Review for My Confused Love[sequel to my drunk love]

My Confused Love[sequel to my drunk love]

(#) Moonshyne 2009-11-07


That chapter was so great on so many levels. I love Halloween and you really captured the anticipation of a young child on that night. From the adults who dress at the door, decorated haunted houses and kids being scared at the monster costumes. It was spot on.

But the biggest treat of the chapter was the kiss. It seemed just right. I was begging in my mind Bob please don't make the same mistake again. But thankfully he didn't take it any further.

He was so sweet to carry her off to bed, while I'm sure she dreamed of the new possibilities that could happen.

I really love this story and can't wait to read more.

Author's response

Hey there (:

I like Halloween too, but lately where I live no one really has the spirit anymore...I tried my best to describe the scenes.

I can't believe I actually wrote the kiss scene, I just thought it was a perfect moment to do so, Tissa realizes that maybe Bob has changed, and that her grudges shouldn't be held anymore. I have some more plans for this, and then I may end it...but not right now (:

Thank you as always