Review for Heartbreak in Stereo

Heartbreak in Stereo

(#) hey_nena 2009-12-24

Hahahaha. Yeah, what everyone else said.

I really felt for Mikey when Frank left. I'm here at the bank (for work) getting a million cashiers checks and reading this while I wait. I wanted to get teary eyes but I don't want the bank teller to think I'm crazy.

Its cute to see Gerard so brotherly and giving out love advice. It makes me smile a bunch.

I'm dreading the next Frank chapter. =[

Author's response

Haha awee well I don't want you to look like a crazy so it's good you didn't cry. I'm glad you liked it, and the next chapter is nothing to dread. I don't exactly want frank to be hated, but he is the antagonist. You probably won't see his REALLY good side til the end.