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Next Go Round

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Guilt bubbled in my stomach, I retrieve my shoes and make my way out of the bedroom.

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WARNING: No actual sex, just sorta implied. And I guess, drug use. Depends on what type o' person ye are.

Okay so yeah, everything has been kinda filler with me these days. But read and review, please.

Zeke’s P.O.V
Watching the whole crowd rock out I start to get hyper and begin to jump and thrash around. Andy Sixx sings the last words of Hello My Hate and the crowd screams.

“That was a pretty good fuckin’ gig!” Don shouts as we walk out through the doors.
“Yeah, complete agree” I wiped the sweat off my forehead.
“Splif?” Don asks me.
“Naw, I don’t smoke…that” I eyed it.
“Come on it’s been a good day, you can relax now” Don urges. I couldn’t argue that you don’t need drugs to relax and have a good time, I’ve drank away my problems before and drank to have a good time. I took the thick roll and put it in my mouth, Don takes out his lighter and lights it.
“Just this once” I state.
“All right, party time!” Don whistles and turns a corner. I run and follow him, trying to figure out where he’s going.
“Yo, where are you going?!” I call out.
“Run ya fat bastard!” Don laughs as I trail along behind.

He takes me to a yellow painted door with blue rimmed around the edges. I sensed I had a confused look on my face. “Like I said, par-tay time!” A guy about seventeen opens the door and gives us a welcoming grin. We walked in, it was a nice little house. Getting trashed by a load of should have stayed in the eighties type of people.
“So you got the uh, gear?” The guy who opened the door whispers to Don, behind me.
“Sure” I hear rustling behind me and I turn around. Don hands the guy a seal of white power. Fuck. I shouldn’t be here. The guy quickly shoves the power into his jacket pocket and smiles again.
“So who’s this then?” He looks to Don then me.
“This is Zeke and this big guy is Harry” Don told me with a weary look on his face. “Look I’ll be right back” Don said and rushed off with Harry behind him.
I can’t believe he’s gunna do that and leave me here! I puff on my joint and look around, there was half naked girls strutting around and a wide silver tray with a shit load of cocaine on it. There was bottles upon bottles of alcohol. God knows what other type of shit there is here.

“Hey you!” A girl squeals behind me. I turn around and meet a fair skinned coloured girl with dyed red hair, a thin slim nose, brown eyes and pouty lips. She slightly touches my arm and I look down on her.
“Um, hello” I utter.
“Who are you here with?” She tries to do that thing women do to seem ‘sexy’.
“Don…yip” I stutter. As much as I love Josh, but damn she was hot. I am a guy after all. Both sides of the fence.
“You done with that?” She asks and takes the joint out of my hand and puffs on it, “how ‘bout you say we go up stairs?” It was more of a demand that a question.

“No…no, I can’t, I’ve got to get - “
“Z!” Someone screams over the loud music and bangs into the girl in front of me.
“Dons friend, right? We’ve meet a couple of times, briefly” A very tall, blonde guy holds out his hand. Politely, I take it and I feel something slip into my palm.
“You two have fun now” and he walks off. I open the palm of my hand and find little orange, almost square like pills. LSD. Just fucking shit.
“You coming or not?” Girly purrs, grabbing my crotch. I hear ‘Lady (Put The Light On Me)’ by Brownville Station start to play as Girly removes her hand from my crotch and takes my hand.

Ray’s P.O.V
I hum as I strum ‘Death After Disco’. Damn, I just can’t wait ‘til we get back out there on the stage. Zeke’s here, the band’s well, Christa and I are amazing. Everything’s perfect. The whole chaos with Zeke and I and his, his parents back in Ireland is still not settled - well as much as I would like it to be. It’s still somewhat awkward between me and Zeke but I guess I’ll just have to accept that I was out of his life for nearly thirteen years and then appear announcing I’m his father. It’ll be a while before everything settles, I just hope he doesn’t go back to Ireland thinking ‘well - that sucked’.
I was thinking, last night. I wasn’t there to see his first foot-steps, his first word. I wasn’t there when he needed help with his homework or when he had an addiction to self-injury. I know, but I’m here now, and I’m going to try, but it still stings that I just wasn’t there. The guys have been telling me how he’ll let up and forgive me for ‘selling him’ as Zeke would say, but I don’t think he will, not now anyway. I can still see the anger in his eyes.

“Yo, dude, are you okay?” Mikey stares at me, a can of Red Bull resting in his hand.
“Yeah, yeah, just thinking” I sat my guitar down and looked around the studio.
“God, I can’t believe we’re finished” I puffed.
“Yeah, it seems weird, another album down huh - it’s been good” Mikey said. “So, what about you and Zeke, is he still walking around like a fish or is he communicating with other human beings?” He laughed.
“He’s still a little standoffish but he’ll do fine, I hope” I grimaced.
“No need to hope Ray, if he’s anything like you, he’ll come around. He’s a kid, this is all new to him” Mikey tried to help.
“But, it doesn’t feel as if he’s a kid, it feels as if I’m living with my brother, I’m just worried, Christa keeps telling me she’s fine with it, but is she really?” I shake my head and rest it on my palm.
“Give him another four days, if he’s still a fish then we’ll get him drunk, steal his clothes, throw him into a pool - in the middle of Texas and he can find his own way home, touché?” Mikey said thoughtfully.
I grinned and laughed. “Of course Mikey, yeah, THAT will work, that is - if he doesn’t get killed”.
“Oh to be sixteen again, young and…young!” Mikey yelled.
“He’s twelve, thirteen soon - he wasn’t like you young Michael, going to every party of the day!” I yelled back and watched Mikey walk out the exit door.

Zeke’s P.O.V
I close my phone and shut my eyes. I pull up my trousers and squeeze my t-shirt back on. I look at the naked red haired girl spread out on the bed and wrinkle my nose in disgust. I really fucked up this time. I look at the text Josh sent me again.

You having a good time? Hope so! Cba doing anything 2day, s’up? Love ya xx.

Guilt bubbled in my stomach, I retrieve my shoes and make my way out of the bedroom.
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