Review for I'm Just A Ghost, Haunting My Own Life

I'm Just A Ghost, Haunting My Own Life

(#) _Amy_Revenge_ 2009-10-28

Hm.. if anything, I'd say Pete caused this LoL I mean, he steals the spotlight ALL the flippin' time. And he's a major bitch. My friend went to one of their concerts, and she had a backstage pass, and Pete kept telling her to get him is coffee. Patrick apologised and everything for him. Ugh!

I want green olives now..
And I still have to finish this stupid poem thing!
I gave up on my writing assignment.. I just couldn't think of anything!

Author's response

That's not very nice of him is it? Patrick must have been SO embarrassed to have apologised for him. Kinda makes me like Patrick even more - what a sweetie!

I'd say he TRIES to steal the spotlight, but if everyone's ignoring him, it doesn't matter, does it? ;)

I hope you found you're olives and stuff :)

Sas x