Review for Appetite For Destruction

Appetite For Destruction

(#) vampyGee 2009-11-07

i didn't even read the chapter but i can tell by what miss revenge up there says that it sucked!
no she could not have"Luffed it!'

Author's response

Hey, hi, hello. Okay, so I don't know you personally, you don't know me personally, but - forgive me if I'm wrong or whatever but do you have something against me (which is impossible, since you don't know me) or something against my writing (is that even possible either?) I do accept your criticism, it's just out there and blunt as "I hate it, it sucked" but is there an atual reason as to why it "sucked"? I'm just curious, I know I'm not the best writer - at all, but I guess some people deserve a little respect and to not be so "rude". I mean, I don't find it so "rude", but just "it sucked, it isn't worth my time" etc just seems like you're taking time just to criticize my writing.

Sorry if I'm just jumping out on a lim or whatever, but thank you anyway. I apologize if I also seem rude, I'm not trying to be so.

F oxox.