Review for Caught Up In This Web

Caught Up In This Web

(#) doyleangel 2010-01-19

Great couple of chapters!! I've been away for a bit and haven't checked ficwad in like, a couple weeks, but I came back and found TWO new chapters!!! Not only that....THERE WAS AMY/GERARD HOOKUP!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH

Does that show how excited I was/am for that? They totes need to do that again. Like, for reals lol.

ok, i'll stop talking like that. Can't wait for the next update!

Author's response

Thank you :) I'm glad everyone's enjoying the hookup ha ha

It was really hard to write >.>
Sort of..
I had to get sleepy first..
And listen to Lips Like Morphine a thousand times..