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Never Thought I Have To See You Again.

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Tissa bumps into a person who caused her pain.

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(A/N: You may have to re-read My Drunk Love to get this chapter…)

My eyes squinted from a bright light, causing me to wake up and shield myself from the morning light that shines directly in my window. I really need new curtains. I yawned and stretched my arms out feeling stiffness in my body since my costume was still on. I gingerly sat up and undressed before grabbing a shirt and sweats. I wiped my eyes of any excess makeup and then looked around, remembering last night.

The kiss. It was still completely fresh that I could still feel a slight tingle radiate. The voices in the kitchen guided my feet towards it. I could hear Bob’s naturally soft voice as he was making Asia laugh by putting whipped cream on his nose and creating silly noises. Asia thought it was the funniest thing she had ever seen in her life. He put some on her nose and she giggled like there was no tomorrow. I smiled as I stepped in.

“What are you doing?” I laughed and he wiped his noise really quick then shrugged coolly.

“Just making breakfast.” He replied while Asia attempted to lick the whipped cream of her nose.

“I see…” I smiled and cleaned off her nose.

“Want some?”

“Sure.” I shrugged as he nodded and finished with the eggs and bacon before neatly putting it on a plate with a fresh slice of strawberries, just how I liked it. Wait, how did he know that? I shake my head slightly before cutting into the eggs that were sunny side up while he put some on a smaller plate for Asia after placing her off the counter.

“So interesting night last night.” I mumbled while nibbling on my bacon, Bob had now joined me at the counter while nodding.

“Indeed it was. I’m still tired from it. I slept on the couch, hope you don’t mind.”

“No not all.” I replied. He smiled and resumed eating his breakfast.

After we kissed, it replayed like a broken record in my mind that it was all I dreamed about. It was sweet and warm. Inviting and smooth, the feeling of his cool lip ring on mine, the way his blue eyes never lost its color always icy and bright. Every now and then we would stare at each other and then look away. I still didn’t know if he had meant to do that last night, I was waiting for him to say something but nothing came out. I finished my breakfast and collected our plates when he and Asia finished their’s and swiftly washed them in the sink and stuck them in the dish rack to dry.

“Pretty good.” I praised and he shrugged.

“Well I am an expert on breakfast.” He smirked.

“I’m sure you are.” I replied sarcastically before picking Asia up and setting her on the floor.

“Bath time!” she cried and I nodded.

“Okay.” I looked at Bob and pointed to the bathroom where he nodded and smiled. I grabbed Asia’s hand and walking her to the bathroom and getting her bathed. I swiftly put a towel around her shaking body and her teeth were chattering. I rubbed the towel to help her dry faster and grabbed her clothes from her room and helped her put it on, even though she insisted on doing most of it. I smiled.

I let her go run into her room after I brushed her hair, and then dried my hands on a towel before walking back out to where Bob stood. I’m not going to lie, every time I walk out of this hallway and see his face, it’s always surprising.

“So…” I said leaning on the counter, my sudden boldness even surprised me, much less Bob.

“So…” He replied in the same I used. I aimlessly tapped my foot on the cold ground trying to put this in the best way possible.

“I don’t regret kissing you ya know.”

My tapping stopped. As did my heart for one mere second. I looked up at him with a direct stare.

“Really?” I asked in a low soft voice. I studied his body language and he simply nodded. Intent with his answer.

“I just hope you don’t either…” He whispered, but enough for me to hear it. I looked down at my dire need of a pedicure feet, and look back up at him. I shake my head.

“I don’t.” I answered honestly and his captivating smile appeared.

“Good.” He said genuinely. I smiled and stood up straight while he inched closer while I stood frozen, while he continued to come closer. I had a fluttering sensation in my stomach, something I hadn’t felt in a really long time. Maybe it was nervousness? I didn’t even feel his hand on mine until he was an inch from face. His cool breath softly blowing of my lips, and I felt my guard come up again, I wasn’t feeling as confident as I was last night. I felt his lips lightly graze me before the sound of footsteps breaking my concentration. We both pulled back as Asia was staring up at us with a confused face.

“Uhh, hi sweetie.” I smiled nervously. She didn’t say anything except hold up a pair of shoes.

“On.” She said a she handed me her shoes while I put them on her small feet. I laced up the laces and stared at her.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I asked and she giggled and held her hands out.

“Do you want to go somewhere?” Bob asked and she nodded. He smiled his fatherly smile before looking back at me.

“Do you want to do something?” He asked me while I shrugged.

“Like what?”

“We could go to Barnes & Noble.”

“Barnes & Noble?” I furrowed my brow.

“I got to get a book for Mikey anyways. Plus there’s a huge child section with that little Thomas train thing for the little one, not to mention…that’s the only place I can think of.”

“I suppose.” I shrugged once more as he nodded. His shaggy ginger hair falling before his eyes. I smiled.

“What?” He asked and I shook my head.

“Nothing.” I replied softly as he raised his eyebrow but let it roll of him.

“Well fine. Let me take a shower and we’ll go.”

“Okay.” He replied as he grabbed Asia and set her down on the couch as she giggled. A thing she couldn’t stop herself from doing lately. I walked to the bathroom and turned on the hot water before stripping my clothes and slipping into the shower loving the warm steam that erupted and filled the air while I washed myself. I whimpered as I stepped out of the shower and placed my soaked feet on the plush rug and grabbed a towel and dried myself off. With a towel wrapped around me, I swiftly ran to my bedroom and to my closet where I put on my undergarments and then some jeans and a black tank top with my favorite white hoodie. I brushed my hair back into a mid-high ponytail while leaving a fringe that parted to the left.

I put on makeup and slipped my shoes on and zipped up my hoodie and finally walking back to the living room where Bob and Asia were watching TV.

“Ready?” I asked while grabbing my purse and Bob nodded as he got up from the couch and Asia bounced off it onto the ground.

“Let’s go.” He replied and we walked out and I locked the door behind me. Asia held Bob’s hand while he helped her down the stairs and I stood behind watching the pair. They fitted together so perfectly.

We reached my car, and I buckled Asia in, and then looked at Bob.

“You want to drive?” He asked me and I nodded.

“I sort of miss my car.” I smiled. He gave one back before shaking his head and hopping into the passenger seat. I climbed in and swiftly started the ignition and pulled out of the parking lot and out into the city towards Barnes & Noble which was more or less ten minutes away from the apartment.

The trip was silent and I let my eyes gaze over the city’s landscape as each big building had passed by. The city was mostly large companies, and I dreaded the feeling of having to back to work tomorrow. I liked my job, but it could be demanding and if you haven’t noticed I don’t do stress that well.

We pulled into the town center where Bob unbuckled Asia and she anxiously grabbed his hand as she lead him into the bookstore and towards the children’s section. I giggled as Bob tried to keep up with her.

“You’re my new work out.” He laughed as she sat down on a plush chair. She pointed towards the books and Bob took the hint and randomly selected one.

“Hmm how about Sesame Street?” He asked while sitting uncomfortably in a bean bag chair. I couldn’t hold in my laugh and he glared at me.

“It’s not funny.” He mouthed and I giggled once more.

“Read!” Asia said in an impatient meek tone. Bob nodded and held his hands out.

“Okay, okay. Reading now.” He smiled and flipped open the pages while I looked around the large building wondering if there was book somewhere waiting for me to pick it up and take it home. Possibly.

I motioned to Bob I was leaving to the next aisle and he waved his hand as a dismissal, too focused on reading to Asia who bounced on her seat.

I browsed from the drama section to true crime, then to biography, then to romance. I scanned through the book shelves with a sigh. There were mostly about true love. I walked back to true crime and picked up book about a torture slaying to a very young girl. It looked sad, but I became intrigued, not that I’m into that sort of thing, it’s just true crime gives you interesting and shocking things to read. I pondered on it and just decided to try it out for the heck of it. I was walking around the corner when I felt self collide with someone else. I heard a huff that came from a girl, obviously I pissed her off. I was getting ready to apologize when the girl tilted her head up and I could feel my blood being to boil. Meena. The source for most of my problems back in high school, not to mention the biggest one of all.

“Meena.” I said dryly. She looked at me and her fake smile appeared.

“Oh hey Talisa. Been a while since I’ve seen you.” Her fake voice spoke softly, but clearing giving away her disinterest.

“Yeah you too.” I replied and she flipped her hair behind her shoulder.

“So how is…life?” She asked and I shrugged casually.

“I’ve been fine. You?”

“I’ve been just great.” She smiled and I cringed inside.

“Good.” I said and she nodded.

“It’s been so long since I’ve seen anyone, busy and such. You and what’s her name, umm…Tabitha?”

“Tephira.” I replied disguising the hiss that came out.

“Right. Tephira.” She smiled once more. Silence followed before she spoke again.

“So what do you do for a living? My fiancé owns one of the top businesses in Newark so it’s pretty fascinating. How about you? Are you finally doing, whatever it was you wanted to be?” She asked and I nodded hating every word she spoke. Not a single thing changed about her.

“Actually I am. I’m a project designer for bands. I’ve worked with Paramore and Panic At The Disco, and Fall Out Boy. It’s very awesome.” I replied with a bold attitude and I could see her face slightly drop.

“Oh how lovely.” She remarked and I nodded faking a smile.

“Hey there you are.” Bob appeared with Asia right beside him, a book in his hands. His smile seemed to fade with his acknowledgement with Meena.

“Meena.” He said surprised. She smiled.

“Bob! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you!” She cried dramatically while I rolled my eyes as she stared at him.

“How have you umm… been?” He asked.

“Great! How are you?”

“Pretty solid.” He replied with a nod.

“I heard about My Chem! I’m so happy for you. You look great.” She flirted. I glared at her and then Bob who looked at me with a worried look.

“Thank you Meena.”

“You are most welcome.” She replied with a seductive tone and I did everything in my power not to sock her in her fake lips, but I couldn’t do since not only is my daughter present but were in a bookstore and I have more class than this Barbie in front of me.

“Oh. Who’s this?” She looked down at Asia who glared at her kind of. I smiled.

“This is my, our daughter Asia.” I said proudly while her eyes widened.

“Daughter? You and…him?” She pointed at Bob who nodded. She gasped for breath.

“Well…I never thought the two of you would have a umm…child.” She smiled awkwardly. I shrugged.

“Things happen. But sometimes they turn out to be really good.” I beamed.

“I bet.” She frowned and I smiled.

Okay so I’m not the type to get worked up, but Meena was the reason for what I did. The reason I was stuck on Bob and the reason I made myself get drunk and sleep with Bob producing a child. This was my mistake but she was the cause of it. The way she treated him like garbage, always bossing him around, focusing all his attention on her, it made me sick to my stomach. Bob couldn’t possibly be nice to her after that. I looked at him and he was…well smiling. I sighed inside and waited for the conversation to be over.

“Well its been real good seeing you Meena, but unfortunately we have to go.” Bob smiled and she nodded.

“Yeah me too. But we should hang out! You know like old times.” She exclaimed and got out a piece of paper from her coach purse and wrote her number on it. If only I had gotten my hands on it, I would’ve ripped that thing into shreds.

“Sure.” Bob replied and she proceeded to give him a hug. I rolled my eyes secretly. Now she was just pushing buttons.

“See you guys. Bye Talisa.” She gave a small wave and walked away where I sighed exhale deeply.

“Are you ready?” I asked him. He nodded and I grabbed Asia’s hand.

“Come sweetheart.” I whispered and she trotted along with us as we paid for the books and got back in the car. I kept silent the whole time, mostly mad at myself for letting Meena get to me. She just…got to me for so long, and just when I thought I had gotten rid of the past…

I let my feet guide me back up the stairs hastily opening the door and letting Asia go in and play with her dolls. Right when I began to follow a soft tug on my wrist turned me around and Bob’s sorrowful face was all I could see.

“Please tell me you’re not upset.”

“Why would I be upset?” I asked and he looked down.

“I know me and Meena haven’t had the best relationship, but none of that matters now.” He whispered softly and I nodded looking down.

“Please look at me.” He whispered. I looked up and he half smiled.

“I mean it Tissa.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t want to be like this, it’s just…you wouldn’t understand.”

“What wouldn’t I understand?”

“It’s just mixed emotions all over again and there’s just too much to explain.” I shook my head and he came closer, I felt warm hands circle around me and his chest was pushed to mine, I leaned my head against his shoulder thankful for the strong chest the man was designed with. His hand tipped my chin up and his lips touched mine, I didn’t feel like objecting, his smooth pink lips were just too good to let go. I let him deepen the kiss when the sound of footsteps and a voice snapping us both out of our trance. I gasped to myself.

“Guys?” Mikey asked looking at the both us, Bob had let go of me and I looked back at Mikey who was confusion written all over his face.

“Mikey what are you doing here?” I cheesily asked his eyebrows furrowed.

“Gerard asked me to drop this off to Tissa since I was on my way to Ray’s house. It’s pictures from high school.”

“Oh..” Bob replied and I smiled weakly.

“Since when were you…” He trailed off and I stood frozen fully forced to come to the realization that Mikey would have to know the truth. And if I told Mikey the truth, then I would have to everyone as well. Because Mikey sucks at keeping secrets, unlike people who thought Gerard was the culprit.

The secret was officially impossible to keep….
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