Review for Without Them, I Don't Walk Alone

Without Them, I Don't Walk Alone

(#) Ray191 2009-10-08

I know how you feel entirely! The whole time I was reading this, I was like, "wow..... I think that's how I would put it if I tried to say how I feel about MCR." Seriously! Those guys are amazing! Every single one of them!

They were the band that first made me say, "I'm gonna do that! I want to be like them!" And so from then on, I've been pursuing a life of music. Searching for band members, writing songs, and learning guitar, and whatnot. They have also helped me to get through many a rough patch of my life. :)

And I agree, I think they would be VERY proud! That's what they're in it for ya know? For the kids out there whom, they got to reach out and touch the lives of. The many kids that they rescued!