Review for Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

(#) TheChemicalRose 2009-11-04

Okay I love this!!!

Name:Addison (Addi)
Description: Hair-Brown,Medium lenght,Bang over left eye,frayed around edges
Eyes- blue on the outside then brown in the center around the pupil
Style- blue jeans sewed to form fit my legs( its cheaper than buying skinnies), t shirts with colorful designs or just simple black shirts(short sleeve andlong sleeve), multiple zip up hoodies, and regular sweat shirts,not muuch jewelery
Body height/weight- eh 5'7 and I'm average size with some puppy fat.Check me out on
Human or immortal-Im not sure.I think I shall choose werewolf
Age- I'm truely 15.But if ya need to change it for the story ,be my guest
Activities/talents- I love drawing,singing,playingthe cello,watching movies,talking to new people,photography,and just hanging out in the woods by my house(it gets my creativity going)Im like the perfect housewife kinda chick.I can cook ,clean,and a ton of stuff around the house.
Extra- I have a very sweet and shy personality when I'm first meeting people,but after a short period of time when I can trust you,then I'm a loud mouth,over excited (sorta puppy like) kid who hugs everyone of her friends since she's afraid to lose them and cares about everyonelike a mother.Accepting and kind,I'm Bi and I don't judge people since I don't wish to be judged myself.Im very protective of my friends,they are my family since I don't really talk with my real one.Like I do,but I don't ,ya know?
Pairing- Frank please!!!I think it would be a interesting pair since he is friends with a vampire
I really hope you add me and I can't wait to read more of the story :D

Much love,