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“What was her name?” I interrupted Ray, he was still talking, something about his dog. “Her name?” “My mothers name"

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Okay, so this was wrote a long time ago, for me anyway, so yes Twilight sucks (Well, I hate it anyway) but we all love The Dark Knight (if not, I kill you). Also, I am aware that you may have read these chapters like 10,999 times already. But bare with me and please review, I have no idea if people like this or not. Considering the views, maybe. Silent readers, I say click that review button and get typin'! Ahem anyway. There is a new chapter written, so now away from this long, boring authors note!

Third Person P.O.V

“Maybe we should just give him some time to come around” Mikey suggested.

“And what if he just never gets used to it? I’d be pretty pissed of too” Frank said while trying to calm down Liz, Zeke’s mother.

“No. He needs his father here, his real father, Daniel. What if he hurts himself again, I forced this upon him, I should have listened to Daniel” Liz cried.

“Liz, I’m sure he will be okay, he won’t hurt himself he’s hardly going to ram his head into a car or something” Bob said while on the other side of Frank trying to also calm her down but with a bit of light humour, which resulted in making it worse.

“No you see Zeke suffered from major depression twice and he started self-harming, I’m just scared.”

“Ah, I heard someone at the door, I’ll get it” Gerard said while patting Rays back.

Zeke’s P.O.V
“Hey umm…” I stuttered

“Gerard! Dude Gerard!” Josh reminded me.

We got as far as the living room until my mother pounced on me.

“You’re okay! You haven’t did anything have you?!” She panicked.

“Apart from make out with my son, no I don’t think he has” Josh’s mother interrupted entering our living-room

“Uhh, mom why are you here?” Josh tried to cover up.

“Zeke left his jacket that he departed from when you two were ‘in your room playing video games’” She quoted Josh.

“Umm, thanks?” I added to the embarrassment.

Patrice, Josh’s mum left after she handed me my leather jacket, pride and my own ass.

“Oh my fucking God!” Josh screamed in disbelief, “Desperate Housewives is starting again soon!” he screamed again whilst reading the magazine.

I spent the rest of the day talking to Ray, who I found pretty cool after all. All of them were, I guess.

“Aww dude! I knew it, your skin colour, you’ve always been very tan, but the hair, hmm that’s a confusing one. I mean come on Ray’s got an afro-like thing, you have long, scraggy, never brushed hair.” Josh pondered.

“Hey! I do brush my hair! I don’t know why I don’t have a afro, I’m glad I don’t. I like to straighten my hair” I said while brushing through my hair with my fingers.

“You straighten your hair? Serious? Well what’s it like when it’s not straightened?” Josh asked while all five men sat in my living-room.

“It’s like not straight?” I answered, obviously it’s not straight.

The pondering went on and everyone made comments on how Ray and I were alike. We started watching Twilight on which I have on DVD. Josh was snuggled up on my sofa beside me with a blanket crying.

“Dude why are you crying?” I asked laughing at Josh’s immediate reaction at the movie.

“Because it’s sad, they love each other and just because he’s a vampire they can’t be together” he said trying not to cry again.

“Aww you’re so gay” I teased

“Shut up, your half gay, you big monkey”

“I’m a sexy monkey though” I laughed before kissing him.

“Ze-“ I heard my mother but still didn’t stop as she was in the kitchen after all, I just forgot about the five grown men, which one, who just turns out to be my father, sitting in my living-room.

“Shh, Liz, the boy’s having a moment” I heard Frank.

“Oh dear lord” my mother squeaked, probably not the best sight of her life.

I stopped but still had Josh wrapped around me.

“Oh dear” I tried not to laugh. Then a ripple of laughter rippled through out the living-room.

“Uh, we’re just gunna go to bed now” I said as soon as the laughter died down.

“We’re?” My mother questioned.

“Bed?” Frank added.

“Oh yeah mum Josh’s staying here tonight” I ‘forgot’ to tell her.

“Yes, well keep the noise down to a reasonable volume” Frank smirked.

“Zeke before you go, I was wondering if I could talk to you?” Ray asked me.

“Yup, sure”

We sat outside in my back garden.

We talked, he just asked me about things. Like guitar, music, I mentioned video games and he wouldn’t shut up. Basically we just got to know each other that little bit more.

“So umm, Ray. We’ve both been avoiding this question but why did you and my mum just leave me? I mean I know you two were just nineteen…” I trailed off, looking at the ground.

“I was lucky I even found you here. I knew that you lived in Northern Ireland, I had some trouble finding out that, you all moved around a lot. As soon as I saw you, I knew that it had to be you. Liz sent pictures to your mum…” Ray kept on talking. I froze, I didn’t listen I didn’t want to listen.

Liz sent pictures to your mum

He was not suppose to say that. Liz is my mum, biologically or not. And to even think she knew about this. I just don’t understand why they could’ve not told me this earlier.

“What was her name?” I interrupted Ray, he was still talking, something about his dog.

“Her name?”

“My mothers name”

“Cadia, her name is Cadia”

“Where is she now?” I asked with no emoticon.

“She’s still in America I believe”

“You still haven’t answered my question. Why did you two give me up?”

Silence, then he sighed, I played with my jacket then he moved awkwardly, I didn’t think it would be this awkward.

“Yes we were nineteen, but we both wanted to have you to ourselves like any parents, but we knew we couldn’t bring you up, we certainly didn’t want to abort you, never. We decided it would be best if Cadia gave birth to you and put you up for adoption. It was the best decision then, I still think we made a good decision” Ray explained.

“So basically I was up for sale Ray?!” I shrieked.

“No, we didn’t want to give you up, but it was just for the best” he said through clenched teeth.

“And what was the point in finding me now? What’s that going to change?”

“You’re my son, I had to find you, knowing I had a son out there somewhere. I just couldn’t let that pass”

“I mean how long are you guys staying here? What’s gunna happen?” I asked shivering.

“Well we plan on stayin’ here for just a couple more days and since it is summer break, Zeke I want you to consider something…” Ray trailed on, looking at my back door, then to the sky and back to me.

“Like I said summer break, I want you to come stay with Christa and I, but I want you to think about it, it would only be until you start back to school”

“Yeah … I’ll, I’ll think about it” He wants me to come live with him, for two whole months. Whoa.

Bob, Frank, Gerard, Mikey and Ray left later on, my mother sat Josh and I down, looking at us uneasily.

“Zeke, Josh, you two boys are only twelve years of age and I just can’t get over the fact that-“

“Gay? The fact we’re gay?” I interrupted her.

“Well if you put it in that way Zeke then yes” she said eying Josh.

“It’s hard to say mum, yeah we’re twelve maybe its just a phase, I don’t know”

“And I’m gay, Zeke is bi” Josh informed my mother.

“Not making it any easier Josh!” I scolded.

“Sorry…” Josh muttered.

“Well… if you boys ever plan to do anything, you know what to use, I don’t want neither one of you two getting infected” My mum told us and walked away into the kitchen.

Josh who was sitting beside me - was now on the floor in a uncontrollable fit of laughter.

“Well Zeke I-If we’re ever going to do a-anything we know what to do!” Josh spluttered out then just shook with laughter.

I told Josh to get off the floor and we went up to my room and watched The Dark Knight and then fell asleep.
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