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The Loss

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“Bye!” I waved to all my friends before boarding the plane to America.

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This isn't as long as the other chapters but I'm posting it anyway. Oh and has anyone noticed how lame the summary of this story is? I guess it's like the start chapter of a new story. I'll say nomore. Oh yes! This is what my Don character looks like
and yes, that is Nikki Sixx. But hey! On with the story.

Zeke’s P.O.V
“I’m going to miss you so much” Josh whispered pressing his forehead to mine.
I kissed him hard before I heard Bob shouting for me to hurry up.

“Bye!” I waved to all my friends before boarding the plane to America.
I had to sit in-between Mikey and a fat guy with long, greasy hair which looked like it has n-e-v-e-r been washed. Ever.
I fell asleep on top of Mikey’s shoulder.

“Zeke, wake up…” I heard a voice call my name. I grunted and opened my eyes.
“Where’s the fat guy?” I muttered with my eyes only half opened.
Mikey chuckled then told me we have to get off the plane before our asses turn to mush.
I gathered myself and pushed my long hair back over my shoulders and walked off into the tunnel like thing and saw Ray, Gerard, Frank and Bob at the other end waiting for Mikey and I.
Ray laughs quietly as Frank tries to pat down my hair as it was sticking all over the place.
Once we were in the car I rested my eyes again before I had to get out. Once entering Ray’s house I collapsed on the stairs before I met Christa.
“Zeke, go up stairs and get ready” Ray ordered me.
I groaned in response and began to wonder why I have to get ready.
Walking down the stairs in a Mötley Crüe shirt, baggy blue jeans and black Vans, I walk into the living-room where Ray was sitting.
“Ready?” He turns and asks me.
“Aye, where are we goin’?” I reply, putting my hands in my trouser pockets.
“Just wait, you’ll see” He grins and motions for me to follow him out into the back garden, where the pool is.

“WELCOME BACK ZEKE!” The crowd gathered in Ray’s back shouted. I looked at all the faces and smiled, I’m sure my smile touched my ears. I recognized most of them, they all look so different. Jackson ran up to me and welcomed me into a tight hug. “Man, I can’t believe you’re really here!” He gushed. I saw Caroline walk towards us as Jackson left. After talking to everyone, I sat down and took everything in. All of my friends are here. Whoa. The excitement and happiness welled up inside me. I gotta take a smoke. I stroll around to the front of Ray’s house and check no one is there. I lean against the wall and take out my packet of cigarettes and lit one. I tilt my head back and close my eyes. I smirk and think how much shit I’d be in if Ray caught me smoking. Ha.
“Zeke!” My eyes snapped opened as I stared at one of my friends who I hadn’t seen since I left.
“Don” I nodded my head. “What’s up?”
“Nothin’ just came round to see what ya were up to, it feel good to be back in America?” He asks me as he takes out a rather large fag…which I just noticed, wasn’t a cigarette.
“It does, feels very good, still can’t believe everything that’s been goin’ on. What have you been up to since I’ve left?” I look away as he puffs out smoke from his nose.
“Meh, not much, I’ve had better days, I’m still livin’!” Don laughs while taking another smoke of his joint.
“Yeah I guess that’s the best part, huh, I just still can’t believe I’m the son of Ray Toro, dude, I hate his fucking band!” I snigger, “but he’s a pretty cool person I guess, it’s just all so weird” I take another drag of the cigarette.
“Yeah, well man, I’m going to go” Don hugged me. “And if you ever need a hit, call me!” He shouted before running off.

God, I’ve missed my strange, strange friends. I put out my cigarette and stroll back to the pool area. After hours of conversing with friends and telling people about Northern Ireland, I hug everyone and tell them goodbye. Damn it’s been a long day.
“Thanks Ray, and Christa” I said gratefully. “Seeing everyone again was brilliant!” I yelled.
“Ha, I’m glad you liked it” Christa smiled.

After helping Ray clean up, I lay in the spare room awaiting tomorrow. I can’t help but think of Don, the last time I saw him he looked well. Like any other thirteen year old. Considering he’s about fourteen now. Now his skin is an odd yellowish colour and well, he just looks horrible. I can’t help but think; is he full on drugs? I never really thought he would take that path. Well, I guess we all sort of saw it. But to actually think of him doing that shit, that ain’t right man. How could someone even let themselves get into that? Drug addiction man. I shake my head and take out the Bible I packed from my bag. Yes, I have taken up on reading the Catholic Bible. I put Moulin Rouge into to the CD player on the little cabinet below the bed and lay back down, read the Bible and listen to David Bowie’s soft voice.
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