. Any ques-" Ray's interrupted by a blood-currdling scream, which came from the bunks. I shoot a look at Mikey and then we sprint for it.

"..but babe, why? Can't we just.. Well why the fuck not!" I hear, and I frown. Poor Taylor. It seems they're just beginning to fight. I turn to Mikey and motion for him to walk away, and he does. I don't. Curiousity on how this fight will end gets the better of me and I tip-toe over to my bunk. I quietly climb up into it and listen in. Up front the t.v. is on and the guys are playing Guitar Hero again. Figures.

"Jennifer, I just don't get why you're being such a bitch today," she says, and I can hear yelling on the phone. "No, I'm not! All I wanted to do was call you up and say I loved you, and you tell me that you're busy, but all I can hear is another woman in the room! Now I want to know who -DAMMIT!" She screams again and throws her phone out, and not very surprisingly it lands on the floor. She reaches out and hastily grabs it.

"Dude, where'd Amy go?" I hear Jeremy ask up front. Mikey mumbles something and Jeremy doesn't say anything else. There isn't any sound coming from inside Taylor's bunk. I decide that the Big Fight must be over and climb down. I start to walk towards the front of the bus when BAM! something slams into the back of my legs and I fall face-first towards the ground. I can't remember if I flung my arms out, but I do remember a sharp pain in the side of my face and a bright flash. And then -instant black out.


Unh, bloody hell, I think as I come-to. I take in a deep breath and then cough, realising right away that I'm in a hospital. The heavy smell of rubbing alcohol and other types of cleansing chemicals irritate my nose, and I feel like I'm going to sneeze. I plug my nose, refusing to let the sneeze pass through. They say that its impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. Supposedly, if you did, your eyes would pop out of their sockets because when you sneeze the force of it is that of about 100 mph. I don't really know if I believe it, but either way I wouldn't chance it. The sneeze passes and I relax, letting my hand drop to my side again.

"Amy, you awake?" Butterflies flutter in my stomach when he speaks, and I open my eyes and frown. There's a big, blurry shape blocking my vision, and I can't make out his face. But I know who it is.

"Gerard?" My mouth is dry and when I speak it feels really weird, causing me to ponder how long I've really been out. By the numbness in my ass, I'd say probably long enough, plus the fact that we'd been halfway to Livingston, out in the middle of nowhere, and now I was in a big hospital. Or was it a big hospital? I don't know. But it feels like a big one. "Are we in Livingston yet?" Gerard moves in his chair and leans closer to me.

"Yeah. We're in Livingston Memorial Hospital. You've been out for a few hours, in case you're wondering," he adds with a smile. I nod and look up at the ceiling, noticing for the first time that the lights are off. I ask him why. "I figured you might have a headache when you woke up, so I shut the blinds and turned all the lights off. You've got a single room, since its a relatively big hospital, and the nurses didn't really mind. Why, do you want them on?" I vigorously shake my head and instantly regret it. Closing my eyes tightly, I shake my head a little slower.

"No, not really. I was just wondering. Where is everybody? And what happened to my face?" I try to sit up but Gerard places a hand on my stomach, stopping me.

"I don't think you should-"

"Gerard, I'm fine." I push his hand away and sit up quickly, just as a monstrous headache smacks me in the face. I groan and slump back down, reaching up to touch the right side of my face. I wince as my fingers touch the stitches. Gerard sighs and pulls the hospital blanket up over me so that it covers my middrift. "Ugh. I hate you." I smile to let him know I'm being sarcastic. Don't ask why, but lately he's been freaking out every time someone says they hate him.


"Because you made me say you're right."

"Okay then, I guess. In answer to your question, though, Taylor accidentally kicked the back of your knees while having a hissy-fit and you fell, obviously, and smacked your face on the edge of Frank's bed. You know how it uh, juts out, yeah? And everyone else is out meeting the new band." My jaw drops.

"They left without me?" I couldn't believe it. I'm in a freaking hospital, and they'd rather go meet a bunch of chicks! "What bitches!" I wince again as my voice echos slightly. "This headache is killing me," I whine. "Do you have any pain killers?" Gerard shakes his head. "Do you think the nurses will give me some?"

"Probably," he says with a shrug. He leans over and moves something out of the way of his feet, and when I look over I see his sketch pad. I smile.

"Were you drawing me again?" I think my question catches him off-guard because he instantly closes the small book. He picks it up and tosses it over onto the small pull-out bed in the corner of the room, near the window, and I smile teasingly. "Ooh, you were, weren't you?" When he doesn't say anything I slowly prop myself up on my elbows. "Did you peek under my sheets?" I ask jokingly. He looks up at me and chuckles softly.

"Maybe, maybe not. You never know. How are you feeling? Do you still want the nurses?" I nod and he pushes the big red button on the side of my bed. Within minutes a young nurse enters my room and stops, no doubt trying to get used to the dark. The light from the hallway assults my senses and I turn my head away, a white light flashing in my mind. I groan.

"I'm sorry, but you'll have to cover your eyes. I can't see a thing with the lights off," the nurse-man says, and I pull the blankets up over my head just as the lights are flipped on. "How are you feeling?" This piercing, white light errupts in my mind as I peek out from underneath the covers. It hurts like hell.

"Like I just got hit by a train. How are you feeling, dressed up in that horrible pink suit?" I snap, peeking out at the nurse. His cheeks flush slightly. "Sorry." He nods and checks my heart monitor and my blood pressure and all that jazz, then asks what he can do for me. "Well," I say slowly, pretending to think. "I suppose you could give me a strong dose of morphine to help with the pain? Maybe perform a quick labotomy?" I'm only joking. Gerard snorts softly, but the nurse-man, who looks a bit on the 'I-don't-take-jokes' side frowns.

"I'm sorry you feel like shit." I smile at his language. "And I'm sorry that I can't give you any morphine. According to the hospital records that your father sent us, you're allergic to the drug." I frown, puzzled.

"Uh, no I'm not. My mom is. Tell me, what does the name say on my sheet?" The nurse-man pulls it out of his pocket and I watch as his eyes slowly gaze down at it. Then he looks up and smiles at me. I don't know why, honestly.

"Penny Jo-" I hold up a hand to stop him, which he does.

"That's my mom. I'm Amy, nice to meet you," I say a bit bitterly. The lights are starting to bug my eyes. Then I smile. "Now, unless you want a scalpel in your ass, I suggest you go and get me some pain killers. Morphine would be nice," I say sweetly, sarcastic even. He blushes and hurriedly leaves the room. Gerard shakes his head and shuts the lights off.

"I really don't see why you were so mean. Even if he is a bit of a jerk- What's wrong? A-are you crying?" I frown and reach up to touch my eyes. Much to my surprise, they're wet.

"Well.. they are wet.." I look up at him quickly and wince. The bright flash is continuously flashing in my mind, and the pain is, just like I told the nurse-guy, like being hit by a friggin' train. It hurts worse than when I woke up, and every time Gerard speaks it escalades. Tears start to form quicker in my eyes and I wipe them away.

"Amy, are you okay? I'm sure your pain meds will be here soon, but-" I raise a hand, cutting him off.

"Don't talk," I whisper. He reaches over and lightly squeezes my hand, and a sort of electric shock runs through my body. For a moment my headache goes away, but it comes back as soon as the nurse-man opens the door and turns on the light. I whimper and hide under the covers as Gerard murmurs to the nurse. Pretty soon the lights are off again and Gerard pulls the blankets away from my face. The nurse-man comes over and leans against the bed.

"Okay, I need you to describe to me how bad the pain is. Can you do that?" he asks softly. Wow, leave it up to the nurse-man to go from being somewhat arrogant and stingy to completely sympathetic. Propping myself up onto my elbows again, I nod and wipe away another tear.

"It's worse than a killer migraine. Every time someone talks, this bright flash appears in my mind and my headache gets worse." I frown up at him as a thought pops up in my mind. "Did the doctors check to see if I had a concussion?" The way his eyes dart over to Gerard tells me that no, they didn't. Gerard frowns as well and stands up.

"I think she needs to be checked, nurse-boy," he says. I flinch slightly and he sits back down, squeezing my hand again. "Sorry," he says, softer this time. I nod and wipe away yet another tear. The nurse-man says something back to Gerard. Whatever it was, it irritates Gerard more than I've managed in quite a while. A tear runs down my cheek.

Damn, I think. If this doesn't go away soon, we're going to have to cancel the show tomorrow and open a water park. When the nurse-man leaves, I whisper these concerns to Gerard. All he does is smile softly and stroke my hair lightly. His touch gives me a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach and I frown, looking away. "What?" he asks softly. "Did I do something?" I shake my head and close my eyes, letting my head fall back against the pillows.

"No. It's just.. I can't help but think about what the guys are doing." It isn't a lie, at least not completely. But it wasn't really what I was thinking at the moment when he'd touched me. "And I'm worried.."

"What about?" I open my eyes and look over at Gerard, who's scratching the top of his head.

"About how things will be with the new band an' all. What if we don't get along? What if Jeremy-" I choke back a sob and look away again, only to have Gerard pull my face back over in his direction.

"You're worried that Jeremy will like one of the girls, and that he'll leave you behind, aren't you?" I don't say anything. Gerard shakes his head. "Don't worry about it. You and Jeremy.. you have something special. Everyone can see that. I don't think he'd do something like that to you, I really don't." I close my eyes, thinking about what he said, and I believe it. But nevertheless, I'm still worried. Boys are weird. And they've been known to lead you into thinking something about them and then do exactly the opposite. I've never known Jeremy to lie to me, or to lead anyone on in the few years that I've known him, but that still doesn't mean he wouldn't do it. Gerard takes my hand and squeezes again. "I mean it, Amy. And I'm a man. I know my species." I giggle softly.

"I know. Thank you," I whisper. I smile up at Gerard, staring him straight in the eyes. He gives me that goofy, lop-sided grin of his and I get goosebumps.

"Any time."

A knock on the door makes us both look up. An older man in a white coat walks over and smiles. "I'm sorry to disturb you, but I've just been informed that you may need a CAT scan. I'm very sorry the doctor before me did not order one." I nod and he starts to unhook me from everything. With a start I realise that I've had an IV in my arm this entire time and didn't even notice it. Just goes to show how distracted I was because of this stupid headache. "I'm very sorry if this hurts you at all, but its important to move you to a different bed," the doctor explains. I smile sweetly and Gerard looks away from all the needles. Oh yeah, I totally forgot he hates them. Huh.

"I've had a CAT scan before, Doc. When I was ten. Just answer me one thing," I say, using Gerard's shoulder to sit up all the way. As soon as I do the sudden feeling of weight on my bladder makes my eyes widen. "Oh holy crap, uh Gerard?" He looks over at me. "I have to pee," I whisper. He nods and helps me stand up. Not even thinking about the fact that I might not be able to, I sprint for the little bathroom in the room, just barely sitting down before it all comes flooding out of me. I lean my head back and moan, and hear Gerard chuckling outside the door, muttering something about me not having an orgasm. It makes me smile. I finish up and do my wiping business and then walk back out. Surprisingly, my head doesn't hurt as bad. Maybe.. it was just the light? I tell this to the doctor, who strongly suggests a CAT scan anyway. I ask him how much it would cost, and he tells me that my insurance actually pays for it. I tell him to check again and make sure that it does. He smiles and leaves the room and I sit back down on the bed.

"You know, I really hate hospitals," Gerard says after a long silence. I nod in agreement.

"The only enjoyment I get out of being in one is playing the part of the bitchy patient. It's really fun. Oh and the needles are amazing. It really sucks that I didn't realise that I had one in me. It would have been cool to play with." He smiles, but I think it's forced. You know.. the whole needle-hatred thing. "So uh, how long ago did you say that the guys went to meet the band?"

"I didn't say, come to think of it. They met up with them shortly after we got you here. And no, Jeremy didn't seem excited," he adds. I look away, almost ashamed that he knew my biggest fear at the moment. "He really wanted to stay with you, but Maggie said that he would be better off meeting the new band. Taylor wanted to stay, too, but there was this big argument and in the end it was decided that since I was the oldest -along with Ray and Bob, of course- it should be me who stayed."

"I see. Where did they meet them?" I try not to let it show that I'm silently praying they didn't meet them at their apartment, or their house, like My Chem met us. Well, I mean they met us at a hotel, but they still stayed the night. I just meant it would really suck to know that Jeremy could possibly be finding a thong underneath a couch or something. Wait, why the hell am I worrying about this? Again? After Gerard just went out of his way to assure me Jeremy didn't want to go in the first place? Oh, that's right. Because guys are unpredictable. Gerard just said something. What did he say? I ask him to repeat what he just said.

"At a hotel, I think. It's really similar to the one you met us in back in Phoenix. Really big and expensive and such. Not an apartment," he adds quietly, giving my hand another squeeze, which once again sends a shock through my body. I grit my teeth.

"Will you stop doing that?" I whisper-screech. He looks down at me with surprise written all over his face.

"Stop doing what?"

"Reading my damn fucking mind!" Okay, so once again it isn't all of what I meant. I really mean for him to stop sending all these stupid shocks through me. It's bad enough that I admitted to checking out his ass a few days ago, but it's absolutely horrible thinking about the fact that not even Jeremy gives me these feelings. And I don't even know what feelings those are! God, I am so messed up. I pull my hand away and stand up, quickly making my way over to the window before my brain has time to register my too-quick movements.

"I'm sorry." I can barely hear him whisper over the roar of my pounding headache. I frown. And here I was, thinking that it went away. I glance over at Gerard from the corner of my eye. He's still standing by the bed, staring down at his feet. He looks up at me when my eyes reach his face and I blush, looking back towards the window. There's an awkward silence and I look away. How the moment was awkward, I really have no clue. To get rid of the silence, I clear my throat and look out through the curtains. It's dark outside -not surprisingly. By placing my hand against the glass, I can tell it's going to be a really cold night. I take in my surroundings. The windows are barred, probably to prevent any patient suicides, and there are barely any trees outside. I frown. Wasn't Montana supposed to be home to like, horses and cowboys and crap? Obviously not. Once again, I plead the failing of my geography class. Totally not my fault!

Gerard shuffles his feet and says, "I wonder when that doctor is gonna-" That's when the doctor himself walks in, cutting Gerard off with this weird dramatic entrance. I giggle and then regret it. Dang, I'm beginning to regret a lot of things.

"Alright, let's get you over to that CAT scan, then, shall we?" the old white-coat says enthusiastically, smiling. I take a deep breath, walk over to the bed, and lay back down on the bed that one of the nurses brought in a little while ago. As the doctor wheels me out the door I faintly hear Gerard mumble a 'See you later.' Wow, for an older guy this doctor sure can push, I think with a giggle, just as my headache comes back full force. I gasp and close my eyes as the doctor explains exactly what's going to happen and how I need to keep my eyes shut. Maybe even fall asleep. For once I don't smart-mouth him. I don't even bother telling him that I've been through this once before, like I did just minutes before. He clears his throat, signalling me to make the transition from the hospital bed onto the CAT scan table, and I silently comply. It's over before I know it, just like back in the fourth grade. When I'm back in my hospital room, Gerard isn't. Part of me feels sad, but my entire other half is rejoicing. No more awkward moments!

Five minutes later I'm not as happy. I'm lonely, my head still kind of hurts, and my stomach is growling. And to make matters worse, I keep hearing my phone go off. But I have absolutely no clue where my phone is. I sigh and walk over to the door and flip the light on, closing my eyes shut until the fuzzy little dots go away from the sudden brightness. I'm telling you, it really sucks being hungry in a hospital. Don't they have nurses for this kind of stuff? Oh my jizz, this is exactly what Taylor must have gone through! I smile. I'm totally asking her.

Hold up, wait a minute, put a little love in it!
Can't kick the habit
I got to have it
I'm what they call a love addict, love add-

"Aha!" I scream, happy that I've found my beloved piece of technology. I hurriedly flip it open before it goes to voicemail. "Hello?"

"Amy!" Taylor screeches. I wince and hold the phone away from my ear. "Hey hey hey, are you still at the hospital?" I walk over to the window and open the curtains.

"Yeah, why?" A high pitched giggle fills my ear and I wince again. "Taylor, where are you guys? Are you still out with ETL?" Someone tells a joke in the background and a bunch of people laugh. I automatically feel left out.

"Yeah yeah, we're actually heading back to the apartment now." I distinctively hear Jeremy's adorable laugh and my heart tugs in my chest. I swallow and ask where they are. "Oh, I don't know. But hey, how bad is your fa -shut up! How bad is your face?" She slurrs that last part and I groan. Great, just what I need right now. A drunk Taylor babbling on the phone, Grr, life is so cruel!

"Oh, not too bad. Just about a hundred stitches!" I have to yell in order for her to hear me. After yelling a few more things I shut my phone after telling her to dunk her big fat head in the toilet. Don't get me wrong, I still love her to death. I just hate when she's drunk and I'm not there. Weird, I know, but that's just me.

"Who was that?" I shriek and spin around, almost falling into Gerard.

"Jeez! Scare the hell out of me, why don't you," I snap. Then my eyes zero in on the bagels and coffee in his hands. "Yum!" I snatch a bagel and a cup and sit myself down on my loverly hospital bed. Gerard just shakes his head and sits down in the chair, which I notice has been moved back into the corner where it originally was. I frown for a fraction of a second before chowing down on a toasted, strawberry-and-cream-filled bagel. It fills me with warmth and I moan, chewing slowly. I hear a sputter and look over at Gerard after swallowing. "What?" He chokes on his coffee and wipes at his shirt.

"Nothing, nothing. Just didn't expect you to moan, 's all," he mumbles. I smile. Having food in my stomach makes me feel a lot more whitty-ish.

"What, did it turn you on? Make your hormones run wild? Make you feel like a chomo?" This time Gerard bursts out laughing, and all the food and coffee that was in his mouth comes flying out all over the floor. He puts his cup and bagel down on the small table beside my bed and leans over, clutching his stomach. I find myself doing the same after a few seconds. When we're all done and wiping tears from our eyes, Gerard stands up and wipes up his mess. I smile. "You know.. I wouldn't blame you if you totally just jizzed," I whisper. He looks up at me with a grin on his face.

"And why is that?" I smile and puff my chest out.

"Because I am a sexy ass Nikaa, and my hormones make you want me," I purr. I don't realise just how seductive I sound until suddenly Gerard's leaning over me, our faces really close. My breathing quickens.

"And if they do?" His breath warms my face and I lean forward, letting my lips graze his cheek slightly. Warning signs are shooting off in my head, loud and clear, but I push them aside.

"Then whip it out," I whisper, and I feel him shudder. He leans back and looks me in the eye and I feel like I'm floating. I don't even know how or why this is happening, but I know that it really shouldn't. I start to push him away. "Gerard, I-"

"Amy?" I choke back what I was going to say and stare over Gerard's shoulder, wide-eyed as Jeremy walks over to me with the strangest look on his face.

"Jeremy? What are you doing here, I thought you were back at the apartment?" Gerard jumps back and mumbles hello to Jeremy before practically running out. I stand up and hug Jeremy with all my might while worrying about how long he's been standing there. His arms slowly wrap around me. "I missed you," I murmur.

"Did you?" I frown and look up at him, seeing something in his eyes that almost scares me. What is it -anger? Pain?

"What do you mean, did I? Of course I missed you." I hug him again, but he doesn't hug me back. Nope. Instead he stiffens up at my touch and I step back. "What's wrong? Why are you so.. so.. distant?"

"I dunno, you tell me," he says, frowning.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" He shrugs. I frown. "Why are you being such a jerk?"

"Oh, I'm the jerk?" he scoffs, stepping closer to me. My body takes a step back instinctively as he towers over me. "How the hell am I the jerk? I walk in here, expecting to find my girlfriend," he spits the word at me, "lying in bed with a fucking concussion, and what do I get instead? You whispering in Gerard's ear with your fucking legs wrapped around him." I grit my teeth.

"My legs were not wrapped around him!" He shakes his head.

"Really? Then what do you call this?" I yelp as Jeremy pulls me close to him, my chest hitting his roughly as he sits down on the bed, wrapping his legs around me. "This is exactly how I saw it. Do you have any idea what it looked like?" I wriggle against him.

"Jeremy, it wasn't what you think. Honestly, it wasn't. I know that sounds cliche' and shit, but I'm not kidding! Now let go, please." He reaches up and strokes my cheek with his thumb and I close my eyes. "Jeremy.." I don't remember whether or not it comes out as a moan, but Jeremy's suddenly kissing me with way more passion than ever before. It's intense, really intense. So intense that I reach up and run my fingers through his hair, lightly tugging. He bites my lip and I gasp, granting him access. His tongue grazes mine, gently at first, and when I flick mine against his upper lip he kisses me harder, battling for dominance. I give it to him; it would be silly not to. He breaks the kiss after a few minutes and starts trailing little wet ones down my neck, across my throat, up to my ear. I sigh and lean into him, nuzzling his throat in turn. He runs his hands down my sides until they're cupping my ass and I giggle, attempting to plant a kiss on his nose. I say attempting because he wouldn't let me do it.

He captures my lips with his again, pulling me even closer so that it feels like we're welded together. The friction of our bodies rubbing against each other makes us both moan, and I can feel Jeremy growing against my leg. I tentatively run a hand down his leg, making sure to just barely rub him. He trails his kisses down my neck and starts to kiss all the skin that my hospital gown covers. Jeesh, what a skimpy gown, I think, just as I feel his hands run up my sides. His hands are cold against my bare skin, and for a second I consider pushing him away. But something stops me before I do, and I think it may have something to do with the feel of his hands cupping my breasts. I gasp softly as he lifts my gown up, the sudden urge to pull it back down rising up in my limbs. I grit my teeth and push the feeling away, willing to relax myself. What's the worst that can happen? I think, helping him slip off the gown. He starts to trail kisses down my chest and stops, looking up at me with that puppy grin on his face. I know what he's thinking. He's thinking, Gee, I can't believe you're letting me get this far with you in a hospital! I'm thinking the same thing.

"Amy?" he whispers, kisses my stomach. Out of habit I suck in my gut, then let it out, remembering that I'm not the same girl I was long ago. I take a deep breath and run my fingers through his hair.


"Come here." I look down at him just as he hoists me up so that I'm straddling his lap. I close my eyes as his mouth attaches itself to my right nipple, which, in case you're wondering, has been perky for the past ten minutes. He swirls his tongue around it a couple of times before moving to my left one. I sigh and arch my back against him, gasping when he lightly nibbles me. This goes on for a little while, with him moving back and forth between my breasts, before I hear footsteps. Not only are they footsteps, they're Taylor's footsteps. Simultaneously, Jeremy and I break apart and I just barely pull on my gown before Taylor, Mikey, and some girl I don't even know burst into the room, gasping from running so much. Jeremy, to the best of his ability, gets up and goes into the bathroom. Taylor frowns in concentration, looking from me to the bathroom door and back to me. Then she grins.

"Oh my God, you were totally doing the nasty!" she squeals, high-fiving the girl next to her. I shake my head and try to not to think about the wetness between my legs. Oh my gosh, this is so freaking embarrassing!

"Uh, no. I wasn't."

"Whatever," she says with a wink. "By the way, I wasn't really drunk earlier. Jackie here dared me to call the first person listed in my phone and act like a stupid drunk. We've been daring each other for like, two hours straight!" Looking down I realise that Taylor and this Jackie are holding hands. Hm.. I wonder what happened to Jenn?

"Have you seen any doctors? I wanna go home," I say softly. Taylor giggles and shakes her head and Mikey steps up in front of her.

"Here are your clothes. Gerard threw them at me earlier, though I don't know why." He studies my face and frowns. "You two didn't erm, fight or anything, did you?"

"Nope. So uh, am I free to check out? This hospital sucks monkey balls and I'm starving," I say while pulling on my pants. I blush when I see Mikey awkwardly eyeing my black lacey bra and quickly grab it and walk into the bathroom, not caring in the least when Jeremy yelps and jumps into the small bathring area. "What?"

"Jesus Amy, I'm busy!" he exclaims. I giggle.

"Well excuse me if I don't want my boobs flopping everywhere," I say with a grin. He pokes his head out.

"Yum," he moans, licking his lips. I giggle and throw the hospital gown at him. He makes a slurping noise and catches the gown, then walks over and stands behind me, wrapping his arms around my middle. He lightly tugs on my shirt, whining like a dog. I smile and pat his arm.

"I know, I'm sorry. Next time I'll just let 'em loose and give that ol' doctor a heart attack, eh?" He snorts and kisses my neck softly, then walks out. I pick up the gown and throw it in the sink and walk out.

"Filip says to hurry up!" Taylor screams, and Jackie giggles witha hand over her mouth. I look at her like she's an alien and gather my stuff. Phone in pocket.. Gerard's art book, jacket, coffee cups. I cram my hardened bagel into my mouth and munch thoughtfully. Was I forgetting something? I glance around the room, checking. Mikey clears his throat and when I look over at him he holds up my shoes. I smile as he tosses them to me and I forcefully pull them on. "Amy!" Taylor screams again. I look over at her.

"What bitch?" She smiles and flips me the bird. "I love you, too, Taylor." She smiles and points to the door.

"Filip wants to leave, like, now!"

"Okay okay, stop yelling at me!" She giggles, grabs Jackie's hand, and skips out the door. I turn to Mikey. "Am I missing something?" I raise an eyebrow to accompany my question.

"Uh, probably. But if you are then we all are, because they started out hating each other's guts, I swear."

"Did she and Jenn break up?" He nods. "Wow. Before or after I almost died?"

"After. Definitely after, I think. You ready?"

"Yeah. Be a doll and carry your brother's shit, huh?" He smiles and takes Gerard's signature black leather jacket and art book, and we walk out into the hall and get in the elevator. "So uh, what are we doing next?"

"Probably getting on the bus. You guys will be bunking with us again tonight, and then tomorrow you'll most likely be moving all your stuff onto ETL's bus. So enjoy Jeremy while you can," he says, wriggling his brows up and down. I scoff and slap his arm.

"Mikey, behave yourself!"

"Oh baby, be-haaave," he purrs, sounding almost exacltly like Austin Powers. When the elevator doors open and Mikey and I come out, we're laughing our asses off. A few nurses shush at us to get us to stop but it only makes us laugh harder. By the time we reach the bus, well... Let's just say our faces were pretty close to blueberries.

"Wow, what's wrong with you two?" Frank asks, helping me up when I almost fall over.

"N-nothing!" I giggle, clutching my stomach. Mikey just barely makes it onto the bus before he falls down on the couch, pounding his fist repeatedly against the cushions. I manage to stop laughing after a little bit and notice that everyone on the bus is looking at us like we're crazy. I clear my throat and fix my hair and Mikey just keeps on going. "So uh, what'd I miss? Anything exciting?"

"I broke up with Jenn," Taylor says casually. I look over and see that she's got her feet up on Jackie's lap. Oh. My. God! Tell me she isn't staying the night!

"Yeah, I know. I meant anything really exciting." I try to smile, but it just isn't happening. Jackie looks over and sees my struggle and offers a smile.

"The other girls should be over soon," she says and then she winks. I manage a sarcastic grin before heading back to my bunk to grab my beloved Stewie pajamas. After pulling them on and my socks off, I sigh and trudge down to the back, sitting down heavily on the couch. I pull out a blankett from underneath the cushions and cover myself entirely, curling up into a ball. Hospital sleep is never good. Just ask the old folks, ha ha. Gr.

"Hey, Amy?" I open my eyes and peek out from underneath my safety cover. Gerard's dark form blocks the light from the hallway. I yawn and sit up, motioning for him to come over.

"Hey, what's up?"

"I just want to say that I'm sorry, for what happened earlier at the hospital."

"You mean the whole uh, jizz thing?" He blushes and I smile. "All is forgiven. But it's not your fault. I started it. It won't happen again, I promise. We've both got somebody, and there isn't any reason why we should ever do that. Forgive me?"

"Of course. Jeez, this is awkward." I giggle.

"How is it awkward?"

"I dunno. Just.. mentioning it, I guess. Well I'm gonna go back up front. Jackie went home, by the way. Taylor went with her. Get some sleep, okay?" I mumble that I will and cover up again. I stay awake until all the lights in the livingroom are off and most of the guys are asleep. Then I get up and walk over to my bunk, climb in, and try to fall asleep. But one single thought keeps me awake for just a little while longer.

Where the hell is Jeremy?

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