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"Nuh uh," she says, shaking her head furiously. "I said coming, you said cumming." I roll my eyes. She's had coffee today, and coffee totally makes her hyper.

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Oh my cheese, 18 CHAPTERS! >.> I swear, I'm going to die one of these days ha ha. I've been told that this story will never end. I sure hope it does! Eventually, anyway. So! Thank you to all who've read this and stuck with it since the beginning. I hope you all had a great weekend and such, and Mo? I read your author's note and I seriously thought you said Happy MILK day LoL

I crack myself up..
Anyway, I sure hope you enjoy this chapter because.. THE DRAMA IS PRACTICALLY GONE! Plus there's a little.. surprise in there.. for you who keep pressuring me about a certain PERSON hooking up with a certain SOMEONE ELSE! And no, don't you dare scroll down and look for it! Ha ha I know you guys seriously almost started to ^_^

"A heart attack is sleeping in your chest
waiting until the timing's best
So make a move while you're still breathing

Say so long to innocence
From underneath the evidence
You taste like Heaven, but God knows
you're built for sin :)"

-Built For Sin, Framing Hanley



Thursday, November 5th


-Practice my vocals with Gerard (ughhhh)
-Avoid Rhianna at all possible costs
-Get Taylor back for putting an ice cube in my pants this morning (but oh no, not JUST my pants.. she SHOVED it DOWN my UNDERWEAR! Cold vagina...)
-Call Dad.. maybe.. or Mom.. possibly.. but probably not
-Not worry about the concert tonight
-Drink lots of coffee
-Go shopping
-Revel in my freedomness of being single
-Put new music on my iPod
-Mismatch all of Sarah's socks
-Start a food fight at the park

Hm.. I think I'm all done up there (: So last night I walked in the door and got tackled. By a bunch of crazy women. It was quite tramatizing! Taylor, Laura, Sarah, and Maggie (plus Frank, for some reason) all joined in and crushed my body to the floor. The weird part? It was strangely.. comfortable. Should I be worried? xD

So this morning, right, after Taylor's assult with the ice cube(s) I was sitting out on the couch with Sarah and Taylor (who couldn't stop giggling every time I looked at her) and guess who walked out of the bunks, practically in nothing? Mister Franklin Iero. Now, what do you make of that? Okay, so maybe he was wearing these pajama pant things marked up with various pictures of scary movies, but he wasn't wearing a shirt! And you know what? The minute Rhianna walked out, rubbing her eyes and basically smearing her make up (if that's even possible LoL catch the joke? No? Bleh..) and the first thing out of her mouth is: "What the f!ck are YOU doing here?" and Frank just sort of looks at her and says, in the funniest voice ever, "Well aren't YOU a brush o' fresh air!" and she looks in the mirror, sees her smeared make up ALL OVER HER FACE and then huffs, flips him off, and storms into the bathroom, muttering and cursing about how it isn't fair that Maggie can have a boy spend the night and she can't. At that point Maggie had just walked out and she heard it, and she says, "That's because I don't sleep with them." Ohhhhh man you should have seen Rhianna's face! I'll never forget it. Well maybe, but.. well.. xD

Let's see, what else happened today?
Ah! Bathroom calls!
BRB! ! ! ! !

Amy! I Absolutely LURVE You! MWA MWA MWAAAAA! (Jackie's Gonna Be Jealous!) But You Know What I Lurve EVEN MORE THAN THIS?! Stealing Your Journal And Hiding It In Places Where You Can't Find It. Until I Tell You. Which Is Exactly What I'm Going To Do, Seeing As You're Still In The Bathroom! Gah, Poor Rhianna.. Sort Of.. She Gets To Use It Right After You're Done! And If You're Doing What I THINK You're Doing.. Ha Ha Ahhhh Can't Wait Until She Screams!

Oh My Nigger-Toe.. These Lentel Beans Are Making Me Reaaaaaally Gassssssssy!

Bwa Ha Haaaaa!
I'm So Nasty.. You Love It.. :)

Actually, Taylor, I DON'T LOVE IT! But I do love that you let me search the entire bus for this book before standing up and handing it to me (which was just after you farted and before you ran into the bathroom, kicking Rhianna out in the process). Ah, I love my friends xD

Dear God, the things we do to each other for fun.. And yes, I'm referring to the ice cube incident again. And the kicking Rhianna out of the bathroom.. Ha ha..
Anyway, I'm starving -_- So I'm leaving you! HA!

Suck my ball fro >.>


"Taylor! Can I have the rest of your food?" I yell at the bathroom door. The sound of passing gas and then something completely too disgusting to repeat answers me before she does. She coughs, laughs, and then groans. "Taylor? Can I?"

"What? Sure, Amy, sure! Just make sure to rinse the dish out!" she screams, and then.. well.. more gas. I smile and shake my head and then pick up her bowl of lentel beans (with vegetables) and take a big ol' bite. Then I gag. Oh yuck! They're so cold! Making a face as I swallow, I walk over to the miniature microwave and warm up the food. You may be wondering why in the world I'm eating lentel beans. Well, what can I say? They were the cheapest things at Walmart, so both buses are not stacked up on at least a month's supply of beans. They really aren't so bad, and Frank really likes them. Although I'm pretty sure that's because he's vowed to become a vegetarian. Maggie too, but we all know that won't last very long. She loves ribs. Baby Back ribs. Ugh, that makes me even hungrier..

The microwave dings and I quickly pull out my bowl, only to drop it. It shatters as it hits the small area of tile surrounding the kitchen area and super hot beans cover my feet. I scream bloody murder and try to jump away from it, which only ends in me stepping on a shard of the glass bowl. I feel it cut into my foot and this time when I jump I land on the carpet, where I stand on the foot that isn't bleeding. Once again, Brian would absolutely kill me if I got blood on the carpet. Seriously, you have no idea. Sarah and Maggie rush forward and throw a towel over the mess and grab the broom, and Laura comes running out of the bunk area, shoes already on, and then runs out of the bus as soon as she sees the blood running down my foot. "Dude, are you okay?" Taylor asks as she comes out of the bathroom. She takes one look at my foot and hands me a towel off the table. I smile and wrap it around my foot, then limp over to the couch and sit down.

"Ugh, doesn't the drama ever end?" I groan, lifting my foot up and letting it land on the small table in front of me. Taylor rolls her eyes and goes over to help Maggie and Sarah just as Jackie walks in.

"Yeesh, what happened?" she asks, walking over to Taylor's side and planting a kiss on her cheek. Taylor stops just long enough to plant a very long kiss on Jackie's lips, and I mentally gag and look away. Pretty soon Jackie leaves the bus again, this time with Taylor, and Ray walks in in her place. He takes one look at my foot and shakes his head, smiling. I grin and spread my arms.

"Why must you look at me like that?" I whine, patting the area next to me. He sits down and takes out some medical things and then pulls my foot into his lap. When he pulls the towel away from my foot, I'm almost surprised to see that it's still bleeding. He quickly presses his hand over it, which makes it sting, and then fixes it up. By the time he's done the kitchen area isn't even cleaned yet. "Damn, you work fast. I see why Christa loves you," I tease, standing up. He blushes and puts his medical things away.

"Yeah yeah, that's what she said," he mumbles, and I laugh. "What?" I shake my head.

"Absolutely nothing, Afroman.." He rolls his eyes at the nickname and then stands up as well and leaves. "Hey," I say, looking over at Maggie and Sarah, "where's Laura?" They shrug and finish wiping up the floor. "Oh. Well uh, I'm gonna go out for a bit, okay?" They shrug again and then sit down on the couch, and I walk back to my bunk after grabbing my journal off the table.

I throw my journal down on my bunk and take off my shirt and my pajama pants, then bend over and search under my bed for my newest pair of skinnies. They're black and white and zebra striped, and they're the bomb diggity. Once I find them I sit up on my knees and lay them out on my bed, then reach into my bag and pull out a Kill Hannah shirt that my brother, Michael, gave me last year after he got it for his girlfriend. She ended up dumping him like, the day after he bought it, so he figured I'd like it. He called it "that emo shit you like" and threw it into my hands. I didn't even know who Kill Hannah was (I still don't cos I'm too lazy to look them up) but I loved it, even if Mike had referred to me as an emo. I still love it. It's got a few tears in it, but it just makes it all the more cooler. I usually wear a white tank top under neath, considering there's a huge rip just under my left boob. The sleeves, which used to go about half way down my arms, were torn off after I got attacked by a dog that I was 'sitting'. Sighing through my teeth I pull out a clean pair of underwear and a bra, and then yell back to everyone, "I'm naked!"

"That's lovely!" Laura yells back, and Sarah laughs.

"Okay, just warning you!" They all laugh. Rhianna, obviously heeding my warning, rushes past me and hisses something under her breath. I ignore it and stand up, then slide out of my dirty boxers (but not before walking to the back and sliding the door shut!) I stand with my back to the door as I slip into the underwear and then squeeze into the pants. I'm just about to reach for my bra when suddenly ice cold hands wrap around me and grope my boobs. I scream, once again, bloody murder and turn around to find Sarah, grin on her face, trying not to laugh. "Oh my God!" I gasp, closing my eyes. "What the hell, dude, you scared the crap outta me!" She giggles softly.

"Couldn't resist," she says, leaning against the door. I raise a brow and then put my bra on. I look back at Sarah and she nods, then clasps my bra for me. "You're welcome," she sighs. She resumes leaning against the door and, I'm guessing, watches me change the rest of the way. I have to admit, it's kind of weird. As soon as I've got both shirts on as well as my high-top black and white converse, I kick my dirty items into a corner and turn around.

"So how come you couldn't resist?" I ask, sitting down. She shrugs and comes over and sits down next to me.

"I dunno. It was actually kind of a dare," she says, smiling. I raise a brow. "Okay, me and Laura were sitting on the couch when you yelled and Frank and Maggie were just about to walk out the door, and then shortly after Rhianna and Leah both left, so Laura turned to me and said, 'Hey Sarah, I dare you to go grap Amy's tits' and, naturally, I couldn't turn it down." I roll my eyes.

"Wow, Sarah. You would.." She giggles and slaps my arm. "Ow," I wine. "What'd you do that for?" She grins Demi Lovato style (you know, extra extra big?) and shakes her head.

"I dunno, you had it cumming?"

"How the heck did I have it coming?"

"Ha ha, you said cumming!"

"No I didn't, I said 'coming' as in come hither!"

"Nuh uh," she says, shaking her head furiously. "I said coming, you said cumming." I roll my eyes. She's had coffee today, and coffee totally makes her hyper. So hyper that she'll never leave you alone once she starts something.

"Alright, whatever. So, what's up? Wanna go out and do something, or-"

"Hey, weren't you supposed to go out today?" she interrupts. I think about it.

"Oh yeah, huh.. Well you wanna come along?" She nods and stands up, pulling me with her. "Kay, where do you wanna go?" I ask once we're outside. She looks around and says,

"Why don't we go hang with the guys?" She says it in such a way that I know something's up. I ask her about it. "What do you mean?" she asks in that innocent way of hers. I stare at her.

"You know what I mean, Sarah. Which guy do you have a crush on?" I can tell she didn't see the question coming because of the way her eyes light up right before she frowns and denies it. "Oh come on, Sarah. You can tell me," I push, seeing if she actually will. She bites her lip, and then says,

"Okay okay, I admit I've got a small crush on one of them. But.. No, I'm not telling you." I sigh.

"Why not?" She doesn't say anything, but we start walking in the direction of the guy's bus. "Fine then, be that way." She glances over at me and then smiles before pushing me backwards and sprinting ahead. "Oh no you didn't!" I say all preppy-like, right before I take off running after her. I catch up right as we reach the bus, and she knocks while I'm bent over, trying to breathe.

"You know," she says as Bob hollers for us to come in, "you might have asthma or something. No normal person would wheeze like that after running such a short distance." I cough once and stand up straight.

"For your information," I start before coughing again, "I'm not a normal person. Gosh, I really really really need to lose some pounds!" She laughs and opens the door and I follow right behind her.

"Hey, what's up people!" she says, running and jumping onto the couch. Gerard, Mikey, and Bob, who were all sitting on it, groan and push her off. She giggles as she hits the floor and I walk over and plop down inbetween Gerard and Mikey, who quickly move over so that my arse can touch the cushions. Ray shushes us and turns on the t.v. and everyone leans closer to the t.v. screen.

I watch as this really tall Asian dude smiles and says, "Hello, I'm Aaron and this is MTV! Here with us today is a pretty well-known band who just released their brand new album, For Never And Ever last year, two-thousand-and-three. They recently set up a tour that kicked off the first of this month, and everyone's pretty excited. So, give it up for Kill Hannah!" My jaw drops as five guys run onto the stage area, where their instruments are already set up for the end of the show, and the audience screams. I look down at my shirt and then back up at the screen just as who I assume is the front man looks right into the camera.

"Whoa," I whisper, studying his face before the camera moves on to the others. Gerard shifts in the couch and I look over at him. He smiles at me and then stands up, walking into the back room. Right before he slides the door shut I see him take out his phone and put it to his ear. I shake my head. That better not be who I think it is, I think to myself.

"So Mat," Aaron's saying. I turn my attention back to the t.v. "What should your fans look forward to most about this tour? Will it be your last?" The front man, Mat, laughs and shakes his head.

"Definitely not, dude. We won't stop touring till we're in our graves -and that won't be for a while!" The audience laughs and a few girls scream out their love for him. He smiles and waves and then moves some of his hair out of his face. Aaron asks a few other questions and then they go to break. Ray mutes the t.v. and stands up.

"Anyone want anything?" he asks, walking over to the fridge. Sarah giggles.

"Yeah," she says slowly. "His body!" Mikey and I laugh, and Bob chuckles. He sounds nervous. I turn and face him.

"What's up with you?" I ask. He shrugs and brings a can of soda to his lips, taking a deep swig of it and then tossing it into the trash. He pumps his fist into the air, basically saying 'score!' and I smile and shake my head. "You're hilarious." He just grins and turns back to the t.v. "Hey Ray, are you taping this by any chance?"

"Yeah, why?" I stand up and walk over to the 'fridge.

"Just asking. Call me when it's done, yeah?" He nods and then walks back over to his chair and takes the mute off, just as Mat starts talking again. I reach into the 'fridge and pull out a Mountain Dew Throwback (which means it's made with real sugar), then walk back to the sliding door. I knock on it. "Gerard?" I say softly. Nothing. Hoping that I'm not going to walk in on him crying like I did last night, I quietly slide the door open and step in.

He's drawing, his back facing me. I quitely slide the door shut again and walk up behind him to see what's he's drawing, but just as I peek over his shoulder he shuts the book and turns around. "Hey Amy," he says, smiling.

"Hey," I say back, sitting down. I open my soda and take a sip, then offer it to him. "Want some? It's delicious." He takes it and takes a long swig, and I watch his adam's apple move. It's kind of.. never mind. "Dude," I whisper. He hands the soda back to me and then sits down, kicking his drawing book underneath the table.


"What?" He looks at me funny and smiles.

"Never mind. I thought you were gonna say something." I shrug. "So uh, what brings you back here?" he asks, leaning back and spreading his legs slightly. I shift so that I"m facing him with one leg on the seat.

"Why do guys always do that?" I ask, glancing down at his position again. He twitches his nose.

"Do what?" I wave my arm at him.

"Sit, like that. I mean, do you like giving an open invitation to girls who might like to kick your nuts?" He raises a brow at me and then slowly shuts his legs. "Thank you," I say, smiling. "So uh, why'd you come back here?"

"I got a phone call, actually. Mom wanted to know how everything was." I nod. "She says hi, by the way."

"Next time tell her I said hi back. So tonight, big concert. You nervous?" He shakes his head.

"Not at all. You? Wait, don't answer, I know what you're gonna say."

"Oh, really? And what is that?" He clears his throat.

"You're going to say that you're a bit nervous, but you're also excited." I raise a brow. "What, that wasn't it?" I shake my head.

"Nope, not by a long shot. I was going to say that I'm surprisingly not nervous, and I've started to hate the stupid song." Gerard laughs and pats my back. "What?"

"Nothing, Amy. You never surprise me, that's all."

"I see.. Oh! I remember why I came back here!" He smiles and motions for me to continue. "Okay, so me and Sarah were trying to decide where we wanted to go, and then she mentioned coming over here so I asked why and I dunno, just the way she said it made me ask her why she wanted to come over here-"

"What reason do you need for coming here?" he interrupts, smiling. I playfully smack his arm and tell him to shut up.

"Anyway," I say slowly. "I asked if she had a crush on one of the guys and she got like, this twinkle in her eye and so now I'm trying to figure out which guy she has a crush on! Any ideas?"

"Uh, not really? Hm.. Maybe it's Mikey.. Nah, she never really talks to him."


"Nah, from what I've seen she isn't one to like a man that's with someone else. At least.. I think so. You never know. It's just Sarah seems like the type to not get inbetween and man and his woman, y'know?" I nod.

"Yeah, totally. So if it isn't Ray, Frank, or Mikey, that leaves-"


"-and Bob," we finish together. I giggle. "I wonder which one it could be?" He smiles.

"I'm bankin' on Bob right now, honestly. One, he hasn't had a girlfriend in forever - don't tell him I told you that, though. He'll kill me." I pretend to zip my lips shut and throw away the key. "The other reason I think it's Bob is because other than you and Mikey, nobody else knows that Liz and I broke up. I kinda want it to stay that way, if you know what I mean?" I nod.

"Totally. I mean, if it wasn't so obvious, I'd prefer people not to know about me and Jeremy, you know?" He nods. "So uh, what do you wanna do? Practice some more? I mean, we've got like.." I pull out my phone and check the time. "Ho-lee crap, dude!"


"Three and a half hours till the concert. Woo!"

"Sweet," he says, standing up. "Alright, do you want to practice? I mean, I think you've actually got it down pretty well, so.. I dunno. It's up to you." I think about it for a while, and then I shake my head.

"I think I'll just stick to singing it later at rehearsal," I say, standing up as well. "We could go out in the front room or something."

"And do what, exactly?" I shrug.

"I don't know.. Watch that Kill Hannah thing?" He snorts. "What?" He just chuckles and shakes his head. "Gerard," I whine. "Come on, don't do this to me!" I poke him and he pretends to die. The thump when he hits the floor is kind of loud. "Oh no!" I gasp, pretending to be shocked. "What have I done? Oh Romeo, Romeo! Come back to me, Romeo!" He makes his body twitch and I giggle, then break down in fake sobs as I fall to my knees and pound on his chest softly. "Wake up, wake up, wake up! Please?" He doesn't even twitch. "Ugh, fine. Be that way, Romeo." And with that I sit on him, which gets a reaction out of him. Sort of. All he really does is let out a long sigh, and then he pushes me off. "Hey!" I exclaim, partially because my ass hits the floor hard and partially because I really didn't even see it coming. "What's the big idea?" He opens one eye and rolls over so that he's laying half way on my lap.

"No big idea, really.." he whispers, looking up at me. "You know.. you have a hair, right there," he says, reaching up as if he's going to pull it. I squeak and cover my face, and he chuckles. "Just kidding, Amy." I look at him between my fingers and stick my tongue out.

"Meanie face.." And that's how it starts. We're sitting there, staring at each other, not really saying or doing anything, and suddenly his arm is moving up my side and onto the back of my neck. "Gerard..?" I whisper, and instead of him answering I feel a slight pressure where his hand is, and I find my face slowly moving towards his. I swallow and hear it echo, and what should have followed is a giggle from one of us. But neither of us makes a sound, and his face slowly moves towards mine. When he's just a fraction of an inch away, he stops.

"Amy?" he breathes, his warm breath tickling my face. I close my eyes.


"You don't.. have.." The rest of what he's going to say is cut off when our lips touch. Fireworks explode behind my eyelids and a jolt of electricity rushes through my body so fast it feels like I'll explode. Gerard must have felt the same thing because he moans a little bit and kisses me a little harder, and somehow in the midst of it we change our positions a little so that I'm laying down, pretty much on top of him, and he's got one hand on the middle of my back, the other still on the back of my neck, and both of my hands are tangled in his hair. He nips my bottom lip gently and I gasp, giving him the right away to slip in some tongue and when he does those fireworks explode again and this time I moan and straddle him fully, losing all control I once had over my body. His hands travel down to my waist and he grinds against me. My eyes open and then flutter shut as I lean my head back, raking my finger down his chest. "Amy.." he groans, pulling me down for a kiss.

"Yeah?" He trails kisses down my throat and rolls us over so that he's now on top. One hand strokes my side as the other runs up the inside of my thigh, sending shivers down my spine.

"I.. need you.." he whispers, running a hand up my shirt. The feel of his cold hands against my stomach knocks me out of it and I open my eyes, gasping.

"Ah, shit," I groan. Gerard doesn't seem to hear me and keeps trailing those kisses across my throat. "Gerard," I murmur, pushing lightly on his chest.

"Mmm?" He nips my throat and I hiss through my teeth.

"Gerard, you need to stop. Please," I add in a whisper. He stops and looks up at me, then sits straight up, a frown on his face. Then he looks back down to me, and realization washes over his face and he blushes, moving off of me and standing up. I roll onto my stomach and then stand up as well, straightening out my clothes. "Erm.." Gerard shakes his head and bends down to pick up his drawing book, then looks straight at me.

"Amy, I'm sorry." I swallow and wave him off.

"It's okay, Gee," I say softly. He shakes his head again and runs a hand through his hair, and as he does it my fingertips tingle and I remember how it felt to run them through his hair as well.

"Oh, God," he groans, closing his eyes. "Amy, did I-"


"Did I.. Did I do anything.. you didn't.. want me to?" I shake my head and offer a shy smile.

"No, you didn't. But Gerard?" He looks at me. "Let's just.. forget about it?" He nods slowly and then sighs. Up front I hear someone shut the t.v. off and someone else makes their way to the back. I flatten my hair with my hands and sit down on the couch, making it seem like nothing had just happened. Someone knocks on the door and I say, "Come in." The door slides open and Sarah's head pops into view.

"Hey, you guys ready?" I nod and stand up again. "Connor's been calling for the past ten minutes. He says you weren't answering you phone, and he thought you'd left or forgot about the early rehearsal. So I told him you were back here practicing with Gerard. You ready to go as well?" Gerard clears his throat and mumbles something, then walks past her. She raises a brow and walks up to me. "So, tell me. You guys weren't really practicing, were you." I shake my head.

"No, we weren't."

"Ah, so what were you doing?" I shake my head again. "Aw come on, you aren't gonna tell me?" I smile and she pouts, then links her arm with mine. "Alright, well let's get going. Are you gonna wear that tonight?"

"Yeah, I think so. Connor didn't say anything about a dress code or anything, so I think this'll be fine. You excited?" We walked out of the bus, which was already cleared out, and made our way over to the stadium. I squinted into the distance and saw that a few people were already forming a line. Oh man, this is definitely going to be a big show.

"Gosh, don't even get me started!" she giggles, patting my arm. "I swear I'm gonna jump right out of my skin any minute! We've got a special song all lined up for tonight. I can't wait for you to hear it!"

"Well I can't wait either." I take a deep breath as we walk up the stairs to the stage. As soon as we reach the top, Sarah let's go of my arm and disappears, probably checking out the dressing room and ETL and TIC will be sharing. I bite my lip and look around, checking for Connor. He comes running up to me as soon as I turn around.

"Amy!" he exclaims, grabbing my arm. "Why haven't you been answering you phone? I called you like twenty times!" I shrug. "Whatever. Were you practicing with Gerard? You know you have to have it down perfectly for tonight, right?" I roll my eyes.

"Connor, would you just chill? My God, you'd think I didn't know all this." He glares at me and I smile apologetically. "Sorry, Con. I know how excited you are for this. So uh, when do we rehearse?" He takes out a folded up piece of paper and unfolds it. I take a peek at it right as he folds it up again.

"Right after Eat The Lie. Apparently they've got a new song. Rhianna wrote it, I guess." I mentally gag. The last song Rhianna wrote, that I heard, anyway, sounded like utter crap. There's an obvious reason she's the drummer, people.

"Yeah, Sarah was saying something to that effect a little bit ago. Are they on stage right now?" He nods. "'Kay, well I'll go prep my voice. Meet you back here in.. half an hour?" He nods again and then trots off, and I make my way to the dressing room. Nobody's in there except Maggie and Frank, who automatically stop kissing when I walk in.

"Oh um, hi Amy," Frank says, smiling like a little kid. I smile and wave, and then he and Maggie stand up and walk out. Finally! I think, sitting down in front of the mirror. The make up gang won't be here until right before the show, so I have nothing to worry about. I examine my face in the mirror and pop a couple threatening zits right by my nose, and then play with a strand of my hair. Ugh, I really need a dye job.. Hm, maybe a dark blue? Or black? I haven't dyed my hair black in quite a while, ever since the end of my sophomore year. It would definitely be a major change..

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Five minutes later, Taylor bursts into my room, red-faced and very, very pissy. "Dude, get out here!" she yells, grabbing my arm and yanking me out the door. I almost have to run to keep up with her.

"What's the big deal-" I start, but she pinches my arm to shut me up, and then points to the stage.

"Listen close. Recognize this song?" I stop and listen, and then my jaw drops.

"No fucking way.. Dude, that's our song!" As soon as the words are out, Taylor gives me the 'no duh!' look and then runs off to find Connor. I consider walking out on stage to stop them, but something makes me listen instead. Wow, I think. They really spiced it up a bit.. Uh oh, here comes Connors -and he doesn't look too happy! Connor stops right beside me, just as red-faced as Taylor was.

"What's the big fucking idea!" he shouts, loudly enough so that the stage techie has to stop the rehearsal and readjust the backstage sound system. One of them rushes over and asks us what's wrong. Connor glares. "What's wrong? I'll fucking tell you what's wrong!" he shouts again. The techie asks him if he'll lower it a little bit and Connor screams. Ho-lee shit, I think. Connor's never been this pissed!

"Sir, if you could just-"

"Hey, what's going on?" Ray asks, popping out from nowhere. Connor, still red-faced and still plenty angry, explains to Ray what's going on and then Ray gets pissy as well and rushes off to tell Gerard and the rest of the gang. Then Taylor comes off stage, Jackie by her side, both of them yelling at each other.

"I can't believe you would-"

"How was I suppose to know-"

"She's your fucking friend, Jacqueline!" Taylor screeches. Then Jackie slaps her in the face.

"Don't fucking yell at me you fucking bitch!" That gets Taylor all riled up and she ends up lunging at Jackie, right as Rhianna walks inbetween them. They all go down at once and hit the floor. Hard. Now everyone is yelling at each other except Sarah, Laura, and I, and I plug my ears and run over to them, then tell them what we should do. Laura runs off and then runs right back, whistle in hand, and blows it as loud as she possibly can.

Everybody stops and stares at us, even Taylor and Jackie.

"Guys, what the hell?" I say loudly, looking around at everyone.

"Amy, you know what-" I hold up a hand to silence Connor, and for once he listens.

"Yes, Connor, I know what they did. But there's no need to fight, I mean come on! We're all mature adults here -some more than others," I say, shooting a glare Taylor's way. She huffs and turns her head away. "Let's just figure this out as calmly as-"

"What the fuckety fuck?!" Frank exclaims as he, Gerard, Bob, Mikey, and Ray all file onto the stage. I glare at him.

"Shut up, will you?" They do. "Okay, I'm in charge now. Sarah, what's going on? And spare me what we already know. Why are you playing our song?" She gasps and turns to Rhianna, who's picked herself off of the floor.

"Rhi, you said you wrote this!"

"Oh, the hell she did!" Connor says, walking up to her. One of the big security guards graps Connor's arms and stops him from moving.

"Connor? Chill, buddy, okay?" He growls. "Okay, when did Rhianna 'write' this song?"

"A couple days ago, why?" I shake my head.

"Connor, how long ago did you write this?"

"Me and Gerard wrote it last week. I've had it in my bag ever since. She probably-"

"It doesn't matter, Connor, okay? We already know she got into your bag and took it, then used it as her own. Rhianna?" Everyone looks at her. She doesn't say anything, she just looks down. "Alrighty then. Gerard, call Brian. The rest of you? Let's figure out a way so that this all works out."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

By the time rehearsal is over it's been decided that all three bands will be playing it. Sarah, Gerard, and I will be singing, Mikey's on bass (acoustic), Taylor, Jeremy, and Jackie will be playing the tambourines, Bob's going to be drumming, just slightly (once again, it's acoustic), Connor, Laura, and Ray will be on lead with Frank and Leah on rhythm, and Maggie will add some piano in there. You may be wondering where Rhianna fits in with all this? She won't be. Brian decided that since she was the one who initally started this whole thing, that the crowd will be told that she's come down with the stomach flu.

"Ah man, the crowd's huge tonight," Gerard says, coming up behind me. I nod and turn around slightly to face him.

"Yeah, it is.." He smiles and touches my arm.

"Nervous yet?" I giggle.

"Yeah, just a little bit," I admit. He chuckles and rubs my back. "Gerard, can I ask you something?"

"Depends. What?" I swallow and face him fully.

"Earlier, on the bus.. Did you plan that, or did it just happen?" He looks down at his shoes then up at the ceiling, and then back at me. He shakes his head.

"You know, I really don't know. But Amy?"


"It wasn't an accident." With that he pulls me into a quick hug and then jogs off to talk with Ray about something. Taylor walks up and takes his place beside me.

"What's up?" she asks, peeking out from behind the curtain. Eat The Lie is playing a few songs, with Bob filling in for Rhianna, and the crowd isn't even as worked up as usual.

"Eh, nothing much. Just mentally preparing myself. So we're doing this as planned, right? Play a few songs, leave the stage, then My Chem plays, and then-"

"Yeah, and then we all go back out and play the song. God, I'm so excited!" I smile and hug her before she, too, walks off. I take a deep breath and let it out slowly as I go through the lyrics once more in my head. Sweet Jesus, I hope I don't choke!

"Thank you, you guys are great!" Sarah screams as ETL walks off stage. She grins and hi-fives me and before I know it the band is on the stage and we're rocking out, starting off with Darling and finishing, of course, with Dressed For Friend Requests. After we finish our set everything goes by in a blur, and suddenly it's time for the big finale.

"Dude!" Taylor squeals, jumping up and down as the curtains are being prepared to be opened. I giggle with Sarah and Gerard clears his throat, warming up a bit. I take one last deep breath as the curtains are opened and the lights are dimmed, and then the music starts, along with Gerard. Sarah and I join in after the first verse.

Look at the helpless kids, who never had a chance to live
What will it take for you to see?
Bombs are burstin' everywhere, and no one seems to hear or care
What will it take for you to believe?

That some kids have hopes
That some kids have dreams
And yet some are pulling at the seams

And the signs are there
Won't you give an ear?
Put your weapons down
Take a good look around?

Look at all the innocent, on which a dime is never spent
What will it take to make you see?
Fires burning up a town, and no one's lookin' up or down
What will take to make you believe?

That some kids have clothes
That some kids need pants
And you're more concerned with a silly rant

And it's clear as day
As the hair on your face
Can't you hear the sound
Of the rumbling ground?

Kids are climbing up false ropes
Buried beneath those dreams and hopes
Of a nation caring, giving in strength

Won't you help a child in need
Give them a sense of loving and peace
All they want is a home

Because kids have hopes
Because kids have dreams
And there's no more pulling at the seams

Cos the signs weren't there
And still somebody cared
Rid their selfish deeds
Help a child in need...

When we're finished the crowd goes wild, and we all form a long line, link arms, and take a deep bow. We do this at least three times before we're ushered off the stage and I find my way to a couch and plop down. "Whew!" I sigh, leaning my head against the back of the couch. "Longest performance ever!" A scattered agrees reach my ears and I close my eyes. "I don't know about you, but I am definitely ready to sleep." Someone plops down beside me and leans their head on my shoulder.

"Mhm," Gerard mumbles, yawning.

"Well then," I yawn. "So long.. and goodnight." The last thing I hear before zonking out is Frank singing very off-key and Gerard chuckling. Men..


Ha ha so.. I'm curious.. Did I actually get the passion right? It's actually 3:50 AM and.. I did this.. instead of my homework.. :)

And in case you're curious, this is the shirt! For the record.. I have no clue how old this shirt is, but let's just pretend it's a 2003 one? LoL$243x364$&layer=comp&src=HotTopic/842243_hi


FULL ALBUMS: For Never and Ever, American Jet Set, Here Are The Young Moderns, Until There's Nothing Left of Us (Kill Hannah)

Bad Romance, Love Game (Lady Gaga)
Halleluja, You Can't Break A Broken Heart, Devil In Me, Top Of The World (Kate Voegele)
Hear Me Now, 23 Days, Slow Dance, It's Not What They Said, Built For Sin, All In Your Hands (Framing Hanley)

Have you ever noticed Lady Gaga always mentions her name in her songs? It's kind of annoying..
Anyway, I can't even count how many times I've listened to Lips Like Morphine whilst writing this >.>
What? Paramore AND Kill Hannah (Lips Like Morphine) help me write amazing scenes! Ha ha stop yelling, dammit, I gave you your friggin' chapter full of action!! In more ways than one :P

And Taylor? THEY AREN'T EMO EITHER! Ha ha they're just amazing!

Uhmmmm I think that's all? No wait, here's a random fact! It took me exactly 5 hours to write all this.. non-stop.. except when I really had to pee!

Oh! And Mo? Before you R&R.. keep in mind.. that I didn't use any gay disney songs this time! So please please puh-lease tell me what you did and did not like? xD Thanks babeh :)
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