Review for Holly Evans and the Spiral Path

Holly Evans and the Spiral Path

(#) Faraqs 2009-10-30

Great story! Some of the best characterization I have seen in fandom. Hope life will permit you to finish this story, since otherwise would be an afront to all things holy. Hope you continue with the tangents as well. Aside from wanting to read the smut, they also give a better "whole" to the story.

More updates, please!

Author's response

Thank you!
I post when their written, no beta, so you get them as quick as I can make them fit correctly. I am committed to finishing my story, though I can't say how long the whole enchilada will be. Every third chapter I post seems to extend the Outline futher- currently the Outline ends at 63, but that only affords a few chapters each for the last two years, so I can expect that number to rise. Stay tuned!