Review for Heartbreak in Stereo

Heartbreak in Stereo

(#) lovetah 2009-10-07

yaaaaay you updated :)
oh i love updates for this story :) haha
i love this chapter.. like all chapters! this is probably one of the best stories on ficwad!
ohh and who is the mystery person..?? haha i have a pretty good guess.. but that doesn't mean i'm not dying for another chapter! :)
update soon please? xoxo

oh and i love the way gerard and mikey get along so well :)

Author's response

Oh my, best story on ficwad!? Thank you!! Haha I will update soon. I want to stay ahead on this one so I'm gonna get a few more chapters written first.

Hahah, quite a bit different that Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave, huh? I thought I'd try it out since most of my other stories involved them hating each other. Haha.