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"Amy, Amy, Amy!" Taylor yells, diving into my bunk. The top of her head rams into my nose and I hear it crunch a little.

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Ah, two creations in one day! I'm feeling amazing, I don't know about you guys :) So this chapter.. is dedicated.. to Emma! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLIN'! I told you I'd have it up soon xD

Anyway, I lied when I said this wouldn't have a journal entry. But hey, in my defense, I could think of no other way to start it out ha ha.

Heyyyy guess what? The drama is almost over folks! I have a lot in store for you in this chapter and the next.

And tell me what you think! I haven't edited it, so.. ignore all the mistakes until I'm awake enough to fix them!


Wednesday, November 4th

Oh. My. God. I can't even begin to describe how drama-filled this entire week has been so far. So yesterday, right, Gerard came over and returned my jacket, pictures and all. I asked him about it and he said that he didn't look at them. He said there really wasn't any need to, since I'd already told him about them. He's such a nice guy. It's a pity he's got that b*tch on his arm, eh? Anyway.. Not gonna get into that!

I talked to Jeremy yesterday. Well, fought would be a better word for what went down. We covered just about everything, finishing up with the pictures. You know what he said about them? This is the part that just REALLY pisses me off... He said, and I quote: "Babe, I told you that I had no clue what was going on! Can't you just forget about them?" UGH! Yeah, Jeremy, I'll just forget about the whole ordeal while I'm at it! Boys.. They seriously piss me off.. Well, some of them.. like Jeremy.. and Rhianna.. even though she's a woman.. sort of.. more like a stuck-up ho-bag that's so full of sh*t she can't even see what's right in front of her. I have no clue what that means, FYI. I'm just pissed. At life. And Jeremy, of course. Who, you might be surprised, I'm still dating. STOP YELLING AT ME! I know I should dump him, but I just.. I don't know. I feel all helpless. It's like I absolutely NEED him in my life, y'know? And not just in the band. I need him everywhere else too. But not, well.. not like that. I just.. I hate this! Maybe I SHOULD just break up with him, let him find someone else. I'm sure Rhianna would just pounce on him like a fresh piece of meat. I mean think about it.. If I dumped Jeremy, my life might be a little easier. Here's how I figure as much:


-Rhianna just might leave me alone
-Lots of drama would disappear
-Jeremy would focus more on the music
-I wouldn't feel so codependent


-I'd be lonely for a while (I know what you're thinking.. Big effing deal! Right?)
-Things could get awkward
-Rhianna would pounce on him and rub it in my face

Yeah, uh.. that's seriously all I've got so far.


Why do these things happen to me?! I mean, isn't there a possibility of having a clean break? Okay okay, I know what you're thinking (again).. "Well Amy, it COULD have been a clean break if you'd just ENDED THE FREAKING RELATIONSHIP AFTER TAYLOR TOLD YOU ABOUT THIS WHOLE THING!!!! Am I right? Good... cos I sure as hell don't feel any better.

Oh shit, emergency band practice.
I'll write later.. maybe..


"Amy, Amy, Amy!" Taylor yells, diving into my bunk. The top of her head rams into my nose and I hear it crunch a little. "Oh, mother fucker!" she groans, climbing back out of my bunk. I roll my eyes and climb out after her, covering my nose with my hand. It's not bleeding that I know of, but it could start. And Brian would just kill me if we messed up the carpets.

"Why do you have such a hard head?" I groan, pinching the bridge of my nose. I hiss through my teeth at the sudden sting and feel my eyes water.

"I dunno, why do you have such a tiny bunk?" she mumbles, rubbing her head. I shrug and push her forward. "Where are you taking me? Band practice is that way," she says, smiling. I roll my eyes.

"Since when do we have it in the livingroom?" I ask, turning around and grabbing my jacket. I hear her sigh and I swear she rolls her eyes.

"We aren't. We're going over to the guys' bus for once." I stop and stare at her. She walks a few steps before turning around and placing a hand on her hip. "What's wrong?" I shake my head.

"Nothing, it's just.. I dunno. I don't really want to see-" She stops me with a glare.

"Are you going to tell me that you don't want to do band practice, just because of Jeremy?" I swallow and look down at my feet. "Amy, that's not like you! Why are you so.. so.. Never mind! Why are you doing this now, of all times?"

"I really don't know, Taylor." She walks up to me and places her hands on my shoulders.

"Look, Amy. I know what you're going through." I raise a brow and she frowns. "Okay, I sort of know what you're going through." Once again, I raise a brow. "Fucking hell, Amy, would you just let me lecture you?!" I smile half-heartedly and she sighs. "Look Amy, I know how you feel okay? I know it feels like you want to just take Jeremy by his shirt and just rip the living shit out of his face. But you know what? You two were friends way before this dating thing ever happened. You both swore that nothing would ever get in the way of the band, and you meant it. Do you still mean it now? Because if you don't, then I don't even know why we're still on this God-"


"-forsaken tour," she finishes. I roll my eyes. "What? You didn't think I'd really say your least favorite word, did you?" I smile. "Whatever. I'm your best friend. But seriously Amy, were you serious?"

"Of course I was, Taylor, and I still am. I'm sorry you didn't think so. It's just been really hard the last week, and-" She pushes me back and slaps me across the face.

"Snap out of it woman!" she exclaims dramatically. I blink a few times, willing the sting to go away.

"What the hell, Taylor!" I rub my cheek and she giggles. I now know how men feel. "What was that for, anyway?"

"Absolutely nothing. Did it take your mind off of Jeremy?" I think about it.

"You know, in a weird sort of way.. yes."

"Good." And she does it again.

"Dammit, Taylor, would you stop it?" She hits me one more time before grabbing my arm and pulling me out the door.

"Come on come on, we're gonna be late!" she screams, running. Thank God for my long legs.. I never would have been able to keep up, even with her strong grip on my arm, which feels like it's slowly being ripped from it's socket.

We arrive at the other bus not even two minutes later and run right in, only stopping when Taylor bumps into someone and lets go of my arm. I bend over, hands on my knees, and gulp in air like a fish drinking beer. "Jeez, Taylor, what did you do to her?" Connor asks. Taylor laughs and pats me on the back.

"Oh this? This is nothing. I was testing out how in-shape she is," she jokes. I quit wheezing and stand up straight.

"You're kidding me, right?" I gasp, and someone puts a glass of water into my hands. I down it in just three gulps, then set it down on the table beside me. "You almost killed me!" Everyone laughs and I bend back over, clutching my stomach. I shouldn't have guzzled the water..

"Are you done being dramatic?" Connor asks, pulling me over to the couch. I plop down and lean my head back. I seriously need to lose a few pounds. "Alright, everyone here? Yes? Good. So as you all know, there's going to be a benefit concert for the homeless children across the nation. Brian thinks we should write a song about it and perform it, so that's what we're going to do. Actually, I've already got one. Gerard's been helping me write it, and-"

"Wait, when did Brian call?" I ask, sitting up. Connor smiles a little guiltily, and says,

"Well uh, a couple days ago.. I think.. Actually, he called last week." I frown.

"And you didn't think I might want to know?" If I could have stood up, I most definitely would have, and I would have been staring at Connor with my hands on my hips. As it was, I was still wheezing slightly from the run.

"No, I knew you should know. I just figured that with all the drama that's been going on, you might need a break from-"

"Forget it. I'm glad you worked on it. So what do we have so far? Words, a tune?" He nods. "Alright, that's good." I look around. "Where's Jeremy?" For as long as I've known him, Jeremy has never missed a band practice, not even when he was sick. I swallow back some bile as I remember one of our band practices a few years back, when Jeremy had the flu. Ugh, that was so gross! I think, picturing him puking all over me and the drums right as I had started singing. I close my eyes, shake my head, and ask Connor, for the second time, where Jeremy is.

"Oh uh, he went to the bathroom." I raise a brow. "Outside.." I raise the other brow. "I don't know, okay? It's an acoustic song, though, so Jeremy isn't exactly needed." That makes me smile. If you know Connor, you know that even on the acoustic songs he makes everyone come. So by him not caring whether or not Jeremy is here kind of says he's on my side of the argument- not that I care, of course.

"Whatever you say, Con-Man," I joke, then look at everyone. "Okay, so you gonna show me what you've got so far?" Connor nods and pulls out a big black notebook. Oh boy, I think as he takes out five sheets of paper. This could take a while..

"Okay, so there are about five different ways to play this song. I'm gonna play the first two and have you tell me what you think. Amy and Gerard are most likely going to be singing together, Maggie's is on piano for a little bit of it, and I'm going to have Frank play some rhythm. I don't know what Mikey, Taylor, Ray, and Bob are going to do, but we'll come up with something. I've only got the lead written right now, so Frank?" Frank looks up at Connor while he hands me a sheet with words.


"Just come up with whatever sounds nice after I play it a couple times. Okay?" Frank nods and Connor smiles, then spreads two sheets of music out and places his guitar in his lap. After explaining something that doesn't even really matter he tunes his guitar and plays the first version. Completely forgetting that I'm supposed to sing as well, I'm almost shocked when Gerard starts to sing. I turn my head and just stare at him, watching his lips move, and when Taylor nudges me I snap out of it and read along while he sings. That was weird, I think. When Connor's done we talk about what we did and did not like and then he plays the second version. Once again Gerard sings and I follow along. It's not that I don't want to sing with him, it's just that I don't know if I should sing higher or not.

We go over the song for three and a half hours. By the time Frank's come up with something to play, I've actually started humming along with Gerard. I still don't know how I should sing it so I stick with just humming the same tune that Gerard is. Finally Connor stops and puts up his guitar and says, "Okay, so I think we're good for today. Gerard, you wanna work with Amy so that she knows how to, you know, do the whole duet thing with you?" Gerard nods very seriously and I roll my eyes, smiling. "I gotta run and do a few errands, so you guys are on your own for practicing." Connor stands up and puts his guitar in its case and then puts it in the back where the rest of the instruments are, then pulls his jacket on and slips into his shoes. "Oh and the concert is tomorrow night," he adds before sprinting out the door.

"Wait what?" I ask, looking around the room. Nobody looks at me except Gerard. I frown. "Am I, once again, the only one who didn't know this?" Almost everyone nods, and Taylor adds,

"And Jeremy, of course.." I sigh and slump back into the couch.

"Great. Well Gerard, I guess we'd better get rehearsing. Unless... you're busy too?" He doesn't say anything. He just shrugs and stands up, then walks to the back. "Ugh! Do you guys know what time it is?" Mikey pulls out his phone.

"It is.. seven thirty-five. Well, I gotta run. Bob, you ready?" Bob grunts and stands up, pulling his jacket with him. "Ray?"

"Yeah yeah, gimme a minute." He, too, stands up and pulls on his jacket, and they all slip on their shoes and walk out. That leave me with Taylor, Frank, and Maggie. Frank grabs Maggie's hand and they both stand up.

"You guys too?" They nod and walk out. "Taylor?" She giggles.

"I've got a date with Jackie," she says, smiling. Then she, too, stands up and leaves me. Which leaves me with no other choice than to pick myself up and walk back to where Gerard is. And that's exactly what I do - right after I get a glass of water and use the bathroom. When I walk out, glass in hand, I head straight for the back room, and I'm surprised when I see that the sliding door is closed. I bite my lip, thinking about if I should knock first. I raise my hand to knock and then stop, hearing someone (who I assume is Gerard) shuffling around. And then I hear a choking sob. As slowly as possible, I slide the door open and see Gerard, on his knees, sobbing. I squeeze through the small opening and then slide the door shut, set my glass on the table, and then kneel down right beside him. He jumps when I place my hand on his back.

"Shit!" he says, glancing at me and then back down at the couch. "You scared me," he chokes out, wiping his nose with his sleeve. I bite my lip and stare at him, my hand still on his back.

"Gerarad?" He doesn't look at me, but I know he's listening. "Come here." This time he looks up at me, a single tear running down his face, and I pull him close to me. As soon as his head is resting on my shoulder he breaks down sobbing again, and I just hold him and rub his back. He tries to speak but when it's clear that he can't, I just squeeze him tight. You know the worst part of holding a grown man that's crying? It makes you cry. Or maybe it's just me, since seeing men cry makes me cry? I really don't know..

When he's done crying and all he's doing is sniffling, I stand up and grab a box of tissues, then kneel back down beside him and hand them to him. He takes them and proceeds to blow his nose, and I wait until he's done before asking, "Do you want to talk about it?" and before I can even take a breath it all comes rushing out of his mouth. I sit and listen to him for what seems like an hour, and when he's done my mouth is agape and I feel like killing someone.

"..and that's pretty much it," he finishes, twiddling his thumbs and staring at the wall. I don't say anything for fear of offending him, though I don't exactly know why. I just stare at his face. It's still red and a little blotchy around his eyes and cheeks, and his nose resembles Rudolph's, but it's, strangely, beautiful -Wait a minute, beautiful? Dear God, I must be losing it..


"Yeah?" He still isn't looking at me.

"Do you miss her?" Now he looks at me, and it looks like he's about to cry again. "Never mind, I'm sorry," I say quickly. "You don't have to-"

"I don't miss her as much as I thought I would," he says quietly. I swallow and scootch a little closer to him as he continues to speak. "I mean, at first it came as a big surprise, you know? I mean I thought we were doing just fine. We talked a lot and lately she's been visiting me when she's not with her family, but today.. Fuck."

"When exactly did it happen?" He takes a deep breath and lets it out through his teeth.

"Right after Connor stopped playing and I left to room. She was pretty pissed that I hadn't answered her calls earlier, when we were practicing, and I tried to explain everything and, well, you know the rest. The whole 'I'm-not-pregnant-and-I'm-breaking-up-with-you' thing. Can you believe she aborted our baby?" This makes him tear up again and he sniffles. Ah jeez, why didn't I just tell him the minute I found out?! I scream inside. I rub his back as he tries to control his emotions.

"I know," is all I say. He turns around and leans against the couch, then looks right at me.

"You.. knew?" I bite my lip and nod, feeling like absolute scum. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because you were happy," I whisper. I clear my throat. "I didn't want you to get angry and wind up yelling at her."

"When?" I don't even ask what he means, because I already know.

"October.. The first time I met her. We were backstage in the waiting room, watching you guys play, and she walked in and I noticed she was drinking some kind of alcoholic drink and I mentioned that it was bad for the baby and she got irritated and said that she wasn't pregnant. So I told her that that wasn't what I'd heard and she said all snotty-like that she 'got rid of it'. I'm so sorry, Gerard." He shrugs.

"Don't be. It's probably my fault, anyway. I should have listened to Mikey when he told me to just dump her. I should have listened to all of you, really. Don't apologize for this, okay Amy?" I frown. "No, I'm serious. Remember when I asked your advice the first time I heard about her being pregnant, and you didn't say anything? I knew then that you were saying I should dump her. But I didn't listen, and I know that I've gotten mad every time you or somebody else mentions it. I take full responsibility."

"Gerard-" He cuts me off with a wave of his hand.

"There's nothing more to say. I'm officially a free man," he says, attempting a joke. I chuckle, as does he, but we both know it's forced and completely fake. He sighs once more and stands up, rubbing his hands together. "So! I understand that you need to get the singing part right for tomorrow night, yeah? Come on, get up." He grabs my hand and pulls me up, a little too quickly, and I almost fly into the door. The only reason that I don't is because Gerard's arm magically winds up around my waist and he pulls me backwards so that I end up falling down onto the couch.

"Gee, thanks!" I joke, rolling my eyes. "I'm never letting you help me up again!" He chuckles, a real chuckle this time, and I stand up again. I wipe my hands on my pants and look at him. "We doing this a cappella?" He nods and pulls out the papers so that I can read the words (because I don't have them fully memorized) and then he starts to sing. I hum along with him and he stops. "What?" I ask. He shakes his head.

"You need to sing along with me, Amy." I nod. "Don't get all shy on me just because I'm an amazing rock star," he jokes.

"Psh, you wish!" I giggle, slapping his arm. "Alright, I think I know what to do now. Ready?" Without answering he breaks into song and I follow, somehow making my voice sound better than it really is. I think it's because Gerard's right next to me, but whatever ha ha. We go through it about twenty times before we call it quits.

"I'm pretty sure you've got it down, so maybe tomorrow we'll just go through it a couple times, without Connor," he says, putting the box of tissues and the papers on top of the small desk. I nod.

"Yeah, that would probably be good," I say, smiling. "Well, it's getting kinda late, so I'd best be heading back to the bus-"

"Want me to walk you?" I shrug.


"Alright, let's go then." He slides the door open and I walk out in front of him, and when we walk out into the livingroom area I stop short.

"Jeremy?" I squeak. He looks up from the couch and our eyes meet, and a little butterfly flutters through my chest, reminding me that I need to talk to him and straighten things out. "What are you doing here?" His nose twitches and he says evenly,

"This is our bus, Amy. Or have you forgotten that?" I blush.

"Right, well.. Sorry. Where were you earlier?"

"What do you mean?"

"Band practice? Five hours ago? You weren't here, so where were you?" He stands up and smoothes out his jacket.

"Nowhere in particul-"

"Were you with Rhianna, by any chance?" Gerard clears his throat and mumbles that he'll be outside, and I stare at Jeremy, who bites his lip and watches Gerard walk out the door. "Well?" He sighs.

"Does it really matter, Amy?" I shrug. "No, I wasn't with Rhianna," he spits, and I flinch. "Why do you always have to assume that I'm with her? I can understand why you don't like her, okay, but just for your information we're friends. And nothing you do will ever change that."

"I underst-"

"Really? Because it seems that you don't really get it at all. I'm sick of you always accusing me of being with her when I miss something! It's really starting to piss me off, and some times I just want to -Ugh!" He takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, and I stare down at my feet. He goes on about something else, just slightly yelling, and tears form in my eyes and I sniff, trying to stop them.

"Sorry," I choke out, and with a shaking hand I reach up and brush some of the hair out of my face.

"Amy.." I shake my head.

"I'm fine, Jeremy. Just let it out, okay?" He grabs my chin gently and brings my face up so that I'm looking him in the face.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you. I've just been stressed lately, and -what the hell am I talking about. If anything you've been stressed out, and it's all my fault. I'm sorry," he says softly, and I shake my head again.

"No, it's not just you. It's everything! This tour, the bus situation, Rhianna, the pictures, and now I can't decide if I want to just b-" I stop myself from saying that I want to break up with him, but apparently I don't stop soon enough because Jeremy catches it.

"You want to break up with me?" I close my eyes and turn away from him, taking a deep breath. What am I supposed to say? Yes, Jeremy, I'm breaking up with you because I'm tired of all this drama and I'm sick of fighting? Yeah, that could work, but still. "Amy?" He places his hand on my shoulder and I shrug it off. It's now or never...

"Jeremy, do you remember when I said nothing would get inbetween us?" I ask softly. He doesn't say anything, and I know he's listening. I turn around and look him in the eye. "I meant it, but it isn't true. I'm sorry. And right now, all the drama is ruining us and the relationship we have. I don't like it."

"Amy.. Don't do this." I shake my head and continue.

"I need to say this. Jeremy, I love you. I'll always love you. You know that. But I just can't take this anymore. And before you say anything no, it's not Rhianna, or the pictures. I'm getting distracted from what we came here to do, and that's to play music and make a difference in the world. I can't do that and worry about us at the same time."

"But Amy.." he trails off, but it's been said and done. I try hard not to lose focus on what I'm doing, so I look away. If I actually look up into his eyes, and see the pain, then I'll punk out and stay with him. "What do we do now... about us?" he asks.

I take a deep breath and turn around. "I think.. No, I know.. Jeremy? I'm breaking up with you." I hold my breath, waiting for what he'll say next, and look around the room. I silently pray that he doesn't overreact or something and scream.

"You're seriously just going to end this?" he asks incredulously. I close my eyes and let my breath out. Then I look him in the eye, trusting myself to not go back on what I've just said.

"Yes, Jeremy. I am. I've already explained why, and that's all you really need to hear. I'm sorry," I finish, noticing how soft my voice has gotten. Jeremy's voice hitches in his throat and then he doesn't say anything for a while. I chew at my lip. He turns around and paces the area of the livingroom, his hands on top of his head, his fingers intertwined. Finally, after a long silence, he walks back up to me and takes my hands in his.

"You really mean it, don't you," he says softly. I grit my teeth so that I don't cry but it doesn't work. As a few tears stream down my cheeks I nod, and Jeremy takes a deep breath, which again hitches in his throat. "Wow.." he says, backing up. "So.. what now?" I shrug.

"We go on as always, minus all the touching, I guess. You know, best friends." I smile up at him and he nods, smiling back. I can't tell if it's genuine, but it looks it. I really don't blame him if it's not, considering.. yeah. "I gotta go, though," I say, zipping up my jacket. "Gerard's been out there for at least half an hour. He's probably freezing," I chuckle, trying to lighten the mood a little bit. Jeremy lets go of my hands and starts to walk away, then turns back.

"Tell me one thing," he says. I stare at him. "Are you and Gerard, um.. close?" I smile and shake my head.

"Not as close as you're thinking, Jer," I say softly, using his nickname that I haven't said in forever. He nods, sucking on his bottom lip, and then walks back over to the couch and sits down. "Goodnight," I whisper. He grunts and says goodnight, then pulls out his iPod and puts his earphones in. I take a deep breath and then walk outside. Gerard coughs and puts out his cigarette by stomping on it.

"Hey," he says, tugging on his jacket. I smile half-heartedly.

"Hey yourself. Sorry I kept you waiting so long. You ready?" He nods and we start off in the direction of my bus. "Hey Gee?"


"Have-" I choke on air and cough, then clear my throat. "Have you ever broken up with someone?" He stops and looks at me, then pulls me into a hug. I don't cry like he probably expects me to. Instead I just lean into him and sigh.

"Did you and Jeremy..?" I nod and he rubs my back.

"Do you ever stop feeling empty?" He nods and rubs my back a little longer, then stops and just wraps his arms around me in a tight hug. When he pulls away I whisper, "Thank you." He cocks his head to the side.

"For what?" I shrug.

"I dunno, everything I guess." There's a bit of silence between us and then we start walking again, a bit slower this time. When we reach the bus I turn to him and say, "You wanna know the funny part of my breaking up with Jeremy?" He shrugs and I smile, shaking my head. "He thought I broke up with him because of you." He frowns and I say, "Yeah, I know. Weird, right?"

"Kind of, yeah. Why would he think that?" He shifts his feet and looks around.

"I don't know, honestly. Maybe it's a boy thing?"

"Yeah, maybe," he says, smiling. I smile back and then hug him.

"Well I'll see you tomorrow. What time do you wanna practice?"

"Uh, any time I guess. Before the full rehearsal, though."

"No, I'm gonna practice after it," I say in a retarded voice. I make the 'dur-dur-dur' sign on my chest and Gerard smacks my arm playfully.

"Shut up, meanie. God, why do you have to be so.. so.. ugh!?" I giggle and fake-lunge at him, intending to make him back up, but instead one of my legs ends up getting inbetween his and when I start to turn I trip and fall. Guess who goes down with me?

"Ah, get off me you fattie!" I whine, trying to get out from under him.

"Never!" he chuckles, pinning my arms down with one arm and tickling me with the other. I try to hold back my laughter, knowing it will draw attention from everyone inside, and it comes out as little gasps of pain.

"Ger.. ard.. please.. stop!" I giggle, still trying to get away from him. I manage to roll over on my stomach and crawl a few inches before he pounces on me and my face smacks into the ground. I grunt as my nose scrapes against the asphalt and Gerard quickly rolls off of me.

"Shit, are you okay?" he asks worriedly as he turns me over and brushes a few strands of hair out of my face. Little shivers run down my spine at his touch and I forget about the pain in my nose. "Amy?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah. It's fine. It's been hurting all day, actually. I just kind of.. forgot.. about it.." I trail off, staring up at him. We stay like that for a little while, just staring at each other, and the sound of fireworks somewhere in the distance knocks me back into place. My eyes widen slightly as I remember the exact position we're in. I clear my throat. "Gerard?" He blinks and then blushes.

"Oh uh, right. Sorry," he says quickly, moving his leg off of me. I sit up and rub my nose gently, and then Gerard helps me up. "I, uh, yeah. I should probably get back to the bus.." he says. I smile. "Yeah. Well erm.. goodnight?"

"Goodnight, Gee," I say softly, smiling. His lips part as if he's going to say something, but then he decides against it and closes his mouth.

"See you tomorrow, Amy." Then he walks off, and I walk into the bus, where I'm greeted by Laura and Sarah before we all go to bed.



When I Look At You (Miley Cyrus >.>)
Who I am (Nick Joans >.>)
Alone In This Bed, All In Your Hands, Lollipop, 23 Days, Hear Me Now, Home, Count Me In, It's Not What They Said, Slow Dance, Wave Goodbye, The Fold, Built For Sin (Framing Hanley)
Give You My All (Eyes Set To Kill)
I Will Follow You Into The Dark, Love Song, Soul Meets Body (Death Cab For Cutie)
Take This To Heart, Miserable At Best, (Mayday Parade)

And last, but never least, the ENTIRE Paramore album (via youtube! again!) LoL Anyway, want a word of advice? Paramore is GREAT with writing love scenes and such ha ha at least.. it is for me? >.>

Sorry it took me a full MONTH to write this! I was busy with the break and such.
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