Review for The Darkness Is The Safest Place To Hide

The Darkness Is The Safest Place To Hide

(#) MyFamousLastWords 2009-12-06

Original indeed. I'm reviewing this from my phone so if it's all like bad, sorry!

was the lines in italics lyrics from a song? I think this could be used as a metaphor too. (Well if it wasn't already) I like the way it just ran so smoothly.

F oxox.

Author's response

The italics were not from lyrics, but that's an interesting thought. Same with the metaphor idea. I wish I would've come up with those...

Anyways, the italics were basically supposed to be a bit of foreshadowing. The italics were influenced by the regular text, and therefore a result of what was occurring.

Does that make any sense whatsoever? Or am I just rambling nonsense again? Because lately that's all I've been doing ;)