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More Than Just Tricks and Treats.

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Late posting..

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This is so late, I know…

1 week later

In the last days that has passed, I had been content. Everything just seemed easier when I went a long with it, and I wanted to keep the peace that was shared between me and Bob. He had been around more and Asia had seemed to love her dad. I hadn’t told her yet, but something told me she would figure it out on her own before I had spoken to her. As long as she was happy, I let it fly.

Today also happen to be the most festive time of the year. Halloween. The night where every child dresses up and goes out for trick or treating. Scary masks, scary movies, scary costumes. Anything scary, it’s out there. It’s not my favorite Holiday, I did love it as a kid, but now I feel outgrown. I hand the torch over to the little one. She had been so excited after a talk with her friend. I couldn’t control her when I had to get her a costume, after two hours of her making a decision, she decided on a Batarina costume. It was adorable really, a black and purple dress. A ruffed tulle to match and striped leggings underneath, black hand gloves, and wings to complete it. Her light hair in low pigtails as she bounced around the apartment get impatient as the night grew closer.

I was due for a long night of trick or treating, but Bob had offered come, and I had said yes. It was more for her then it was for me, and the more he was involved, I began to like it. No moves were made, and I hadn’t pushed it, but him simply being there, I could settle for. It was also coming to the point where I had considered just telling everyone about this. Gerard hadn’t said a word, but I knew Mikey was suspicious. It was only a matter of time.

“Mommy!” I walked down the hallway to see Asia struggling with a pumpkin, I quickly grabbed it from her smiling. The fresh Jack-O-Lantern smiled darkly as I put it outside on the balcony. The sun was making it’s way down and the wind began to pick up. Great, I thought. I hated the wind, but I would deal with it for tonight.

“Are we going to get candy?” I asked and she nodded happily. I scooped her up in my arms and sat her on the counter wiping the cookie crumbs off of her lips. She was giving me that look and I shook my head. She pouted.

“I promise I will put your costume on soon. Just give a couple more minutes okay?” I set her down and she ran off to the living room. I cleaned up a bit, expecting his arrival soon. When everything seemed in place, I called Asia and led her into the bathroom grabbing her costume on the way. I pulled out the purple and black outfit and helped her into it smoothing out the wrinkles. She giggled as I put her stockings on and grabbed the wing set from the bag and placing it on her small shoulders. Her little stomach poking out. I released her pigtails and combed it back into one high pony tail. I grabbed some makeup and a minimal amount on her face, making her eyes smoky black and some dark lipstick.

“Scary.” I encouraged and she smiled content with pretending to be dead tonight. I smiled feeling like a real mom when it felt like years ago I was the one who was dressing up. Even if it wasn’t that long ago. Memories of my childhood flashing inside my mind, and I shook them out. It didn’t matter anyways.

“Me pwetty?” She asked.

Very pretty.” I nodded and she turned into the mirror and clapped her hands liking what she saw. The smallest things seem like the biggest to children. I smiled once more when someone knocked on the door and I didn’t have to say who it was. I left Asia to revel in her new look before walking to the door opening it, greeted with a black cape and fangs.

“You dressed up?” I laughed as Bob nodded.

“Umm yeah. Just a little.” He smiled and I let him come in.

“Aaaaaaaagh!” A voice shrieked and Bob pretended to have a heart attack. Asia had her hands out like claws and made a scary funny face.

“My! Even the little creature scared me! How is this?” He asked in a vampire voice, though it came out slightly goofy. He smiled and picked her up where she giggled with delight at the fact that she scared him.

“So where we taking the little Batarina?” He asked while playing with the ruffles of her dress.

“I’m thinking those houses by North Side, they have good candy, and it’s safer.”

I’m very cautious about Halloween now that I’m a mom, there are so many weirdos out there, who do all kinds of things. I was one of the children who found many open wrappers when I was little. I don’t trust anything now.

“Good point. I’m tired of hearing about the razorblade in the apple.” He smiled. I shook my head and grabbed Asia’s black shoes to go with her outfit. I slipped them on her feet and she bounced, still in Bob’s arms.

“Excited are we?” He asked the happy toddler who nodded.

“Me want candy.”

“You’re gonna get lots of candy, but we have to check it first.” Asia nodded as he set her down. A smirk growing on his face.

“Since both of us are dressed, I think mommy should be dressed too.” Asia’s eyes widened and she looked at me pleading. I glared at Bob.

“Mommy get dwessed!”

“I would, but I don’t have a costume.” I narrowed my eyes at Bob. Okay it was lie, I did have a costume but I haven’t worn it in 2 years.

“I’m sure you have something lying around.”

“Not likely.” I responded and he smiled.

“Pwease.” She stuck her lower lip. I smirked at her adorable attempts.

“Pwease.” Bob asked in the same tone, and I looked at him. He stood right by her and I struggled to breathe as they looked exactly alike, no differences.

“Fine. I’ll see what I can find.” I said and they smiled. I hurried to the bedroom wiping my eyes as small tears formed. But not of out sadness…

I grabbed my black dress from my closet and shook my head. What the hell was I thinking when I bought this? The black dress had red trimmings, and a tulle underneath. Well maybe it wasn’t that bad. I figured I would match Asia and make myself look rather ‘Lolita’ like. I even put on a fake black wig that was curled. So much for not dressing up…

I walked back out to two pleased faces. I curtseyed and grabbed Asia’s trick or treat bag. I handed it to her who clapped her hands and I pretended to not notice Bob’s stares. I grabbed a small candle and walked outside to put into the jack-o-lantern, pleased to see it wasn’t as cold as it was before. When I walked back inside Asia was ready to go and I figured now was a good time to leave.

“Are you ready to go get candy?” I said evilly while tickling her belly.


“Then let’s go.” I smiled and the three of us walked out of the house, into my car, since Bob still didn’t have a car seat. We drove up to North Side which was about 15 minutes away from the city. A nicely neighborhood with cul-de-sacs, children flooding the sidewalks in various costumes, devil, princess, ninja, clown. It gave a happy atmosphere and Asia was impatiently waiting to get out of the car. I try to calm her down but to no avail.

“Will you hold your pretty horses?” I laughed. She shook her head.

“Me want candy!”

“Well come on then.” Bob said grabbing her small hand, her wings flapping as she walked to the first house.

“Remember to say thank you.”

“Okay.” She replied before dragging Bob to the door. When the door opened revealing a fairy with a popcorn of bowl of treats.

“Trick or treat!” Was a chorus of the many children. It went together in sync.

“My! My! Look at all these costumes!” The fairy smiled and handed each child a candy, Asia being the last one.

“How adorable! What are you honey?” She asked Asia who looked at Bob.

“Batarina.” Bob replied.

“Here ya go cutie.” She smiled and dropped the candy in her bag.

“Thwank you.” She said meekly before walking back to me and we made our way to the next house, and the next, and the next, and the next, we were two streets away from where we started. Asia’s bag was nearly full. Bob eyed it hungrily and I laughed.

The night was getting more and more dark. The rowdy teenagers were making their appearance, shouting and all that. Fog came from several decorated houses, daring for you to go inside. Bob never let go of Asia’s hand, a protective thing he had going on all night. He kept her close while she dragged him.

We had stopped at two more houses, the cool breeze coming back, making me shiver and I rubbed my shoulders as we stopped at the next house on the cul-de-sac. I felt warm material cover my shoulders, and I looked to the side to see a cape. I looked at Bob who shrugged and smiled.

“But it’s your costume.” I said getting ready to hand it back, he put his hand out blocking me.

“But you’re cold and I’ve been a vampire long enough.” He chuckled.

“Thank you.” I smiled softly and tying the black strings around my neck.

“Anytime.” He replied before walking up the steps with Asia, while I was left to embrace the lovely smell that lingered on the cape.
The door of the house seemed to jingle before the door was threw open and a person dressed as a bloody monster yelled making the kids laugh, and unfortunately Asia bursted into tears. Monsters were not her friend.

“Mommy!” She shrieked and I met her half way and she ran into my arms and clung tightly to my neck. She sobbed while I rubbed her back softly.

“It’s okay, he’s not real. It’s just a costume.” I soothed, but it helped very little.

“Sorry.” The man inside the costume said to Bob who shook his head.

“Hey man, no problem.” Bob waved his hand as he walked back to us. Running a hand over her head.

“Don’t be scared honey.”

“Me no like monsters.” She sniffled.

“Maybe we should head home?” I asked him and he nodded.

“Would you like to go home and watch a movie while we eat candy?” He asked her and she nodded still sniffling. His thumb wiped her tears while I carried her back to the car. We drove back home, careful not to hit the teenagers who thought it was hilarious to run in the street.

When we reached home, everything returned to normal. I kicked my shoes off, stretching my feet out as they felt sore and stiff. Bob had put Asia’s candy bag on the table, yawning as he did so. Asia tears had finally come to an end. She frowned as she sat down at the table, waiting for the candy to be checked. Her makeup had smeared from her tears, but her costume remained perfect.

I stretched my shoulders before sitting down and over turning the orange pumpkin bag, assortments of candy falling onto the table. That seemed to cheer her up a little. I searched through the chocolate, the bubble gum, and whatever was there. Only one piece looked suspicious, so I didn’t take any chances. I tossed it into the trash can, admiring my aim, and I turned back to Asia.

“Because it’s Halloween little one, I’ll let you have candy. Just please try not to eat it all at once, or you’ll get sick, okay?”

“Okay.” She replied and reached for a fun sized Twix. I tiredly put on the TV which was playing Hocus Pocus, and Bob was sitting on the couch, while Asia soon joined the love seat. I made popcorn handing the bowl to Bob who graciously took it. We had been out a full four hours, but it felt like so much more. I spotted Asia nodding off and she finally closed her eyes, finally tired out from her adventure. I carefully peeled her wings off and took off her shoes off, and carrying her to her bedroom, switching her costume to pajamas and laying her down where she nestled into the blanket without another word. I kissed her cheek and left the door cracked. Bob had finished the popcorn and still watching the movie, entranced by the talking cat on the TV. I giggled silently before heading to the balcony and blowing out the candle in the pumpkin. No one else seemed to be celebrating still as quietness filled the air. The moon was full and hung high in the sky, some fog glazing over it and stars sprinkled the black sky.

“You looked beautiful tonight.” A soft voice spoke and I smiled. I was still in my costume and still wearing his cape. I turned around and he was no more than a couple inches from me.

“You didn’t look too bad yourself.” I replied.

“Why thank you.” He raised his eyebrow in a smirk and joined me next to the railing.

“It nice having you come with us, and for walking her to the houses.” I told him as he nodded.

“I can’t get enough of her.” He smiled.

“I think she’s starting to feel the same way.”

“Really?” His eyes sparkled. I nodded.

“Well I’m happy… really happy.” He looked at me.

“I am too.” I whispered and we stood together not saying anymore.

“You know they say when a full moon’s out, you can hear werewolves.”

“Really, now.” I mocked.

“It’s true. I saw one last year and it had glowing red eyes and it howled for an hour straight.”

“Did you give it a treat to make it stop?” I retorted. He sighed.

“Okay so I didn’t see one.” He laughed.

“Maybe one day you will.”

“Maybe.” He shrugged. I laughed and stared at him, while he did the same with me. It took a couple seconds to realize he was right in front of me. Our breath colliding with one, while we dared to not break our lock on each other. Then it happened.

His lips were on mine, kissing tenderly while his hands found my waist. My inner conscious told me pull away, but his hand pushed me towards him and I couldn’t, didn’t want to let go. When he pulled away, my lips tingled and waited for my reaction. Was it too fast? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. All I know I was falling for his spell once again. He reconnected our lips together, and I wrapped my arms around his strong neck, missing his embrace I had felt three years ago. But this was different, way different. I shivered even with his cape on, and he took me back inside, our hands touching.

We both sat on the couch where Halloween was playing. When half of the movie had passed, I felt his arms around my waist where I didn’t object. I closed my eyes and let myself wander and rested against his shoulder. I fell asleep in the midst, and I thought I felt someone lifting me up and the next thing I knew I was on a bed, and I resumed my sleeping state…
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